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Created Date: 02-01-1981
Edition: February 1981, Issue 14
Publisher: Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne
Coverage: 1980-1987
Frequency: Published Monthly
Digitally Archived: 2016
Transcript: Three Rivers’ One In Six • TROIS • February 1981 • Fort Wayne. Indiana • Issue14 • Burns 'Speaks Out' (Again) Sparks GLO Publicity • ~ "During a discussion on the Metro Human Relations Commission survey of Spanish ¬speaking people, he (Burns) delivered his famous 'wetback' remark. He alleged that “illegal Mexican aliens” were taking jobs from our own good ol' boys. There's hardly a minority group left that hasn't been treated to an indignity- blacks, feminists, Chicanos have all been 'Burned' by a verbal assault." - Mary Kay Blakely -----by Terri Worman; All who have worked in GLO this past year have seen exciting things happening in our lesbian/gay community. We were even looking forward to bigger and better advancements as we seek a broader un¬derstanding of our lifestyle. However, 1981 may hold more surprises than were imagined, as it started out with a "bang". While finishing up 1980 business at the December23 city council meeting, Councilman Paul Burns found it necessary to mention that he had not al¬lowed "drug users, homosexuals, and other human crud" on the police force while he was Fort Wayne's mayor. Perhaps this was an inconsequen¬tial comment to Burns, but to members of GLO and the gay community, this was yet another indica¬tion of long-held misunderstandings and myths a¬bout us. Members of GLO's public relations staff immediately wrote a letter requesting an apology after the incident was reported in a Dec. 28 edi¬torial in the Journal-Gazette. An interview with the P.R. staff was requested by Staff writer Carol Schaal from the Journal-Ga¬zette and on January 6 both the letter to Burns and the article introducing GLO to the community appeared in the paper. The P.R. staff had been working on a positive introduction for GLO, and Burns provided it with the catalyst it needed. That same day Channel 15 requested an interview about GLO to use with their story on Burns' com¬ment, which he reiterated in a discussion over the phone with Ginny Kennard of Channel 15. (He announced that he would not "dignify the organi-zation (GLO)" by apologizing, adding that 98% of the Ft. Wayne population feels as he does-"that homosexuals are crud.") In the interview, GLO PR Staffer Terri Worman was shown that evening, giving an emphasis on GLO's process of education through positive public image and outreach .A letter was also delivered to each of the pre¬sent City Council members concerning the inci¬dent, along with a request for an apology from Burns. Jim Maurer, a member of the P.R. staff, was present at the last council meeting, but no¬thing was mentioned about GLO. Although no further action has been taken, we are still receiving positive input from many direc¬tions .Many have sent letters or personally thanked those on the P.R. staff and GLO for pro¬testing homophobic name-calling by a city offi¬cial during a business meeting. Our step into the light of legitimacy in Fort Wayne has begun. As we continue to educate ourselves, we may now be¬gin to educate the people around us; those we work with, spend time around, pass in the streets. They, too, may come to realize we are not the "crud of society", but creative, respon¬sible and hard-working members of this community.(Related stories on pages 6 & 7) • A Publicat1on ot the Goy I Lesbian Organization (GLO) At Fort Wayne, Inc. •.EDITORSPACE •Revolution #1 by Kent Neuhouser' 'When we were born they tried to cover our eye Then they tried to tell us what to see We are discovering that did not work For we were born to be free." *Freedom. Equality. Liberation. Sometimes it's difficult to see how in the world we'll ever ac¬quire these utopian goals! In the last couple of "Editorspaces" I emphasized some dreary facts a¬bout the forces against our movement and at the same time tried to instill some hope for these goals. The struggles for our rights are truly important and will need us all to carry through with them. But in the midst of these struggles I find I have to keep reminding myself that my real freedom, equality, liberation- and all the other revolutionary dreams - are offered to me now, within myself and my friends and lovers. The rest of the world's consciousness of my equality is only secondary - secondary because "they" will never sense it until "we" do .It was Eleanor Roosevelt who said that no one can make you inferior without your consent. All too often we hear "crud," "pervert," "criminal," etc. ta describe gay and lesbian people. We hear these insults on TV, in the newspaper, in our neighborhood. And through this boot-stomping we find it hard at times to remember our inherent good. It's an embarrassment when I occasionally find myself ''shy" among people who I know are distressed about the "sin of homosexuality." I remind myself that I haven't given them consent to make me a "sinner" or embarrassed. I have "the key" to my feelings of freedom and equali¬ty. I remind myself that I am strong because of my unbidden feelings - and braver than most by admitting them. I'd like to write Eleanor's saying on the palm of my hand for ready ref-erence.