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Created Date: 08-01-1980
Edition: August 1980, Issue 8
Publisher: Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne
Coverage: 1980-1987
Frequency: Published Monthly
Digitally Archived: 2016
Transcript: Three Rivers' One In Six • TROIS • August 1980 • Fort Wayne, Indiana Issue 8 • Gay Entrapment in City "That cops flagrantly entrap is underscored by two lawyers who in 1976 gave lie-detector tests to twelve men claiming entrapment under the. sex-solicitation statute. Only two of those so arrested failed the test. When so much promiscuous gay sex does undeni¬ably occur, why is entrapment used? Because the real object of the cops’ hatred are all homosexuals - not 'criminal' acts. Any¬one in a gay area is vulnerable" – from "The Sexual Outlaw'' by John Rechy; by Barry Davis On a hot July evening around 5:30 a young gay male stops at Swinney Park to go to the bathroom. Coming out of the bathroom, he is approached by an older man. The older man starts asking the gay person many suggestive questions, such as, "What are your plans?", "Would you be interes¬ted in doing something?", "Are you a vice cop?", and then after many other person¬al questions the older man asks the gay person, "Would you like to unzip my pants?" The gay person touches the fly of the older man's jeans---"No, let's go o¬ver behind the bushes," says the older man, but instead leads the gay person o-ver to a car where, inside, another older male sits. The gay person is asked if he knows the man in the car and vice versa. Finally the gay person is asked to wait so that some identification can be shown to him. He is arrested for public inde¬cency. The Indiana Public Indecency Code 35-45-4-1 (Section 1A), states that a person can be arrested for public indecency if he "fondles the genitals of himself or another person;" Public indecency is a class "A" misdemeanor carrying a penalty of not more than one year imprisonment and a fine of up to $5,000. In the case of the gay person described earlier, this statute does not apply, not for "touch¬ing" the fly of another man's pants! Our story is not over, yet. After the gay male has been told that he's under ar¬rest, and has not been read his rights, the arresting officer's partner asks the gay person, "What did he (arresting of¬ficer) say to you?" The gay person an-swers that the officer asked him if he would like to unzip his (officer's) pants. Apparently this is the wrong an¬swer, for the arresting officer comes back in a flash with, "He's a God damn liar, arrest him!" What is our trustworthy, honest, loving police force up to? Why are they so ob¬sessed with arresting homosexuals at Swinney Park or at the local adult book store? (continued on next page.); Don't miss the upcoming FULL MOON CONCERT Details inside on page 10 Also in this issue: *Rev. David Jeremiah Speaks out against gays and lesbians – again; Details on an upcoming ERA Walk-a-thon; Review of the Gay Pride. Day Picnic • A Publication of the Gay/ Lesbian Organization (GLO) At Fort Wayne • EDITORSPACE • ERA & Us • We gays, lesbians, and gay/lesbian sup¬porters dream of the time when pro-gay legislation will someday be passed to protect us from discrimination in such areas as employment, housing, and other civil rights. Through the onslaught of homophobic organizations and right-wing conservative groups we continue to struggle to be heard and denounce lies and accusations regarding our life¬styles. We boldly face continual set¬backs of our liberation and celebrate an occasional victory. Our most recent le¬gal jolt was felt when Illinois once a¬gain voted down (although passed by a majority, they needed a two thirds vote) the Equal Rights Amendment and when the Republican party removed its endorsement of the ERA from its platform. The ERA's terrific struggle is all too well known since its proposal in 1972. The amendment states simply that "Equa¬lity of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on account of sex." The anti-ERA forces are very similar to the anti-gay forces with the "pro-¬family" groups spreading mistruths about the amendment as scare tactics (uni-sex public bathrooms is one popular "threat" they use). Needless to say, the ERA and homosexuals' rights, along with legal¬ized abortions, pornography, drugs, and sex education, are often mentioned in the same breath when being denounced by right-wing conservatives. One very dis¬appointing difference between the anti¬gay and the anti-ERA groups, however, is that women themselves make up a large portion of the anti-ERA groups whereas I know of no gay persons (at least admit¬tedly gay) opposing pro-gay legislation. With women (and men!) being denied legal protection against discrimination on the sole basis of their sex, how