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It's time for PRIDE Prom!

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Pride Prom- April 22nd

Calhoun Street Soup, Salad & Spririt's Tiger Room

7-10pm; all ages

$5/ person or $8/ couple

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Breaking the Silence at Headwaters Park

Breaking the Silence 2015
The NEI LGBTQA Coaliton will hold the Breaking of the Silence Rally and Lantern Release for the National Day of Silence at Headwaters Park.  At 8:00 pm on Friday, April 15th, 2016, local speakers will share to the gathered crowd which will then marched to the rainbow lit MLK Bridge, followed by lighting and launching lantern balloons.  Come join us wonderful night commemorating those who have been bullied or taken their lives because of bullying.
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GM Foundation Gives Grant To NIDL


The General Motors Foundation spent time Thursday morning, October 15th, cutting some big checks to a number of local organizations, as part of its 2015 Plant City Grants.  The NIDL was one of 13 local non-profit organizations selected to receive a monetary donation that for all totaled $130,000. The grants ranged anywhere from $4,000 to $50,000 each. Money was raised throughout the year by donations made by GM employees.  The Northeast Indiana Diversity Library received  $6,000 for program support.  For the NIDL it means helping with support of the digitization of materials in the archives.  The NIDL's current preservation projects through digitization includes:

  • the TROIS newsletter of Fort Wayne;
  • over 500 photos of a Revue at Tulisa's Up The Street in 1971;
  • over 100 photos of early GLO activities which was the city's first LGBT organization;
  • and reel-to-reel tapes of womens programs from Sister Space.


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