(There is more than one thing to learn from that great woman!) Though there exists a definite movement to oppress us, those forces have not realized that with our own individual strengths and with our strength as a community - we can never be op¬pressed. Granted, we may lose our jobs, homes, even our lives; but still we can have dignity if we choose it. Anne Frank, Oscar Wilde, Martin Luther King: they all had dignity. They were free because they believed in their own freedom. Before persecutions like Frank's, Wilde's, and King's are inflicted on me or you, we can do things to end the discrimination and the physi¬cal pain that do take place. Even though the a¬bove heroes had their dignity, they did not sit back passively. Likewise, when a City Councilman calls me "crud," I can stand up, mad as hell, and inform him calmly that I am not crud. I am aware of the delicate balance between contented self-respect and anger about society’s injus¬tice. When both are funneled together, our daily march for dignity can move forward in a positive path. We must begin to end discrimination in housing, jobs, child custody, etc., but this cannot be done without our own personal liberation taking place first. Personal liberation means respect; respect not only for ourselves but for everyone and every idea around us. If everyone shared that respect (not necessarily agreement) “World Peace" would not be merely a dream. But it has to start with me. I have to catch myself feeling disrespect - even loathing - for people who ex¬press their hate for me. It takes practice and it challenges my own personal security, but I cannot deal with others the way I refuse to be dealt with by them. It's respect topped with a special empathy. It's a constant and personal revolution. Someday the circle will be complete. "Sometimes it gets too hard to feel all the joy In the face of all the pain we see But there's a healing place within our hearts It's coming alive in you and me." **from "Gay Spirit" by Charlie Murphy •"TROIS" (Three Rivers' One In Six.) is a monthly publication of the ''Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne.” All correspondence (suggestions, donations, manuscripts etc.) may be sent to P.O. Box12501, Fort Wayne., IN, 46863. Material in this newsletter is original unless otherwise credited. Any opinion included is expression of the writers only. Please credit "TROIS-Fort Wayne." when reprinting from us. "TROIS" is funded through donations and fundraisers so that the issues may be free and therefore reach as many people as possible. Our purpose as an information source is to receive and relay news, opinion, and activities that would contribute to the building of the gay and lesbian movement and the growth of gay and lesbian consciousness. Persons' names, organizations, and advertisers included in "TROIS" are no indication of their sexual orientation © 1981, TROIS • RESPONSE • January 19, 1981Gay/Lesbian Organization P.O. Box 12501Fort Wayne, IN 46863 Gentlepeople: Enclosed is a copy of the letter to the editors of the Journal Gazette which we have sent them this day. (see page 6) We are happy to support you in any way that we can. Please let us know what we can do. From time to time (actually from minute-to-¬minute) we have issues that also need support. Hopefully, we can call upon your group in such need. It is important that groups such as yours and ours combine our strengths and our energies when we can. Good luck to you in your important endeavors. In Sisterhood: Joan D. Uebelhoer Fort Wayne, Feminists • TROIS welcomes letters of criticism, praise, comment, and information from its readers on any subject. Letters should be as concise as possible; preferably typed and double spaced. TROIS reserves the right to cut or reject any letter submitted. The writer's name should be included but will be withheld upon request. Address your letters to "Response" c/o TROIS,P.O. Box 12501, Fort Wayne, IN 46863.In so managing this column, we hope to fulfill our purpose as a forum for public comment, opinion, and dialogue • “And remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand.” Emily Kimbrough(1899- )The Innocents from Indiana •The following story was clipped from a news¬paper and sent in from a San Francisco TROIS reader: "A kindergarten-first grade teacher at San Francisco Community School gave a word asso¬ciation test - one being to check the word that means 'Happy': (1) Sad. (2) Scared. (3) Gay,(4) Worried. This being San Francisco, none of the children could find a