can lesbi¬ans and gays - who are a much smaller and much more controversial minority - expect to acquire legal protection on the basis of their sexual preference? Women have been victims of subtle and violent discrimination as have gays and lesbians; women have been treated as second rate citizens through innuendos and outright denials as have lesbians and gays. None of us are free till we all are free! Gay people's endorsement of the ERA goes beyond ethical reasons as Tom Hayden points out and many legal profes¬sionals agree - that passage of the E¬qual Rights Amendment will ensure a con¬stitutional basis for gay rights. Our committed support of the ERA is criti¬cal; our light attitude or outright op-position to this amendment would be hy¬pocritical and damaging to any future gay rights effort. The ERA has until June 30th of 1982 to gain passage in three more states before the amendment will be added to the Uni¬ted States Constitution; the next two years are crucial and need our zealous advocacy of the ERA. Demonstrators at the Republican Convention proclaimed: "A Quality President is not Threatened by Equality!" Do you notice how the slo¬gan also fits for lesbian and gay rights? It applies not just to prospec¬tive presidents, but to each of us. • "Gay entrapment In City” (cont. from previous page) Accord- ing to Attorney Janet Mitchell ' she believes that the policemen view homosexuals as criminals. She sees the police force spending money for "cracking down" on the homosexual activity at Swinney Park and the adult book store, rather than turning their energies towards major (continued on next page); •RESPONSE• TROIS welcomes letters of criticism, praise, comment, and information from its readers on any subject. Since the letters printed are the opinion of the writer and not necessarily of TROIS, they must be signed and the full name will be printed with the letter unless accompanied with a statement giving permission to use only a part of the name. TROIS reserves the right to edit or reject any letter sub¬mitted. Address letters to "RESPONSE" c/o TROIS, Box 12501, Fort Wayne, IN, 46865. In so managing this "RESPONSE" column we hope to fulfill our purpose as a forum for public comment, opinion, and dialogue. • OPENING TRADE BARRIERS • The Fort Wayne Women's Bureau is spon¬soring an Opening Trade Barriers Work¬shop on Thursday, August 7, 1980 from 9 am until 12 noon at the Indiana-Purdue University Ballroom (2101 Coliseum Blvd. East). The Opening Trade Barriers II Project is designed to promote awareness of opportunities available to women who are able to overcome the barriers to ma¬ny traditionally male fields, specific¬ally the skilled trades. The O.T.B. workshop, an extension of the project, is free ~d open to the public. The workshop should be of interest to em¬ployers, unions, educators, agencies, and women who have not previously been involved in O.T.B. For additional information, call Jeanne Harber Porter or Beth Froebe at 424- 7977. • STAFF • EDITOR- IN-CHIEF, Kent J. Neuhouser • FEATURE EDITOR, Barry Davis; COPY EDITOR, Susan Roads; CIRCULATION EDITOR, Ricke Galmeier; CONTRIBUTORS, Janet Cox, John Scott, and Bob Pence. If you are interested in working with TROIS or another area of GLO at Fort Wayne, Inc., contact Kent Neuhouser at 745-4460 or write to TROIS "Gay Entrapment In City" (cont. from previous page) crimes in the city. (Janet Mitchell has represented gay people in the past for such arrests as these). This article is dealing with a dirty, disgusting obsession that the vice squad of Ft. Wayne has with gay people--entrap¬ment. Webster' s dictionary defines en¬trapment as "to lure into a compromising statement or act. But what happens when an officer of the law, and I use the term loosely, breaks the law himself in the process of luring another into committing the same offense? Read on! It's after dark on a summer evening in 1978, and a gay person is cruised by an¬other man, a direct eye contact situa-tion. The gay person asks the other man if he would like to go to the car and listen to the ball game. As they are both walking to the car, the gay asks the oth¬er man if he is a cop--"No" is the reply. The other man then asks the gay person if he would like to go to the bushes--they do. The man lies down and starts groping himself. As he does this, the gay person puts his arm around the man. Before the gay person has any idea of what is hap¬pening a badge is flashed, he is forced over onto his stomach, the other man's knee in his back, his hands pulled behind his back, and he is hand cuffed. As the man tells the gay person that he is under arrest for battery a gun is held at the back of the gay person’s head. Can anyone in his right mind believe the brutality of the situation that has just been