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Created Date: 09-01-1980
Edition: September 1980, Issue 9
Publisher: Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne
Coverage: 1980-1987
Frequency: Published Monthly
Digitally Archived: 2016
Transcript: Three Rivers' One In Six TROIS • September 1980 • Fort Wayne. Indiana • Issue 9 For PRESIDENT: by Terri Worman The conventions have ended, the nominations are complete. Responsible voters in the gay community must begin to make decisions in preparation for this fall's presidential election. Gay and lesbian rights, although given a minor place in most candidates' campaigns, have been touched upon by each of the three major presidential candidates. • VOTE • John Anderson, congressman from Illinois and the Independent party candidate, is one of the few former Republicans who has given his support of .gay and lesbian rights. He added his name to the co-sponsorship of the federal gay/lesbian civil rights bill, H.R. 2074 1 during the first con-gressional hearings on the bill in April. "If freedom under our Constitution is to have a real meaning, this legislation is a natural extension of one's individual rights," Anderson said in a prepared statement. The purpose of the bill, introduced by Rep. Ted Weiss (D-NY) and Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), is "to prohibit discrimina¬tion on the basis of affectional or sexual ori¬entation" in employment, housing, public facili-ties, and federally assisted opportunities. Republican Ronald Reagan has accepted his par¬ty's nomination and with it, the endorsement of "legislation protecting and defending the tradi¬tional American family." Although Reagan de¬clared his opposition in 1978 to California's Proposition 6, he did point out that California did have "adequate" laws to protect its children from being indoctrinated by homosexuals. During a recent interview with a New York magazine, Mr. Reagan seemed to think it necessary to assure the interviewer about his son's sexuality. With¬out prompting, Mr. Reagan said "He's all man, we made sure of that" in reference to his youngest son Ronald Jr., who is training with the Joffrey Ballet. Although not running for the presidency herself, Mrs. Reagan was asked her views on gay rights during a recent campaigning effort in Pennsyl¬vania. She answered pleasantly that homosexual¬ity is a "sickness and an abnormality." Should gays teach in school? "As long as they don't try to indoctrinate people." Gays in the mili¬tary? "I think it would be uncomfortable for the other men," she said. Mrs. Reagan became impatient with the questioning and ended the conversation stating "you're really hung up on something I haven't thought about at all." Since 1976 when he was the only presidential candidate prepared to speak out on gay/lesbian issues, President Jimmy Carter, the Democratic candidate, seems to be making a push for supp¬ort by the gay voter. He has said he would support a bill introduced by Sen. Alan Cranston (D-CA) that would repeal sections of the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act. The act is being intended to bar homosexual aliens on grounds of psychopathic personality" and "sex¬ual deviation." Under President Carter's admin¬istration, gay organizations now qualify for both tax-exempt and tax-deductible status. In response to a survey sent to the candidates by the NGTF, Carter-Mondale Campa1gn Cha1rman (Continued on page 5); • Gay and Christian? • The GLO Religious Concerns Comm. is sponsoring a homosexuality a-wareness workshop for clergy. Do you know of someone who could benefit from this? Details on page 7. • A Publication of the Gay / Lesbian Organization (GLO) At Fort Wayne • EDITORSPACE • It’s OUR Revolution Now!; YOUR LETTERS ARE IMPORTANT by Kent Neuhouser Why are your letters important? Because with over four hundred readers of the same newslet¬ter, it is inevitable that disagreements will arise on various issues. It would be very dis¬turbing to think that opposing points of view could not be expressed and discussed in TROIS. With TROIS carrying controversial stories like "Gay Entrapment," "Pearl Street Riot," and "nu¬clear Power is a Gay Issue, Too," I'm curious about the points of view that are opposed to what we have printed. We would welcome more letters of support also. I know the clashing of viewpoints are there, but hearing them through the grapevine as I do doesn't benefit the read¬ers' understanding of that perspective. TROIS will continue to print things you might disa-gree with or things you might have handled in a different way, but as long as the free communi¬cation of all sides of