synonym. Being a San Franciscan, the teacher gave them a passing grade. • STAFF: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Kent Neuhouser; NEWS & FEA¬TURE EDITOR, Barry Davis; COPY EDITOR, John Scott; CIRCULATION EDITOR, Barb McHahiney; ADVERTISING MANAGER, Mike Reinking; CONTRI¬BUTORS: Terri Worman, Conrad Satala, Joyce Stevens, Steve Lewis, Mary R. Voors, Joel Lanson, Dave Berghoff, and others; CALEN¬DAR EDITOR, Jerry Jokay. TROIS' growth and expanding circulation is made possible by its staff and the respon¬sibilities they fulfill. TROIS welcomes Barb McElhiney as its new Circulation Ed¬itor and Mike Reinking as Advertising Man¬ager. New additions and changes to TROIS' mailing list should be sent in to TROIS or called in at the number below. If you are interested in advertising in TROIS, Mike can be reached at 637-5743.The next TROIS staff meeting will be Monday, Feb. 2nd. YOUR input and help would be appreciated. For more information, call 745-4460 •-GLO UPDATE-by Mary R. Voors, Secretary of GLO • The major topic of concern for the January gener¬al meeting of GLO was to receive feedback from the membership regarding where they would like to see the organization go in the future. Many ideas were discussed and out of these discussions, se¬veral votes were taken. The first area of discussion centered around the recent letter to the editor in the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette entitled "Lesson In Love". Af¬ter a vote was taken it was agreed that the or-ganization would not issue a policy statement in the paper at this time. A second area of discussion centered around a youth outreach program in our community. Once a¬gain a vote was taken, and passed, that we con¬sider directing our attention to the youth of our community-as much as our charter and the law will allow-in the coming year. Other areas of concern discussed by the member¬ship were: an outreach to families, parents, et¬cetera, about the “coming out" process; informa¬tion on the aspect of violence towards gays; drawing the individual out in his/her own posi¬tive self-image; continuing with educational en¬deavors; and to continue communication with key people in the community. Additional feedback on where you would like to see the Gay/Lesbian Organization go in the future will be welcomed at the next general meeting. The February 4th GLO General Meeting will take place at the Public Library, 900 Webster St., upstairs in meeting room at 8:00. The discussion of where GLO will go from here will be continued from the last general meeting. Hope to see you there! ADVERTISEMENT: gay/lesbian HELP LINE Mon - Thurs 7:30 pm to 10 pm Fri & Sat 7:30 pm to 12 midnight 744-0484 • Conference • According to "Gay Community News": Organizers in Los Angeles are moving ahead with plans for the National Conference on Lesbian and Gay Rights to be held at U.C.L.A. April 24-26,1981. While organizers plan to include speakers, workshops, and cultural events in the three day conference, the primary business schedules for the weekend is the formation of a structure and the planning of political goals for a national coalition of Lesbian and Gay activists and or¬ganizations. As reported in the last issue of TROIS, Indiana has already chosen delegates to the Conference. For details on the National Conference, see "Gay Community News" (issue 1/24/81). GCN Is available at "Rainbows of Life" bookstore, 1522 West Main St. here in Ft. Wayne. ADVERTISEMENT Occupational Program Center, Inc. Counseling For Gay and Lesbian Individuals and Couples Personal Problems Alcohol /Drug Problems Relationship Problems Jack Ryan, M.A .Call 483-8280 or 484-5634 By Appointment Only Offices Located At..... 1208 East State Blvd. L Doerflein Building Fort Wayne, IN 46805 • Moral Majority by Kent Neuhouser • In dealing with preconceived ideas regarding Indiana's conservatism, gay and lesbian Hoosiers could always defend their state with the fact that Indiana repealed its unjust sodomy law early in the seventies (long before many other "liberal" states). Believe it or not, though, we may have to deal with the issue again soon since the Indiana Moral Majority has recently hired a full-time lobbyist for the 1981 General Assembly to, among other things, have sodomy reinstated as a felony in the state. According to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette(1/7/81), Rev. Greg Dixon, President of the Indiana Moral Majority (and head of the Indiana¬polis based Baptist Church that protested the Indiana Gay/Lesbian Convention last summer),said that about 300 pastors across the state are associated with the Indiana Moral Majority. "We have a lobbying network in every congressional district," he said. Convincing the Indiana General Assembly that private bedroom practice should be monitored maybe a difficult task for the organization, but their determination to intrude in lesbian and gay rights in the upcoming year is very