described? What kind of law enforcement has to use such cruel tactics? It seems that the vice cops are so obsessed with their role playing that they must break the law, but yet they are able to get away with it” Is there an unwritten law somewhere that police have more rights than others, that they can break laws without being punished? The gay person in the situation above was arrested a second time a year later, and again the vice cop broke the law by unzipping his pants and exposing himself! But who would believe that in court when society and our own police department often group homosexuals in the same category as criminals! The gay person hasn’t a chance in court, for all the vice copy has to do is say the gay person is lying. END OF PART 1 (to be continued in next issue) • GLO UpdateThe pride of GLO's incorporation as of June 6th, 1980 was celebrated at the Ju¬ly second general meeting. We are now officially a not-for-profit Corporation under the full name of The Gay /Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne, Inc. With incorporation, GLO now has more options and advantages. The celebration started at 6:30 with a carry-in dinner and the general meeting followed at 8:00. Most committee updates and announcements from the meeting are included in this issue of TROIS. GLO's general meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month at the Multi-Purpose Room in the Day Therapy Building of the Mental Health Center, 909 East State Blvd. The meetings are open to everyone and begin at 8:00 pm. Agendas vary but the August meeting will center around nominations for the GLO Board and Officers. See the article below. • GLO To Take Nominations • Nominations for GLO's Board of Directors and Officers will be taken at the next general meeting, August 6th. It is an important meeting for anyone interested in GLO's future-especially for members. Nominations are open to fill the five seats on the board and the offices of Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Secretary, and Treasurer. Names of nomi¬nees will be accepted from any GLO mem¬ber providing the person nominated agrees to run, and as long as the nominee is also a member of GLO. Self- nominations will also be accepted and encour¬aged. Voting on the nominees will take place at the annual meeting on September third. The 3 board members who receive the most votes will hold a two year term and the other two elected will carry a one year term. The only pre-requisite for any officer-besides membership-is that the Administrator must be on the newly elected board. It is important to remember that only GLO members will be able to vote at the September meeting, so if you haven't sent in your membership yet-don't for¬get! • POETRY The Information Network Committee of GLO is making plans to publish and sell a poetry and prose book¬let/ magazine this winter. The book's theme will center around gay and lesbian expressions but poetry, prose, short stories, etc. are wel¬come on any subject from any TROIS reader. We are also asking for sub¬missions of various kinds of art¬work that would be reproduced in the booklet (including photogra¬phy). Cover designs are also en¬couraged. If you have a manuscript or piece of artwork you would like to submit to the Committee to be considered for publication, send it to The In¬formation Network Committee of GLO, P.O. Box 12501, Ft. Wayne, IN 46863. Manuscripts must be typed and please feel free" to submit as much as you wish. If you need the copy returned, include a self –addressed stamped envelope. To have your work considered for publica¬tion, you must include your name and address (no names will be printed until a release form is signed. Pseudonyms will be accepted. This is your chance to be a published poet and to express a part of yourself as you can’t in any other way (ADVERTISEMENT) •RAINBOW'S OF LIFE• SPECIAL 10% OFF GAY/LESBIAN BOOKS Women Say Men Say $8. 95 $8.05 Bent ~2. 50 $2.25 ; Men 's Bodies Men's Selves' $9.95 $ 8. 95 CALL: 422-711 3 Mon. 8 – 10 pm/Sat. 2-6pm ORDERS WELCOME IN ALL AREAS •State Conference A New Hoosier Hysteria • by Kent Neuhouser An Indiana Lesbian and Gay Conference has been scheduled for Saturday, Septem¬ber 13th in Indianapolis. The theme for this conference, "From Pride to Poli¬tics," was set at the last State Confer¬ence here in Fort Wayne. Details about the conference were sent out in a spe¬cial mailing last month along with a Workshop suggestion sheet to fill out and return; pre-registration forms will be sent out later. If for some reason you did not receive this last mailing and would like the details, write to TROIS. This Conference marks the third State Conference held this year. The first took place in Bloomington in February; the main agenda was to elect state delegates