arguments can be encour¬aged, TROIS will be serving its true purpose defined in the box below. You need not be a member of GLO or even a resi¬dent of Fort Wayne to respond in TROIS. Al¬though TROIS attempts to appeal to the majority of its readers through its content, every voice is valid - even a voice of one. That service is open to everyone through the "Response" col¬umn. Being able to hear different thoughts, carefully sorted out as they apply to each of us, facilitates real growth and understanding. We all know how exciting growth is! •RESPONSE • To the Editor: I was dismayed to read in TROIS the editorial 'celebrating' Anita Bryant's divorce. I am not proud to belong to an organization which makes the personal misfortunes of others occasions to celebrate. Deprecation must be taken on your statement that "Anita Bryant has done more to strengthen the gay/lesbian movement than such leaders as Sgt. Matlovich, Jean O'Leary, or Harvey Milk." Take Harvey Milk as an example: you do this courageous man, who gave his life in service to the gay/lesbian lifestyle, a horrendous dis¬service by comparing his gallant positive cont¬ributions to that of the negativism of Ms. Bry¬ant's crusade. Without your living in San Francisco, how could you possibly conceive of what contributions this man made? The death of Harvey Milk produced a spontaneous outpouring of grief and a cohesive, empathetic assemblage that drew the large gay/lesbian community of San Francisco together, in my opinion more than Anita's impending divorce or her crusade ever will. Anita's divorce is in no sense a victory for gay/lesbian people or gay/lesbian rights. To 'celebrate' is not so much an expression of gay pride as a gesture of vindictiveness. …. Your promotion of the "most historical event for the city's gay/lesbian growing pride and unity" is in my opinion grossly overstated. At best, there was 1% of Fort Wayne's gay popu¬lation at the Embassy Theater. It was a nega-tive demonstration and I for one was not "proud" of such a display. It is certainly questionable as to any "unity" that this demon¬stration provided the Fort Wayne community. You speak of the "visibility" we now have be¬cause of Ms. Bryant's actions, yet you fail to notice that the fire bombings, the brutal beat¬ings, the senseless killings, still go on, and "TROIS" {Three Rivers' One In Six) is a monthly publication of the "Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne." All correspondence, suggestions, donations, manuscripts, etc.) may be sent to P.O. Box 12501, Fort Wayne, IN, 46863. Material in this newsletter is original unless otherwise credited. Any opinion included is expression of the writers only. Please credit "TROIS-Fort Wayne." when reprinting from. "TROIS" is funded through donations and fund-raisers so that the issues may be free and therefore reach as many persons as possible. Our purpose as an information source is to receive and relay news, opinion, and activities that would contribute to the building of the gay and lesbian movement and the growth of gay and lesbian consciousness Persons' names, organizations, and advertisers included in "TROIS" are no indication of their sexual preference. RESPONSE cont. now in greater numbers. The endless discussion on T.V. talk shows has done little but antagon¬ize certain segments of the population and kin¬dle the fires of hatred and bigotry in those who were previously ignorant of our minority. The movement Anita started and the subsequent efforts of the 700 and PTL Clubs and others have literally raised millions of dollars that are being used in various detrimental ways, one of which is influential lobbying against any legislation we as a gay community may initiate. •••• Let's give this misguided and troubled wo¬man her due recognition but please remove her from that lofty pedestal on which you so wrong¬ly placed her. Your scholarly interpretation of five selected scriptures is surely impressive, but aren't you placing yourself in the same position as Ms. Bryant by judging people yourself? ••• Maybe you should look up the scriptures on the subject of judging your fellow man ••• If gay people continue frolicing in their orange T-shirts instead of fighting for their rights, it is Anita who may very well have the last laugh. Edward Lower • STAFF • EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Kent J. Neuhouser; FEATURE EDITOR, Barry Davis; COPY EDITOR, John Scott ; CIRCULATION EDITOR, Ricke Galmeier; CALENDAR EDITOR. Jerry Jokay; CONTRIBUTORS, Janet Cox, Terri Worman, & Willie Harney. If you are interested in working with TROIS or another area of GLO at Fort Wayne, Inc., contact