clear. Other concerns of the Indiana Moral Majority are to get the legislature to define "child abuse"(since the present law "gives too much power and responsibility to doctors, who are required to investigate any injury to a child they think might be the result of child abuse~," to elimi¬nate charges for inspections of church-run daycare centers and taxation of the church pro¬perty to remove "unethical" books from school libraries and classrooms, and to launch a cam¬paign to "Clean up television. "Dixon did make it clear, however, that "We're not upset every time somebody gets killed on television, like some of these pacifistic groups who are trying to disarm the country." Programs with "sex and filthy language" are their tar¬gets. If you ask me, I'd much rather watch someone make love on my television than someone get their brains blown out; but I guess the Moral Majority's brand of "Christianity" doesn't approve of such nonsense. • AROUND Introducing BLOOMINGTON • As this is the first report on Bloomington to appear in TROIS, it will give an overall view of what is happening on the gay scene here on an everyday basis. Later reports will deal with reports on specific events and news of events planned. At the moment there is only one gay bar open in Bloomington, since Gentry's, the newer of our two bars, recently closed "until further notice". Bullwinkle's, on 4th Street at College Avenue ,is open nightly till 3 a.m. Disco begins nightly at 10 p.m.; happy hour is from 4:30 till 9 p.m. On most Saturday evenings and some week nights, there are drag shows. Other functions include films, rock and roll night on Thursdays, and frequent appearances by new wave bands on week-ends. On Sundays the Bloomington Gay Alliance (BGA) has recently reinstituted its successful coffeehouse, after nearly a year's search for a suit¬able location. It now meets from 7 till 11 p.m. in room 300A of the Indiana Memorial Union. The local chapter of Integrity meets every Monday evening, as it has for two years, at 701Hawthorne. Meetings, open to all gay Episcopa¬lians and friends, include a 7:30 talk, a discussion or a business meeting, and a 9 p.m. open house party. Integrity now publishes a magazine, Gabriel, which includes articles, poetry, and book reviews, as well as Bloomington news. Also on Monday nights, the gay AA group meets at 1514 East Third Street in the upstairs lounge. On alternate Tuesdays the Gay Women's and Men's Literary Circle meets, and on Wednesdays there are the Lesbian Support Group and the Men's Rap Group. Information on the times and locations of these meetings can be obtained by calling the Gay Switchboard on 336-GAY9. This service, staffed by trained volunteers, is now open 24 hours, providing counselling and information on all gay matters. Another BGA activity which deserves mention is the comparatively new Speakers Bureau. Speakers on many topics have already been asked to appear locally in various contexts including classes at the University. Speakers are available free of charge, except for trav¬elling expenses for out-of-town engagements. From Bloomington's TROIS Correspondent • Burns cont. "Thanks to Burns, we have our eyeglasses back on again. We can see that minority rights are only as real as the people who support them. Not laws alone, but intelligence and commitment will guarantee our opportunities."- Mary Kay Blakely; Fort Wayne Feminists Respond: The following letter was sent to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, opening a new and exciting opportunity for GLO and The Fort Wayne Feminists to improve communication and support between the two groups: To the Editors: The Fort Wayne Feminists wish to congratulate the members of GLO (Gay/Lesbian Organiza¬tion).It is important for this community that such an organization be established for a support network for gay people and their friends and their relatives. It is also important that education continue so that the homophobic attitudes may change and the discrimination against homosexuals may cease. We understand and commend the courage that has been demonstrated by the Public Relations committee of GLO in making themselves known to the public as spokespersons and contacts. As Mary Kay Blakely said so well in her column about the issue, ignorance is very dan¬gerous .We believe in equal rights for all human beings. When one sister or one brother has those rights threatened, we are all threatened. The Fort Wayne Feminists Community Task Force Leah Krauskopf, Norma Friedman, Jean Rothgeb, Cathryn Adamsky, Joan Uebelhoer. • RAPPIN’ • Here! Now! It's your opportunity to speak on a most timely toplc: " What's Outside the Closet? "That's the question the Educational (PIE) Committee is posing for its February rap. The Public Relations Committee has been invited to share some of its experiences since GL0’s recent "Coming Out". Some topics covered will be Family, Friends, Jobs, Violence (both emotional and physi¬cal), Churches, and others. These raps are fascinating and therapeutic. Make the third Tuesday in February (the 17) at First Pres. Room 303, 8pm. a must. Bring a friend. You won't be sorry. MONTHLY EDUCATIONAL (PIE) COMMITTEE MEETINGS: 1st Tues. Business Meeting. 