for the National Conference for Lesbian and Gay Rights. The second con¬ference was here in Fort Wayne and cen¬tered around the theme, "Educating Our¬selves/Educating Each Other." It was felt by the majority of people in atten¬dance at the last conference that we need to get more politically involved, as pro-gay legislation is presently mov¬ing slowly and anti-gay organizations and amendment proposals continue to flourish; thus this next Conference. Having attended the past two conferen¬ces, I strongly urge you to try to make it to Indianapolis September 13th. Such conferences offer a time to keep state¬wide communication and support going, a time to meet people, a time to express yourself, a time to share, a time to learn, and a time to refurbish lesbian and gay pride. Needless to say, the con¬ference should be rewarding and also a lot of fun. See you there! • FIND A GOOD BOOK • Hey! Do you like to read? TROIS is looking for some earnest book re¬viewers. Books and other various publications on the subjects of ho¬mosexuality, feminism, etc. contin¬ue to hit the bookstores in waves. lf you are interested in writing a review for the newsletter-whether you have a book in mind or not-send us your name and address to TROIS, P.O. Box 12501, Ft. Wayne, IN., 46863, c/o Book Reviews and we'll send you the details. • GAY HOTLINE • *744-0484 Every night between 7:30 - 10:00 Fridays and Saturdays till 12:00 • Logo Contest • At its June meeting the Board of the Gay /Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne voted to sponsor a logo contest open to any member of GLO. You will notice that an unofficial logo for GLO already adorns the masthead of TROIS, with the Lambda symbol superimposed over the three rivers which make Fort Wayne so famous and colorful. The Board felt that there may be a lot of creative, artistic genius lurking out there among the mem¬bership, and a bit of encouragement might bring forth a distinctive new sym¬bol. The logo contest will officially draw to a close at the October general meeting of GLO, when members will vote for a favorite among the entries submit¬ted. An appropriate prize will be thought of and announced at the August or September GLO meeting. So get your pencils and papers out, friends. Perhaps your design will end up on millions of bumper stickers, tee shirts, armbands, and the CBS Evening News. You never know. • GAY HOTLINE •-WILL PROVIDE SERVICES FOR: • People who need accurate information about Gay sexuality and Gay lifestyles. • People confused and upset by their Gay feelings. • People who have relatives and friends who are Gay. • People needing referrals to local services sensitive to the problems and needs of people with Gay feelings; by Barry Davis What do you say to a person who is de¬pressed or lonely, or someone dealing with their sexuality? Is there someone a person can talk with to vent their frustrations? Yes there is! A gay/lesbian hot line has recently e-volved out of the concern for those in¬dividuals who are having problems deal¬ing with situations in their lives or are wanting information on gay/lesbian activities within the community. There is a definite need for this in Fort Wayne. But with this “need" comes a need for volunteers to work the phones. The hot line is open 7 nights a week. The staff is there, but more are needed! If you can help one night out of the week, you might help bring some happiness to a person's frustrated life. Anyone willing to work the hot line must go through a training session to know what is right to say and what is not. If you are interested, please call the hot line number evenings at 744-0484 for more details. (ADVERTISEMENT) V.D. CLINIC 5th Floor City-Co. Bldg. Telephone:423-7504 •NOW INTRODUCED • The Northeast Indiana Chapter of NOW (The Na¬tional Organization of Women) based here in Fort Wayne will be sponsoring an introductory meeting to their organization August fourth. Dealt with will be the myths and stereotypes that the organization has somehow acquired; over thirty issues that NOW involves itself in (including same sex preference rights) will be presented and discussed. The Monday night meeting will start at 7:30 and will take place at the YWCA, 2000 Wells Street. Both men and women are welcome and encouraged to attend and find out what NOW is all about and how we each fit in. For more information on NOW, write to the Northeast Indiana Chapter of NOW, P.O. Box 384, New Haven, IN., 46774. • Committee on Gay Education • The Education Committee has a three part workshop series planned · for September. These workshops, on three Tuesday nights, will concern non-traditional re¬lationships. Guest facilitators f0r the three workshops will be Bob Swain, Ann Hunsberger, and Ken Feller. The first workshop will be Tuesday, Sep¬tember 