Kent Neuhouser at 745-4460 or write to TROIS. (ADVERTISEMENT) V.D. CLINIC 5th Floor City-Co. Bldg. Telephone: 423-7504; • TRIP PLANNED • The Fort Wayne Women's Bureau is sponsoring a bus trip to Chicago to see the stage produc¬tion of "I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking It on the Road." The trip, via chartered bus, is scheduled for Sunday, October 5th. "I'm Getting My Act Together … " is a femi¬nist musical written by Gretchen Cryer. It con¬cerns Heather Jones as a night club singer cel- ebrating her 39th birthday. The songs she has composed for her group, "The Liberated Man's Band," reflect the struggle of her conscious¬ness raising • Cost for the trip is $30 for Women's Bureau members and $35 for non-members. This includes ticket and bus fare. … The Women's Bureau has a limited number of tickets available; reservations should be made by September 17th. Send check or money order to The Fort Wayne Women's Bureau, P.O. Box 10554 Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46853. For further information, call Jeanne Harber Porter at 424-7977. • NOTE ADDRESS We've noticed some confusion over our envelope return address. No, we haven't changed our name to "Friends of the Third World," and no, we don't have a center on Wayne Street. Neither are we centered at First Presbyterian Church. At the beginning of TROIS' existence we were able to use First Pres.'s bulk rate mailing per¬mit because GLO and TROIS, in fact, did origin¬ate through the First Presbyterian Task Force on Homosexuality (and we are forever grateful!) Once GLO became incorporated on its own it would have been illegal to continue that. GLO at Fort Wayne, Inc. is also a member of "Friends of the Third World" or "Delta Communi-cations," an organization that has sponsored a great variety of self-development projects in the Fort Wayne area for over ten years. We are a member of this organization because TROIS is printed through them (Yes, they're the ones who do this great printing job each month). As a member we may use their bulk rate mailing perm¬it now, but Post Office regulations (they go on for days! ) require that "Third World's" re¬turn address be used on the envelopes. Don't forget to send all correspondence (in¬cluding address changes) to the box number listed inside each issue, and not to the return address on the envelope. • GLO Update • BOARD Nominations NOW INTRODUCED Nominations for the Board of Directors and off¬icers of the Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne topped the agenda at July's general meet¬ing. Other discussion focused on the ERA walk¬-a- thon and the formation of a fund-raising committee. The floor was opened to nominations for GLO's Board of Directors with eight names being accepted. Those persons running for the Board are Bill Mehlhop, Terri Worman, Conrad Satala, Ricke Gibeau, Jan Vodinh, Steve Lewis, Bill Silverman, and Lynn Paulson. The three who re¬ceive the highest number of votes will serve a two-year term and the other two with the next highest number of votes will serve a one-year term. Nominations for officers of GLO were accepted with the following persons running: Terri Wor¬man, Jan Vodinh, for Administrative Assistant; and Ricke Gibeau, Treasurer. Nominations for the officers were to be left open through the September 3rd general meeting and then closed at the end of that meeting. Nominations are still needed for the office of secretary. Also at the meeting, Pat Diehl, president of the Northeast Indiana chapter of NOW, presented an introduction to the National Organization for Women. Her main objective was to encourage GLO support for the walk-a-thon on August 23rd for the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment). There was also a gentle but enthusiastic pitch for supporters and members of NOW. A proposal was made as an amendment to the by¬laws stating "Any paid member of GLO may vote at any GLO committee meeting and general meet¬ing." The proposal will be voted on at the next general meeting, September 3rd, in the Multi-¬Purpose Room of the Mental Health Center, be¬ginning at 8:00 p.m. • NOTICE • GLO needs a logo and any GLO member can submit one. One does not need to be a Picasso to enter the logo contest. If you have an idea, submit it! A vote will be taken at the October general meeting (that's Wednesday night, October 1st) to choose a final emblem. You have until that time to enter. Entries may be submitted in advance by mailing them to TROIS, or in person at the OctoDer meeting. See you then! • POETRY • Here's just a reminder that manuscripts and/or pieces of art work are being accepted for a cre¬ative