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NIDL needs help NOW!


For more than 20 years, the board has worked diligently to maintain and enhance the diversity library which was originally part of the Up The Stairs Community Center here in Fort Wayne. When the center's board decided to disband the center 10 years ago, they decided to keep the library afloat under the new name of Northeast Indiana Diversity Library.

In the ensuing 10 years, we saw the library grow from 650 circulating items to over 7300 items. We have also grown the archives to include a large Women's Studies collection, the personal collections of both local feminist Joan Uebelhoer and the late Fort Wayne Theater personality Larry Life among others. During that time, we were fortunate to develop a working relationship with the Helmke Library at iPFW who provided us space to pull the collection out of storage a make it available to both students and the general public as well.

Unfortunately, in March of 2018, we were informed by the management of the Helmke Library that, with the conversion of IPFW to Purdue Fort Wayne, we would either have to turn over our entire collection to them or leave campus entirely. Our board made the decision to leave campus entirely and the collection has been in storage since.

We have now reached a point in time where we are faced with having to possibly make a decision that we don't want to make. Currently, we have enough funding to cover the next 5-6 months. We have tried applying for grants and are looking at fundraising events. After that, we will be forced to make other arrangements for the collections, quite possibly out of Fort Wayne. This means all of the local, state and some national history we have collected may be lost.

We need your help NOW with a donation to our operating fund until such time we can find a new home and work to get a flow of income, you would help save a big part of LGBTQ and Women's History. You can either send a check to NIDL P.O. Box 5537 Fort Wayne, IN 46895 or by going to the Paypal link on the homepage.

Many thanks!

Last modified onSunday, 24 March 2019 08:21
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