9th and will cover the legal as¬pects of non-traditional relationships, GLO Attorney Bob Swain will facilitate the two hour workshop. The second workshop on Tuesday, Septem¬ber 16th, will deal with the emotional aspects of relationships. This workshop will be led by Ann Hunsberger and one of her male co-therapists. Ms. Hunsberger is a counselor at the Three Rivers Health Clinic and is in private prac¬tice The third workshop· on September 23rd will concern the problems of ending a relationship, whether by death or de¬sign, and will be led by Ken Feller. Ken is a therapist at the Mental Health Cen¬ter. The workshops are open to the public and are free of charge. Details on place and time will be forthcoming. *A FROLIC IN FOSTER PARK* by G.A. In spite of the high humidity and long journey on foot, the Social Options Com¬mittee's "Frolic in Foster Park" on June 28 was a smashing success. Approximately fifty attended the event which was Fort Wayne's first-ever Gay Pride Week cele¬bration. The event was quite successful in that it introduced many to GLO, pro-vided everyone with enjoyable entertain¬ment, and most of all brought together members from all areas of the local gay community. It is not often that we see such a mixed group of people, gay or straight. I feel compelled to say that it was just won¬derful to see the number of women and blacks, and even a lone transvestite present. It's-good to know that GLO is for everyone and that everyone is begin¬ning to realize this. If Martin Luther King has a gay counterpart, I'm sure he's tickled to death! • ERA Supporters To Take Part In WALK-A-THON • ERA supporters are more determined than ever to get the Equal Rights Amendment passed as it faces a big uphill climb (see Editorial on page 2), and Fort Wayne activists will have a chance to show their support Saturday August 23rd. The NOW chapter in Fort Wayne is spon¬soring a Walk-a-thon that day to raise money and spur excitement for the ERA. The walk-a¬-thon will take place immediately following a rally at 9:00 in the Performing Arts Center or Main Street. The walk will go up to ten miles but walkers are not required to go the full length - they will get a determined amount of money from their sponsors for each mile they walk. Anyone may take part in this event (women and men) i it is sure to show Fort Wayne feminist determination and pride! If you would like to help by being a walker, contact Ms. Deihl, President of the Fort Wayne NOW Chapter at 749-9550 or Kent Neuhouser, Administrator of GLO at 745-4460 and they'll get a walk-a¬-thon card to you so you may begin to find sponsors (and loosen up your leg muscles). If you don't feel like walking up to a mile, sponsors are obviously needed as well as per¬sons to tend to various check points in the planned route. For more details, call Ms. Deihl at the above number or write to the Northeast Indiana Chapter of NOW, P.O. Box 384, New Haven, IN., 46774. (Advertisement) KEEP IN TOUCH with news, events, thoughts, and celebrations of the local Gay and Lesbian Community and their friends; Subscribe to TROIS. It’s FREE! And Confidential Name: Address: City, State, ZIP; I would be interested in. working with, or taking part in, events such as: Send to "TROIS", P.O. Box 12501, Fort Wayne, IN, 46863 • NUCLEAR POWER IS A GAY ISSUE, TOO • Reprinted with permission from a pamphlet put out by Rutgers Gay Alliance, RSC 91, New Brunswick, N.J. 08903 Though much overlooked, lesbians and gay men have long been in the forefront of the anti-nuclear movement. Perhaps this is because we can see that the same attitudes that allow the nuclear industry to exploit the planet for profit and endanger our lives without concern are the same attitudes that oppress gay people. Ending the oppression brought on by sexism is a goal of the gay liberation movement as well as that of the women's and men's liberation movements. Wo¬men are learning to assert their independence and equality, to move beyond the boundaries of the "accepted" sex roles. But men are changing as well. More and more men are discovering that the roles they've been forced into are limiting and oppressive, too. From birth, boys are reared to be competitive, aggressive, unemotional and pragmatic. Boys often learn early that creativity is somehow "feminine," showing emo¬tionis "sissy." Men are expected to be solid, unwaivering and "in control." This keeps men isolated. It denies men's natural tender and nurturing quali¬ties. But people are finding that there's nothing wrong or "weak" about just being human. And so, we're working against sexism: that notion that women and so-called "womanly" characteristics are inferior. This is important not only to women, but to men as well. Male homosexuality is viewed with great distaste in this