writing booklet/magazine, and all TROIS readers are encouraged to submit their work. If you have any original work/s to be considered for publication, sent it/them to the Information Network Committee of GLO, P.O. Box 12501 Fort Wayne, IN 46862. Manuscripts must be typed and any you wish to have returned must include a self-addressed stamped envelope. A name and address must accompany any piece of work submit¬ted, but authors' real names will be printed only if desired. • FUND RAISING $ $ $ by Kent Neuhouser Every time I have to talk about the sub¬ject of funds in regards to GLO and/or TROIS, I picture myself standing next to Liza Minneli in "Cabaret," with greed in my eyes and singing about money. Anyone who has ever heard me sing knows what a despairing scene I just described. Need¬less to say, I'm also uncomfortable having to do it. At any rate, money is a fact of life - one of the main survival systems of organiza¬tions (second, of course, to people's in¬volvement). You know the saying: "Money makes the world go around;" that includes GLO's world, too. Membership fees and do¬nations do add up and are much appreciated and needed, but if TROIS alone tried to survive on just the income that now trick¬les in, it would fold in a couple of months. How can you help? Become a member, donate when you can, Sell or buy an ad in TROIS, and NOW you can help by taking part in the Fund Raising Committee. Do yon~ have some new and exciting ideas for fund rais¬ing? Heck, we'll even settle for some old and boring ideas! Call me at 745-4~60 if you can help out the committee - we do need you. Our next meeting is September 8th at 8:00 pm at 2631 Indiana Ave. Keep watching for events to take place that may need your help like car washes, bake sales, garage sales, etc. • Gay Entrapment in City -PART 2 • (In the previous edition situations were des¬cribed involving two gay men encountering the vice squad at Swinney Park.) In each of the situations described the gay person was NOT read his rights after being arrested. After being driven down to the city lock up the gay person in the first situation was read his rights as his personal belongings were being se¬cured before locking him up. The gay per¬son in the second and third situations was not read his rights at ANY point dur¬ing or after the arrest. What kind of repercussions followed for both of these gay men after their ar¬rests? The one gay person said since he was treated with such brutality and rude¬ness that he suffered much emotional ang¬uish and even now has a very low opinion of the police force. In his situation he was threatened by the vice cop the first time he was arrested, but the second time it was the back up patrol that came in and verbally harassed the gay person. The other gay person also suffered much emotional strain following his arrest-¬lack of sleep following a state of de-pression. Evidentley, the gays who frequent the park or book store have been lucky as far as the number of arrests made this year compared to the number of arrests in the summer of 1973, which numbered OVER thir¬ty! So far this year around 6 gays have been arrested. Maybe the vice squad is not having as much fun this year ruining gay people's lives by lying about immoral attacks upon their bodies!! There is a warning in the situations that occurred in this article. Think about it¬-WE are dealing with some very hateful people in this city that must entrap gay people into having sex with them so that society can still believe that old stere¬otype image of gay people. by Barry Davis Author's note: In no way in this article was I condoning public sex. My intentions were to point out that the police department is spending valuable time and money for the purpose of en¬trapping innocent gay people into having sex. As John Rechy states, again, from "The Sexual Out¬law", "The more homosexuals are harassed, the more violent crime will rise-and in proportion, because of depleted law-enforcement resources." • 'WOMYN' & GLO by Terri Worman • As GLO continues to grow and learn more about itself, our membership must also grow. A vital part of any organization, especially gay/lesbi¬an organizations, is the contribution of and by womyn. We have a small core group of womyn working in every aspect of the organization, including three womyn on our first five-member board. But to allow our group to enjoy and continue to draw from its many personalities, our membership must continue to grow. We have many talents to share with our friends in the gay community. Our music, poetry, and literature, our ways of living and working are all an important part of the whole of GLO. Our