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Digital Archive News-Rainbow Reader

The Northeast Indiana Diversity Library has been digitizing local items to preserve and to make these accessible items to the public.  NIDL is happy to announce that all eleven books from 1997 to 2009 of the Rainbow Reader have completed our first step toward being digitized.  These 117 issues of the UP The Stairs Community Center's second major newsletter are already to peruse by clicking our Digital Archives button.


How to Search NIDL Archives on MDON

If the title "TROIS" is put into a keyword search it will bring up 81 issues due to the fact that the TROIS was mentioned in five of the Rainbow Readers.  Using the "Advanced Search" and looking up TROIS as the "Title" will bring up the 76 issues of the newsletter by themselves.  Since historical articles were written in both newsletters using either keyword or advance searches are excellent ways to look up names, places or topics in Fort Wayne LGBTQ+ history.


This process is not only costly in dollars but also time volunteers spent in cleaning up the metadata behind the images so that keyword searches for information are available.  Our first digitized newsletter was the TROIS: Three Rivers One In Six (One in six was the Kinsey Institute's estimate of homosexuals in the population.) from late 1980 to 1987.  The TROIS was started by GLO or the Gay, Lesbian Organization here in Fort Wayne, IN and the first major newsletter of the community center that became known as Up The Stairs  The TROIS was a typewritten newsletter and Computers hate typewriters.  Due to varying keystrokes and outdated fonts NIDL staff literally had to retype almost all of each of the 76 issues. 

The TROIS project took two and a half years from beginning to end.


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The NIDL Digital Archives


The Northeast Indiana Diversity Liibrary announces the NIDL Digital Archives and it's first collection of the TROIS Newsletter.

Pronounced TWAH and standing for Three Rivers One-In-Six this newsletter is from the first Gay-Lesbian organization known as GLO.  This collection has great local history from 1980-1986 not found anywhere else and is available to view and to search the text by keyword.  One can search for a name, place or a subject.  The NIDL Digital Archive is housed on mDON or the Mastadon Digital Object Network in cooperation with the Helmke Library on IPFW campus.  A link to this collection is available on the NIDL home page's  Check it out!

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