3rd Tues. Rap. •ARTS• Linda Sheets, accomplished Fort Wayne Musician, will perform a solo concert at Artlink Saturday, February 7th, from 8-10pm. Admission is $2 for Artlink mem¬bers and $3 for non-members (children and elders free). Tickets will be available at the door. Acclaimed Poet Allen Ginsberg is corning to Fort Wayne March 14th! Ginsberg will beat the Indiana-Purdue Student Union Ball¬room to read his poetry and to talk .The event is sponsored by Poetry 1, The Windless Orchard, Indiana-Purdue University and the Fort Wayne Jewish Federation. Details will be included in the March issue of TROIS. Schmidt Speaks Up, Too: Vivian Schmidt (President of the Fort Wayne City Council at the time of Burns' remarks), Mark GiaQuinta (a Councilman who voiced his disagreement to Burns' statements at the time they were made), and Mayor Win Moses, Jr. were all con¬tacted by the Editor of TROIS, giving each the opportunity to voice her/his opinion regarding Burns' anti-gay/lesbian statements. Following is Vivian Schmidt's reply: Dear Mr. Neuhouser: Thank you for your several letters objecting to Councilman Burns' recent remark about the local gay/lesbian community. Derogatory statements about race, religion, sex, or sexual preference are inexcusable. It is especially unseemly to have such comments made in s legis¬lative forum like the City Council where the participants are elected representatives of all the citizens. Since I've worked with women's rights groups for some time, I am well aware of the cruel injustice of discrimination based on physical characteristics over which a person has no control. I am therefore sensitive to those persons and groups who are considered "minorities" by our society. I very much regret the pain this incident has caused you and your membership. It pains me, too, to be present when defamatory comments are make, as they have been, about blacks, women ,Hispanics, and now gays and lesbians. Perhaps the day will come when we can all judge one another on aspects of personality and ability, and be more tolerant of our physical and social differences. Sincerely yours, Vivian G. Schmidt member, City Council .... P.S. Thanks From the Editor: Following GLO's publicity over the Burns controversy, TROIS received over 60 local additions to the mailing list (many of which expressed excitement and pleasure at finding GLO.) This is, ironically, a posi¬tive result of Burns "speaking out," and it proves that GLO needs to be available to the public. Our unity and strength grow daily. TROIS welcomes its new readers and at the same time thanks the entire PR staff - Conrad Satala, Terri Worman, Joyce Stevens, Jim Maurer, Bill Ramel, and Lynn Paulson - for speaking up from the lesbian/gay community and bravely "coming out" to the public. It's comforting to hear the voice of local lesbians and gays in the me¬dia .The positive letters-to-the –Editor that followed were also important, as well as Mary Kay Blakely's bold comments and Carol Schaal's sensitivity in writing her article. • …AND MOSES COMMENTS •Mayor Moses, Jr. must have taken the ad¬vanced course in "Letter Writing for Politi¬cians" since his reply carefully avoided voicing his support (or lack of support) for the Fort Wayne gay/lesbian community, speci¬fically .Still, the following reply was ap¬preciated: Dear Mr. Neuhouser: Thank you for your letter asking for my com¬ment made at a Common Council meeting descri¬bing an assortment of human beings as "crud. "No human being is "crud.'' Any reference to any human being as "crud" is, to me, absolut¬ely and unequivocally wrong. I trust this sufficiently clarifies my posi¬tion on the statement made in Common Council. Sincerely, Win Moses, Jr. Mayor • Parents & Friends of GAYS by Joel Lanson • Another “FIRST” is forming in Fort Wayne - a local chapter of Parents and Friends of Gays (PFOG). The first meeting will be held Thursday, February 12. For place and time call Conrad Satala at 422-7913, The purposes of the parents and friends of gay people will be to overcome the problems of silence on homosexuality, make known that gay people are everywhere, seek solutions~~ through sharing fears and joys, and find ways to love gay sons, daughters, friends, or spouses. Only through communication can there be attitude changes, understanding, acceptance, family & friend unity/harmony and an end of guilt and shame for parents, friends and gay children. For parents, there are feelings of fear, self-hatred and refection. We recognize that new-found pride does not come easily, and that some parents still have doubts and other negative feelings. That is why we have planned a confidential, viable