struggles and victories in this patriarchal so-ciety can give insight and needed strength in the fight for gay/lesbian rights and accept¬ance. It is true that we have a struggle of our own, but all struggles have a better chance of becoming victories if we work together. GLO is a sensitive and caring organization of gays, lesbians, and non-gays who not only wish to educate ourselves and each other but also celebrate life together. We all know and un¬derstand the fear of recognition through active participation, but there are many ways of con¬tributing to an organization. The most import¬ant ones are membership and support. GLO needs what the womyn of our community can share: our talents, caring, knowledge, support, and love. GLO needs and wants YOU. • PRESIDENTS continued from page 1 Robert Strauss wrote, "he (Carter) stated his opposition to employment discrimination in the federal government because of sexual orienta¬tion." This is in reference to those jobs not protected by the 1978 Civil Service Reform Act, which include the FBI, CIA, and all uniformed military personnel. The act "prohibits dis-crimination in federal personnel actions based on private, non-job-related behavior such as sexual orientation." The Strauss letter did not take a stand either way concerning the Gay Civil Rights Bill pending in Congress. The issues are clear, the answers sometimes vague. We must watch and listen, and most of all, make intelligent decisions regardless of campaign rhetoric. We must look at what has been done as well as what is being promised. It may make the difference between wearing our lavender triangles as a show of gay pride or as the original stamp of death. Each vote is important-- no voting, no complaining. • SINGLE? • You don't have to be a victim of conformity and/or isolation! The newly re-organized fel¬lowship group is now forming for any and all gays and lesbians. We will meet on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:30p.m., unless we determine that other times or nights are more convenient. This will not be a psychotherapy group! Our purpose is to communicate better as gays and lesbians to each other; to enjoy our time to¬gether; to share any problems or concerns and in turn advise or help each other by offering options/solutions; and to meet in the comfort¬able and non-threatening casual atmosphere of private homes. li you are still wondering if this is for you, the ONLY way you can know is to come and try it! Together we hope to build new relationships and friendships, and to improve our existing relationships (or lack of them): 1) By feeling better about our own sexuality ¬our awareness of ourselves and each other. 2.) By forming a fellowship in which we can help each other in problem support and feedback 3) By planning some social functions for and as singles. 4) And, most importantly- to have an open and middle-of-the-road companionship which will help us feel very good about ourselves and our sexuality! So, regardless of what your bag is, if you are like most of us, you are evolving and growing. You're either unattached and wich you weren't or else you like being single. If you would just like to spend some time socializing with other singles, COME! WE NEED EACH OTHER! There is no age minimum or maximum and every single lesbian/gay is welcome. Rides and more information are available by calling either 456-5023 or 745-4460. COME! Get acquainted and bring a friend if you like (help us spread the word). This is another free service, effort, and opportunity initiated by GLO to help you meet an important need in your life. • THEY SAY Only A Dollar? • by Virgyl Potter All by myself I can't even buy a gallon of gas any more. All by myself I'm too little for a ticket to the movies. Some folks light their cigarettes with me. They're the same ones I used to light a fire un¬der. So I'm a relative of a relative called by lotsa words all meaning the same thing; MONEY. But in my lone state, I'm relative to a "drop in the bucket" now. But I got thinking about the ocean of Good available to me. You know, throw the whole bucket of drops into the ocean and WOW there's power! So that is what I'm doing with me. Changing a lot of old ideas about me into brand new ones; combining me with all Good. That's what I'm doing with me and getting richer by the minute. I'm mak¬ing Good my business. What you do with me is your business. • WORKSHOP .... Assertiveness Training classes are being off¬ ered this fall by the Fort Wayne Women's Bur¬eau. The classes will meet Monday evenings be¬ginning September 15, 1980. The classes will be held from 5:15 to 7:15 PM. Carol Durham, coordinator of the Mental Health Technology program at Indiana-Purdue Universi¬ty, Fort Wayne Campus, will be the instructor. Ms. Durham, who is also a counselor in private practice, has taught assertiveness training for 4 years. The class addresses many aspects of assertive behavior. For further information, call Jeanne Harber Porter at 424-7977. (ADVERTISEMENT) RAINBOW'S OF LIFE• Over 125,000 mail order books available in all subject areas including gay/lesbian/feminist. 