culture because gay men are seen as "womanly," and women are seen as inferi¬or. WELL, WHAT'S THIS GOT TO DO WITH NUKES? The gay movement and other movements for human rights show an affinity with the anti-nuclear movement because the attitudes of the nuclear industry are those same attitudes that we've been fighting. The nuclear industry is playing that destructive "masculine" role of exploi¬ter and aggressor. They value only "practical" or material gains while ig¬noring those "unmanly" things like emotion, conscience or principle. It's "macho" to exploit the earth's resources without concern about the deadly consequences. It would be "feminine" to work graciously with nature in a caring and nurturing way. The nuclear industry would have us believe that technology is manly and virile. To be concerned about the hazards of nuclear technology is somehow cowardly. To treat the earth with humility and honor is unmasculine and weak. And anti-nuke activists are just "hysterical." The nuclear industry plays off men's need to feel "in control" of any situa¬tion. No wonder surveys show that women are more concerned about nukes than men. Men are often uncomfortable to admit when they are afraid ...... . So, the gay movement and the anti-nuclear movement are not unrelated. We're working toward a world where people can live in a free, healthy and natural environment, (social and physical). But we all must develop those nurturing qualities that allow us to work with nature, not against it. We must learn to express our loving natures honestly and openly, whether we be homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual. •OUR GOD TOO • FORT WAYNE Church Condemns Homosexuality Review "Jeremiah's Hell Fire & Damnation 30 Years Old" by Janet Cox When I go to church on Sunday I'm alwaysimpressed by the timely messages de¬livered by my minister. So, when I offered to do a review of Channel 21's “The Bible Hour" with Pastor David Jeremiah from Blackhawk Baptist Church on July 20th, I was cer¬tain that even though I might disagree with Pastor Jeremiah's sentiments, I would nevertheless be impressed with his thoroughness. Alas, such was not the case. In fact, ten minutes into the sermon I was bored beyond words. I was hearing the same words and lame statistics that were heard thirty years ago when the first Kinsey Report was published. Of course, the good pastor had Bible passages galore to back up his bigoted attacks on the Gay community and his message was sprinkled liberally with Sodom and Gommorrah (what does the Bible mean by the words "to know"?) and refer¬ences to the book of Leviticus and the books by Paul. In one sentence he said that gays choose to go against God's will and pursue their depravity in direct defiance of God's natural order and in the next he claimed that over eighty percent of all gays come from homes with domineering mothers and absentee fathers. He pro¬claimed that gays are made not born and claimed, furthermore, that there cannot be any such thing as a spirit filled Christian who's a practicing gay. He further claimed that gay churches of any kind are not true churches. His theories and statistics have almost all been updated and disproved over the last 30 years but he chose to ignore the more current findings. I did perk up at one point, however. When he discussed the strides that the gay community is making in legislation and social services he had all the la¬test statistics. For instance, did you know that Harvard Law school no longer allows any company that discriminates against gays to use its placement service? And did you know that there is a new club in Baltimore, Maryland (I believe) for overweight les¬bians? It's a shame that Pastor Jeremiah could not have researched all of his message as well as he did this one part. But, it looks as if he knew his audience well and was saying just what they wanted to hear. • GLO Religious Concerns • CAMPING WEEKEND # 2!! by John Scott The Religious Concerns Committee an¬nounced in July that, riding on the heels of its successful June camping trip, a second such outing would be held the weekend of September 26-28 at Oua¬bache State Recreation Area near Bluff¬ton. About seven persons and two dogs (whose sexual preference was not immedi¬ately known) relaxed, cooked, hiked, and contemplated the future of the world's great religions at the June event. It is expected that several times that number will want to attend the fall campout, which will be coordinated by Bob Pence. Bob will be collecting registration forms beginning at the August 6 GLO meeting. At that time people can indi¬cate what camping supplies they are able to bring and share, and which ones they need to borrow from someone else. Bob Continued on next page. Continued from previous page: also