format for dialogue for parents and friends of gay "children" (no age limits either way). The group will also be open to gays themselves and to parents who are dealing with their own sexual identity. Please plan to join us at our first meeting, where we will we begin to work together to help ourselves through understanding. We plan to work for the same basic human rights, liberties and opportunities that are enjoyed by others. In this way, new windows of understanding will hopefully open, and family unity will be strengthened. PFOG groups nationwide now total over 125! Parents of gays meeting with other parents have learned 1) Our gay daughters and sons come from "model" families, single-parent, those with "dominant" or "submissive" mothers, weak or strong fathers-all kinds. There is no one pattern. 2} Our gays sons and daughters are only children, youngest/middle, oldest, one of twins. In some families one child is gay, in others two or more. There is no pattern. 3) We have learned to be free from the burden of guilt for our children’s natural, normal sexual orientation. 4) We have learned to recognize our children’s expression of love as honest and moral. 5) We have learned that we love our gay children. Dr. J. Weinstein, M.D., President of the American Psychiatric Association issued the following statement on October 6, 1978: “Homosexuality is not chosen, like selecting clothes or a line of work. No one knows how human sexual orientation is determined. In discussions covering nearly a decade with hundreds of families with gay children, we have found that :1) The gay child is most often aware of his/her sexual orientation at a very early age. 2) None of the children was influenced or taught to be gay by any person. 3) In homes where gay children try to become heterosexual, all attempts fail. Being gay is not just a stage youngsters go through. 4) Families' fears of ''catching" homosexuality, or of being "recruited" at school or elsewhere are unreasonable and utterly without scientific foundation." We will have reading materials available for you; and the meetings will be kept strictly confidential, small and preferably held in private homes on a regular basis. Although there will be qualified professionals (both gay and non-gay) for initial input, private counseling, etc., the long-range goals include turning the group over to the parents and friends. We invite you to share our knowledge, to be free of fear, and to reach out, search and discover more about being human. • COFFEEHOUSE~ for women and their friends by Linda Graham •The Sisterspace Coffeehouse was started in Spring1977. Fort Wayne Feminists found that personal and political expressions of our experience as women were often shared through music, poetry, literature, and humor. The Feminists decided it was time to give themselves a stage. They wanted to create an atmosphere where women could express the artist in themselves and each other, whether they "performed" on stage or in the audience .A committee of women brought together candle, tablecloths, card tables and chairs, a make¬shift stage, spot-lights, and a “Womenu” of coffees, teas, and other goodies. The Coffee¬house is now being held once a month at the: YWCA – Villa 2000 Wells Street on the 1st floor of the Administration Bldg. February 13th, the Sisterspace Coffeehouse theme will be "loving · . .Women" - a celebra¬tion of the holiday, with a special space for cynics. The Coffeehouse starts at 8 pm and is open to women only. Refreshments will be available and a small donation is requested at the door. Proceeds from the Coffeehouse will benefit Fort Wayne Feminists. Interested area women are encouraged to attend .Additional information can be obtained by calling Leslie Raymer at 745-0632 (ADVERTISEMENT).UNDER 21? Rap Group led by and for those under 21 years of age every Friday after¬noon. Call the Gay/Lesbian Helpline at 744-0484 if interested; • mental health center at fort wayne, inc. 909 east state boulevard / fort wayne. Indiana 46805 / (219) 482-9111 A workshop on "Successful Aging: New Beginnings for Life's Later Years," will be offered by the Department of Consultation and Education of the Mental Health Center at Fort Wayne on Monday afternoon, February 2, from 1:30 pm until 3:30 pm. The workshop is planned for persons 50 years of age and over and will serve as an introduction to a 15-week program to be offered in the Spring. For more information or to register, call 482-9111, ext. 280. (ADVERTISEMENT) DIGNITY-Fort Wayne's VALENTINE DANCE WHEN: Saturday Feb 14th TIME: 8-12 p.m. COST: $1 CENTLIVRE APT’’s PARTY BLDG POPULAR' MUSIC CASH BAR' WITH SNACKS INFO: 440-0253. • OUR GOD TOO• ODC – After Six Years, The Door Still Remains Open by Jerry Jokay; Holding the honor of being the city's oldest sur¬viving gay/lesbian supportive organization is Open Door Chapel. As of January, it has survived six years of mixed prosperity and strife