10% off all pre-paid orders 422-7913 Tues./Wed. 6-9pm; Sat. 10am-5pm ,Member, American Bookseller Association • Homosexuality Workshop for Clergy • by John Scott A homosexuality awareness/understanding work¬shop for clergy in the Fort Wayne area has been targeted as a priority by the Religious Con¬cerns Committee of GLO. A subcommittee of Re¬ligious Concerns recently announced this event for Wednesday, October 1, in Room 222 of the Indiana-Purdue University Student Union (the northernmost building of the local campus). The workshop will run from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., offering an ample time for a lunch break in the union's cafeteria. Participants may also choose, of course, to "brown bag it." The work¬shop will be facilitated by Conrad Satala, therapist with the Mental Health Center at Fort Wayne, Carol Durham, a counselor in private psychiatric practice, and several clergy and lay participants in the Religious Concerns Com¬mittee. Terri Worman, president of the University Gay Activists, is assisting in the event. The workshop is entitled "Pastoral Ministry with the Gay/Lesbian Members of Your Congrega¬tion: How Are You Coping with Their Needs?" The focus of the day will be the practicalities of pastoral ministry with gay/lesbian parisho¬ners, dealing with questions such as "How can I encourage leadership development among gay/ lesbian members of my church? How can I counsel two persons of the same sex who ask me to off¬iciate at a service of union? How can I count¬eract the many homophobic traditions and be¬liefs which my church consciously and uncon¬sciously supports?" Registration for this cler¬gy seminar is being handled through the Associ¬ated Churches office (6430 West Jefferson Blvd.); brochures describing the event are also available from John Scott at First Presbyterian Church, 300 West Wayne, 46802. There is no fee Tor the workshop. • GLO Religious Concerns CAMPING WEEKEND• by John Scott Two retreat events for gays and lesbians and their friends are also in the plans of the Re¬ligious Concerns Committee. On September 26-28 a camping retreat featuring lots of rest and relaxation will be held at Ouabache State Rec¬reation Area on the east edge of Bluffton, IN. Tents and other camping supplies are being ar¬ranged through Bob Pence, who will also coordi¬nate group meals for those who would like to save on the time and expense of going all their own cooking for the weekend. This low-key week¬end will allow plentiful time for walks in the woods, casual conversation, and a friendly glass of wine by the campfire. Plan to come and unwind! Another refreshing event in store for friends of GLO is a retreat offering time for reflec¬tions on one's faith, however one defines that, at a cozy lake cottage in Michigan the weekend before Thanksgiving: November 21-23. Patterned after a similar retreat held last March, the retreat will allow the participants to choose from among various communications exercises, experiments in new styles of prayer and medita¬tion, and other explorations of issues that seem most timely to the group. Because of hous¬ing arrangements the group must be limited to eleven persons. Arrangements for economical transportation and meals will be made, with the expected cost of the retreat set for $15 per person. A registration form will be made avail¬able at the September 3rd meeting of GLO. The next meeting of the committee is Monday, September 15, at the Open Door Chapel ( Lafayette and Leith Streets), starting at 8:00 p.m. If you have any sort of "religious concerns" for Fort Wayne and the gay community, come to one of our meetings. It's a creative group that enjoys light-hearted meetings. We welcome you! • THE SOCIAL SCENE by Jerry Jokay The GLO Social Options Committee's "Great Gay Summer Event," held at the Sears Pavilion, was a small success. Small because it lacked in at¬tendance what Phyllis Schlafly sometimes lacks in common sense, and successful because every¬one there seemed to have a fantastic time. The August 2nd date, chosen a month beforehand, happened to coincide with a multitude of other parties, as well as the inevitable rain. Fate works in mysterious