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The NIDL Is Moving...


Eight years ago the Northeast Indiana Diversity Library was coaxed

out of storage to start a wonderful association with IPFW.  Professors and

chancellors worked with the Helmke library to find space--first at

Ginsberg Hall and eventually within the Helmke building. In those eight

years through the work with the NIDL's collection and digitization of the

NIDL's archives came the rediscovery of the cross-curriculum value of the

NIDL's resources and the richness of history in the NIDL's archives. The

Northeast Indiana Diversity Library would like to thank the professors,

chancellors, Helmke Library and IPFW for the opportunity for that



When Same-sex marriage was passed in 2014 the sudden discovery in the

Indiana State Library and Indiana Historical Society was that they had not

been keeping Indiana's LGBTQ+ history. Most of the NIDL's collection would

have actually been banned or not allowed to be mailed in the US just for the

word "Homosexual" up to 1958 and most of the history was either swept under

the rug or literally burned and trashed by families.


The "University Transition" of IPFW is upon us and the options that NIDL

was told was: "...either deed the collection over to Purdue University,

Fort Wayne, so that the Helmke Library can manage it under the University's

policies  and procedures, or remove it from the University by May 31, 2018, in

preparation for our transition to Purdue University."  This was presented

to the board that owns and governs the NIDL on Monday, March 12th, 2018.

The board unanimously voted to be moved out of the Helmke Library by May

31st, 2018. Circulation will ceased by March 31st and regular hours have also

ended so as to enable work on preparation for the move.


The combination the wishes of estate donors to the NIDL; the reaction in

the LGBTQ+ community; and the lessons learned of 2014 come down to this

point... that a people must keep their own history for it to be valued.


The NIDL thanks again the Helmke Library and IPFW and wishes the best for 

the University Transformation to Purdue University, Fort Wayne. 

Staff will keep everyone aware of what is happening to the NIDL here on the 

website and social media.

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