in Fort Wayne's volatile religious climate. Through it all the Door has remained Open and still does. This organization began in 1975 as the whim of six womyn who had gathered socially in the trai¬ler home of Maxine McKnight. They all shared the idea of meeting regularly for a rap session/bible study. The idea caught on among other gays and lesbians and soon, led by McKnight, the meetings at the trailer were packed. Meanwhile, the group had applied and was accepted into the Metropo¬litan Community Church, an international organi¬zation of gay/lesbian supportive churches. After joining MCC, the group moved its meetings into the back room of a local lesbian-owned bar. With¬in five months, membership expansion necessitated another move, in early 1976, to a rental building at Pettit and Hanna Streets, at which time the Open Door name came into usage. Back in 1976, the good old days when money was plentiful enough to afford such luxuries as Pet Rocks and Bicenten¬nial toilet seats, enough funds were available to purchase the building where the Chapel is pre¬sently located, at Leith and Lafayette Streets ,within only months. The sky seemed the limit. But in 1977, Open Door Chapel encountered its first major schism. McKnight, who had served as the group's leader since its inception, became ill and resigned amid the already-growing chaos of conflicting religious beliefs among members. Following McKnight out of the Door were numerous members, as well as the chapel's affiliation with MCC. The church soon rejoined MCC, Dennis Shields and Jan Johnson were appointed as worship coordi¬nators, and the chapel enjoyed a somewhat less enthusiastic rebirth and regrowth. Shields and Johnson both left Fort Wayne in the summer of1978 to pursue ministry careers with MCC else¬where. Until the spring of 1979, the chapel re¬lied on lay members and guest ministers of other midwest MCC-affiliated churches to provide a min¬istry. In the summer of 1979, MCC appointed the Reverend Charles K. Steele to the Fort Wayne Church, which caused a second major round of dis¬contentment. To the majority of the membership, MCC was decidedly undemocratic and hierarchical two qualities disdained by the membership and exemplified by Steele. A nearly year-long struggle by the membership to remove both Steele and MCC from Open Door Chapel proved this. In the summer of 1980, Open Door Chapel once a¬gain got a new lease on life. In order to head off future conflict, a governing board was selec¬ted and it was decided that the preaching/teach¬lng would be done by ministers of various other congregations who were willing to volunteer. In addition, Open Door Chapel began housing meetings of Jews and Orthodox Catholics. In this way there is something for everyone, like a salad bar - If you don't like beets, you don't have to eat them. If you like pickles, take all you please. Every individual has different religious needs, and in its evolution, Open Door Chapel has found effective ways to meet them. This organiza¬tion's reliance upon experience as a teacher is evidence to support a forecast of continued lon¬gevity. It also reminds us that as an oppressed people, we must respect the personal choice of every individual within our ranks, religious or otherwise, if we are to be respected by the main¬stream. • PRESBYTERIANS •The Presbyterians for Lesbian & Gay Concerns CENTRAL WINTER CONFERENCE will be held in Milwaukee, Wis., February 27th-March 1st, 1981.For further information write to PLGC Central Winter Conference, c/o Jonathon Justice,1920 E. Lafayette Place, Milwaukee, WI 53202;or call (414) 278-7312; or write to TROIS. • CLASSIFIED • With this monthly column TROIS offers you the opportunity to print want ads, ·happy ads, for sale ads, for rent ads, help wanted ads, special ser¬vice ads, etc. Your ad will reach over 800 read¬ers and will not be “lost” in the copy as most classified ads are. An ad with 100 spaces or less (that includes letters, spaces between words. and punctuation) is only $1.00. Any ad over 100 spaces is $2.00; all ads must be under 250 spac¬es. Your ad must be submitted no later than the 15th of the month previous to the issue in which the ad will appear. Type or print NEATLY all copy and we will print it as you have indicated. TROIS reserves the right to refuse ads that do not correspond with our policy. LAMBDA CARDS BY JEFF - Embossed, Hand Printed, Contemporary Cards. Various styles for all Occasions. Available ex¬clusively at "Rainbows of Life." 15% of sales donated to TROIS/GLO. Call Jeff Cole after 6:00PM at 424-0596 for special orders. (ADVERTISEMENT) BOOKS 422-7913 •Rainbows Of Life• Large selection of feminist and gay records YOU CAN SPECIAL ORDER OVER 1-1/2 MILLION BOOKS FROM US AND SAVE 10% OFF MOST TITLES. RENT - A – BOOK ??? NEW' MAGAZINES AT RAINBOWS: Maenad- a women's literary journal; Gay Sunshine- mens’ literary journal; Womenkind - womens' regional literary journal; Gay