ways. Although our gather¬ing was not nearly as big as anticipated, Fort Wayne probably had more going for its social scene on this particular weekend than on all summer Saturdays combined! And although our party may have been small, it was most certain¬ly lively! When the rain let up, a large number of guests participated in volleyball, then moved indoors for an exciting evening of new wave dancing. • SEPTEMBER 1980 • (CALENDAR) 7) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS)** GAY ALCHOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM – ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 14) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS)** GAY ALCHOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM – ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 21) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS)** GAY ALCHOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM – ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 28) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS)** GAY ALCHOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM – ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 1) LABOR DAY;8) GLO FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE MEETING 8:00 PM 2631 INDIANA AVENUE; 15) GLO RELIGIOUS CONCERNS COMMITTEE MEETING OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 8:00 PM** ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING CLASSES BEGIN SPONSORED BY FORT WAYNE WOMEN’S BUREAU (SEE ARTICLE); 2) GLO INFORMATION NETWORK COMMITTEE MEETING 9:00 PM (CALL 745-4460 FOR DETAILS); 9) GLO EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE WORKSHOP “THE LEGAL ASPECTS OF NON-TRADITIONAL RELATIONSHIPS 8:00 – 10:00 PM INDIANA-PURDUE CAMPUS; 16) 9:00 PM BOARD MEETING OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 328 EAST LEITH STREET (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS)**GLO EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE WORKSHOP “THE EMOTIONAL ASPECTS OF NON-TRADITIONAL RELATIONSHIPS 8:00 – 10:00 PM, INDIANA-PURDUE CAMPUS; 3) GLO GENERAL MEETING 8:00 PM FORT WAYE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM 909 EAST STATE STREET ** OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP 7:30 PM TO 9:00 PM (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 10) GLO SOCIAL OPTIONS COMMITTEE MEETING FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL JERRY AT 637-3520 ** OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP 7:30 PM TO 9:00 PM (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 17) DEADLINE FOR RESERVATIONS FEMINIST MUSICAL IN CHICAGO FORT WAYNE WOMEN’S BUREAU (SEE ARTICLE) **OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP 7:30 PM TO 9:00 PM (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 24) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP 7:30 PM TO 9:00 PM (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 1) GLO RELIGIOUS CONCERNS SUB-COMMITTEE CLERGY WORKSHOP (SEE ARTICLE) ** GLO GENERAL MEETING AS LISTED ABOVE 9-3 ** OCTOBER; 4) GLO SINGLES GROUP, 7:30 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 456-5023 OR 745-4460; 11) GLO POLITICAL CONCERNS COMMITTEE MEETS 8:30 PM AT 1439 WALL ST 422-0021; 18) GLO SINGLES GROUP 7:30 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 456-5023 OR 745-4460; 5) OPEN DOOR NITE AT THE OPEN DOOR LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 12) CONFERENCE KICK-OFF EVENING PARTY 7:00 PM TO 10:00 PM CALL TERRI AT 422-0021 FOR MORE INFORMATION ** OPEN DOOR NITE AT THE OPEN DOOR LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 19) BINGO NITE AT THE OPEN DOOR LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 26) GLO RELIGIOUS CONCERNS WEEKEND CAMPING RETREAT FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY (SEE ARTICLE) ** OPEN DOOR NITE AT THE OPEN DOOR LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 6) GLO GYM NIGHT 8:30 PM VOLLEYBALL FORT WAYNE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER GYM 909 EAST STATE ST.; 13) INDIANA STATE LESBIAN AND GAY CONFERENCE THEME: “FROM PRIDE TO POLITICS” YWCA 4460 N. GUION ROAD INDIANAPOLIS; 20) GLO TALENT SHOWCASE POT LUCK DINNER & TALENT SHOW (SEE ENCLOSED FLYER); 27) GLO GYM NIGHT 8:30 PM VOLLEYBALL FORT WAYNE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER GYM 909 EAST STATE ST.; MEMOS: UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, ALL ABOVE ACTIVITIEES ARE OPEN TO ALL PERSONS. IF YOU HAVE AN ITEM OF INTEREST TO BE PLACS ON THE MONTHLY CALENDAR, CONTACT OUR NEW CALENDAR EDITOR, JERRY JOKAY AT 637-3520.

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