plans to choreograph several com¬munal meals at which everyone gets a chance to cook what they're best at. The Religious Concerns Committee has sche¬duled these events in the belief that most of us have the habit of burning ourselves out with "recreation" time that is nearly as hectic as our workday. In contrast, the R.C. camping weekends are shining- examples of unhassled time at which nothing is produced, decided, or even energetically argued about ex¬cept the starting time of the next happy hour. Watch for further details; invite your friends! Also at its last meeting the Religious Concerns Committee began planning for a mid- winter retreat on a spiritual growth theme, similar to last March's e¬vent. Reports were also heard about a letter which was sent by Ed Lower to 98 religious denominations around the coun¬try, requesting their respective stances on gay issues. Meetings of the Religious Concerns Com¬mittee are open to all interested peo¬ple. The next meeting is Tuesday, August 12, at 8:00 pm at 921 Thieme Drive. A subcommittee of Religious Concerns, hav¬e to do with educating clergy on gay is¬sues, is also meeting regularly. For in¬formation about this group's meeting times and places, contact John Scott at 743-7421 (after August 10). •FULL MOON CONCERT • The gay community is in for a very special treat Saturday, August 23rd, when the Social Options Committee of GLO presents Full Moon in concert. If you've never heard this excep¬tional you've missed something unique and magical. The concert will take place at the Unitarian Meeting House, 5310 Old Mill Rd. It will begin at 7:30 pm and tickets (at $4.00 per admission) may be obtained by sending your check along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to GLO, or by call¬ing Jerry at 637-3520. Tickets will also be on sale at the general meet¬ing. Plan to attend. You'll be glad you did! The following has been reprinted with permission from the "Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel": by Connie Trexler In its concert Saturday night (July fifth) at Artlink, the Full Moon band proved itself to be a very special spokesman for the best in all of us. The intensely loyal, well informed fans pre¬sent at the concert were obviously invigora¬ted by the songs, given strength, encour¬aged, inspired by the songs every one of which said something very deeply felt for them. Full Moon's musicianship is superb. For most of the songs, the sound rode on the authori¬tative thump of Rose Lazoff's bass. David Marimba Miller's lead guitar ranged from a perfectly part of the whole to a spectacular front for the sound. lynne Os¬tergren's keyboards and songwriting talents provided a rich middle range for the other musicians to shine in. Jerry Marimba Mil¬ler's work on the trap set was well honed -- a little in one place, a lot in another and never anything counterproductive. His play¬ing with Davd in "Markin' Time" and "Has It Ever Occurred to You" was a stunning example of how closely two musicians can play to-gether. Jane and Jill Palajac, Madeleine Pa¬bis and. . Sheryl Bechtelheimer' s most important contribution to the band's music is with their voices, though each made important instrumental contributions on a variety of per¬cussion instruments, flutes and guitars. The voices, which include ostergren' s and David Miller's, are what make Full Moon's sound so spectacular, above and beyond the excellent instrumental musicianship. The song "Waterfall" has a transparent beauty with its close four-part harmony. It's al-most an art song, so pure is its aesthetic effect. So is "One Thing Leads to Another "which began with a babble of voices and continued frighteningly through itself with the singers moving in robot jerks and stops. (continued on next page) •Join the People of GLO • I'm sure we've all had experiences with clubs and organizations giving us the big pitch for money and driving us crazy until we contribute. Well, as far as asking for money is concerned, GLO is no different. We need money badly and if we have to bad¬ger you "just a little" for it, so be it! GLO is your organization working for the goals and ideals that shape all our lives in the gay community. Unfortunately, many of these goals take money to achieve. The printing of this newsletter, for example, is no inexpen¬sive proposition. TROIS is responsible for dispensing in¬formation to a community that is badly misinformed or not informed at all. The other committees of GLO are con¬stantly working to sponsor social and educational events that you, our readers and members, have asked for. Five dollars a year is not a lot of mon¬ey but it not only helps defray the cost of these projects but gives you a vote, a say-so, in what this organization does. GLO does many worthwhile things in and for