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Created Date: 06-01-1980
Edition: June 1980, Issue 6
Publisher: Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne
Coverage: 1980-1987
Frequency: Published Monthly
Digitally Archived: 2016
Transcript: Three Rivers' One In Six • TROIS • June 1980 • Fort Wayne, Indiana • Issue 6 •State Conference at Ft. Wayne by Barry Davis; "Educating Ourselves/Educating Each Oth¬er", was the theme for the Indiana State Gay/Lesbian Conference which took place at the Ft. Wayne IU/PU campus Saturday, May 17th. Kent Neuhouser, Administrator for GLO, welcomed the fifty-one people in attend¬ance. In his opening remarks, Neuhouser reflected back on some of the persecu¬tions of gays and lesbians and referred to this conference as an important time, "A time to get together as sisters and brothers and not only get to know each other better but get to know ourselves a little better too". Reports were heard from Jerry Jokay and Rev. John Ayres in regards to the Ober¬lin Conference, and Conrad Satala on the Madison Conference. Conrad also reminded the group of the Mid-west Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It will be Oct. 31st thru Nov. 2nd on Milwaukee's Uni¬versity of Wisconsin campus. The theme of the conference will be "These Scary Times". A time of getting to know one another followed next on the agenda. Why did people come to the conference? There was anticipation and excitement flowing through the air as each person told why they were at this conference. Many peo¬ple came to learn, others stated their reasons were to meet other gays and les¬bians, while others came to establish a network of communication. And "communi¬cating" is exactly what happened at the day long conference. A variety of workshops were offered to those in attendance, facilitated by very capable persons. Those workshops, "Sta¬ges of Gay/Lesbian Development", "Men Freeing Men", "Lesbianism and Feminism", "Gay/Lesbian Relations", "Gay/Lesbian Health Issues", and "Religion and It's Relation to Gays/Lesbians", offered a means of communication, a means of learning and appreciating ourselves and each other. (cont. on page 5) • HOOSIER PRIDE • Happy To Be GAY the unity between us is the key to our survival! • A Publication of the Gay / Lesbian Organization (GLO) At Fort Wayne • RESPONSE • Dear GLO, Congratulations on a fine, well written paper. TROIS is something the Ft. Wayne area has needed for a long time. Since you have offered to your readers a response column I would like to take this opportunity to comment on Kent Neuhouser's recent editorial "Them and Us". I found the article to be very in¬teresting. However, I'd like to take is¬sue with a couple of statements. