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Same Sex: Debating the Ethics, Science and Culture of Homosexuality


Part one. Morality and religion. Why shouldn't Tommy and Jim have sex? a defense of homosexuality / John Corvino. A reply to Corvino / David Brndshaw. Law, morality, and "sexual orientation" / John Finnis. Homosexual conduct: a reply to the new natural lawyers / Andrew Koppelman. The homosexual movement / The Ramsey colloquinm. A reply to the Ramsey colloquium / Thomas Williams. The Bible on homosexuality: ethically neutral / Daniel A. Helminiak. Romans 1:26-27 and Biblical sexuality / Thomas E. Schmidt -- Part two. Concience and identity. The origins of sexual orientation: possible biological contributions / William Byne and Mitchell Lasco. The exotic becomes erotic theory of sexual orientation / Daryl J. Bern. The ethical relevance of scientific research on sexual orientation / Edward Stein. Diversity and variability in women's sexual identities / Carla Golden. Explaining homosexuality: who cares anyhow? / Frederick Suppe -- Part three. Identity and historv. Aristophanes' speech from the Symposium / Plato (translation and notes by Leah Himmelhoch). Revolutions, universals, and sexual categories / John Boswell. Sex before sexuality: pederasty, politics, and power in classical Athens / David M. Halperin. The reproduction of butch-fem roles: a social constructionist approach / Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy and Madeline Davis. Christian brotherhood or sexual perversion? homosexual identities and the construction of sexual boundaries in the World War I era / George Chauncey. Strangers at home: bisexuals in the queer movement / Carol Queen -- Part four. Public policy. Make war, not love: the Pentagon's ban is wise and just / John Luddy. Dry-cleaning the troops and other matters: a critique of "Don't ask, don't tell" / Paul Siegel. The case for outing / Richard D. Mohr. Outing, ethics, and politics: a reply to Mohr / James S. Stramel. How domestic partnerships and "gay marriage" threaten the family / Robert H. Knight. Who needs marriage? / Jonathan Rauch. Against marriage / Claudia Carol. A gay and straight agenda / Ric

9780847684823 (cloth : alk. paper)\0847684822 (cloth : alk. paper)
Same Sex (Corvino, John ed.)
Rowman & Littlefield