the gay community. Sometimes we do things that need to be criticized. Think about this, though. If we don't pay our membership fee and we don't vote do we have the right to gripeThink about it. Join GLO. Be a force for positive action in the community. Let your voice be heard. • "FULL MOON CONCERT" • (Continued from previous page) The excellence of Full Moon’s programming was shown when the painful, hard realities of "One Thing" were followed by Jill Palajac taking center stage for the ironically blue¬sy "Wild Women Don't Get the Blues." The first time I ever heard Jill Palajac sing it was the blues at a poetry reading in Linden¬wood Park, and I drove home under the big¬gest rising full moon I've ever seen. It's one of those soul-satisfying coincidences that she's part now of a band called Full Moon. The band's increasingly sure and effective showmanship was exemplified when Sheryl Bechtelheimer stepped to the microphone for ("Eat your heart out, Helen Reddy") "Sugar Mamma I." Purer sex was never sung, and that's a high compliment. For a woman in this confused day and age to be able to sing such a love plaint with no destructive resi¬due of years of backwards thinking and turn it into a heady celebration of how much one person can give its just great. Continued on the back page. (ADVERTISEMENT) WHY NOT JOIN US; 1 YR. MEMBERSHIP $5.00; Your Membership enables you to vote on GLO policy and in elections. The minimal Membership fee helps to insure that GLO and TROIS continue. Additional financial support and participation are needed to make GLO grow. Name; Date; Address; Phone; Zip; Make checks payable to: GLO AT FORT WAYNE P.O. BOX 12501 FT. WAYNE, IN 46863 • "FULL MOON CONCERT" Continued from previous page. The whole band is great. The songs are great. You can't overstate a Full Moon band concert. The 21st Century of music and peo-ple happened at Artlink Saturday night. Full Moon, fired by the power of women but cer¬tainly not stupid enough to do anything but fully include the expertise and sensitivit¬ies of its men, sings songs of the universe growing. Full Moon's music is what we all most deeply, secretly, passionately want to say. It leaves you breathless. And where did these people come from? Fort Wayne! Think about it. We have the 21st Cen¬tury in our laps. It's ours to celebrate, to learn from, to grow into, to love. Don't blow it. Listen to this music. Live it if you possibly can. You'll be free if you can. You'll be strong. • August CALENDAR of EVENTS: EVERY SUNDAY OPEN DOOR CHAPEL CHURCH SERVICE 7:00pm at the corner of Leith & Lafayette Streets Call 744-0484 for more information; GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00pm Rm. 300 of First Presbyterian Church 300 W. Wayne St. Call Jack at 484-5634; EVERY WEDNESDAY: OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP 7:30pm - 9:00pm at the above address & no.; EVERY FRIDAY OPEN DOOR CHAPEL'S DROP-IN NIGHT 7:30pm to midnight at the above address; SATURDAY, AUGUST 2: GLO'S "GREAT GAY SUMMER EVENT 4-11 :00pm Sears Pavillion at Foster Park; MONDAY, AUGUST 4: GLO'S INFORMATION NETWORK COMM. MEETING (TROIS) a.t 8:00pm 2631 Indiana. Ave.; WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6: GLO'S GENERAL MEETING 8:00pm in the Multi Purpose Room of the Mental Health Center; THURSDAY, AUGUST 7: GLO'S SINGLES SUPPORT GROUP PLANNING SESSION 8:00pm Call Barry at 745-4460 for location; FT. WAYNE WOMEN'S BUREAU WORKSHOP: "Opening Trade Barriers" see inside article for details; MONDAY, AUGUST 11: GLO' S SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITIES COMM. MEETS 8:00pm 2631 Indiana. Ave. (745-4460); TUESDAY, AUGUST 12: GLO'S RELIGIOUS CONCERNS COMMITTEE MEETING 8:00pm at 921 Thieme Dr.; GLO' S PROFESSIONAL SERVICES COMM. MEETING call 745-4460 if interested; WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13: GLO' S SOCIAL OPTIONS COMMITTEE MEETING 7pm; MONDAY, AUGUST 18: GLO'S STAINED GLASS HOBBY & CRAFT GROUP 7:30pm call Ed at 745-0635 if interested; THURSDAY, AUGUST 22: GLO'S SINGLES SUPPORT RAP GROUP 8pm call Barry at 745-4460 for location; SATURDAY, AUGUST 23: ERA WALK-A-THON sponsored by THE NOW CHAPTER see inside article for complete details; GLO'S FULL MOON CONCERT 7:30pm Unitarian Meeting Room, 5310 Old Mill Rd. Tickets - $4.00. See inside story for details.; MONDAY, AUGUST 25: GLO BOARD MEETING 8pm call Kent at 745-4460 for location; WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27: GLO'S PHOTOGRAPHY HOBBY & CRAFT GROUP 7:30pm call Ed at 745-0635 if interested; (ADVERTISEMENT) come and play volleyball GLO’S GYM NIGHTS!! GLO' S GYM NIGHTS: Saturday, August 9, Saturday, August 16, Saturday, August 30, 8:30 pm at the Mental Health Center Gym, 909 East State Blvd

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