Community News- national weekly paper; Heresie's - a feminist publication on arts and politics; Sojourner- women's journal of news, opinions,and the arts; The Windless Orchard - a famous local poetry journal AND OF COURSE BOOKS! Evenings 6:00-9:00 pm Saturday 9:00-12:00/1:30-5:00Sunday 12:00-5:00 BROWSE AND SOCIAL TIME AT RAINBOWS 1522 West Main, Fort Wayne, IN • KEEP IN TOUCH with news, events, thoughts and celebrations of the local Gay and Lesbian Community and their friends. Subscribe to TROIS. It's FREE! Name________________Address__________________City, State, Zip ________ Use this coupon to notify us of a change of address, too. If the above address is new, please write your old address below: ,ISend to "TROIS", P.O. Box 12501, Fort Wayne., IN, 46863 (ADVERTISEMENT) Rainbows Of Life Educational Services Conrad L. Satala M.S. Barb McElhiney Joyce Stevens M.S. Steve Lewis B.A. 219(422-7913) •••• ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE SERVICES Workshops - Groups – Counseling By & For The Lesbian / Gay Community'"• CALENDAR • 1981 FEBRUARY • 1) DIGNITY BUSINESS MEETING 2:00 PM MCDOUGALL CHAPEL "GOALS AND OBJECTIVES"; ORTHODOX CATHOLIC LITURGY SERVICE 10;00 AM OPEN DOOR CHAPEL; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM ROOM 300 FIRST PREBYTERIAN; 2) TROIS MEETING 8:00 PM CALL 745-4460 FOR DETAILS; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 3) GLO - PIE COMMITTEE 8:00 PM RAP SESSION CALL 483-1924 FOR DETAILS 4) GLOG'S GENERAL MEETING PUBLIC LIBRARY, 900 WEBSTER ST. 8:00 PM MEETING ROOM 2 (UPSTAIRS); OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 5) SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP CALL 456-5023 FOR DETAILS; 7) GLO GYM NIGHT COME JOIN THE FUN! MENTAL HEALTH CENTER GYM 909 EAST STATE; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 6:00 PM PRAYEP SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 8) ORTHODOX CATHOLIC LITURGY SERVICE 10:00 AM OPEN DOOR CHAPEL; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM – ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 9) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 11) DIGNITY HOME MASS, 8:00 PM CALL 426-6032 FOR DETAILS; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 12) SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP CALL 456-5023 FOR DETAILS; 13) JEWISH GROUP MEETING 8:00 PM OPEN DOOR CHAPEL LEITH & I.AFAYETTE STPEETS; SISTERSPACE MEETING TOPIC- LOVING WOMYN FIRST FLOCR, YWCA VILLA ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 8-11 PM, WOMYN ONLY; 14) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 6:00 PM PRAYEP SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; DIGNITY VALENTINE DANCE CALL 426-6032 FOR DETAILS; CHURCH15) DIGNITY GENERAL MEETING 2:00 PM MCDOUGALL CHAPEL TOPIC – MORALS & ETHICS; ORTHODOX CATHOLIC LITURGY SERVICE 10:00 AM OPEN DOOR CHAPEL; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM – ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 16) N.O.W. GENERAL MEETING SECOND FLOOR YWCA VILLA ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 2000 WELLS 7:00 PM FREE CHILD CARE; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 17) GLO - PIE COMMITTEE 8:00 PM MEETING CALL 483-1924 FOR DETAILS; 18) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 19) SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP CALL 456-5023 FOR DETAILS; 21) GLO GYM NIGHT COME JOIN THE FUN! MENTAL HEALTH CENTER GYM 909 EAST STATE; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 6:00 PM PRAYEP SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 22) ORTHODOX CATHOLIC LITURGY SERVICE 10:00 AM OPEN DOOR CHAPEL; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 23) GLO OPEN BOARD MEETING CALL 422-7913 FOR DETAILS; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 25) ) DIGNITY HOME MASS, 8:00 PM CALL 426-6032 FOR DETAILS; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 26) SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP CALL 456-5023 FOR DETAILS; 28) GLO GYM NIGHT COME JOIN THE FUN! MENTAL HEALTH CENTER GYM 909 EAST STATE; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 6:00 PM PRAYEP SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; • FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON ALL ABOVE EVENTS, CALL THE HELPLINE AT 744-0484 • THIS MONTH, THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN (NOW) IS MEETING ON THE THIRD MONDAY OF THE MONTH. AT THIS MEETING, THERE WILL BE A DISCUSSION OF THE HUMAN LIFE AMENDMENT FEATURING A SPOKESPERSON OF THE WOMEN'S HEALTH ORGANIZATION AND JOAN UEBELHOER OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD AS SPEAKERS. ALL PERSONS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND. (SEE ABOVE) • UNLESS LISTED ABOVE, GLO'S GYM NIGHTS NOW MEET EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT AT 8; 30 PM! GLO wishes all a Happy February!

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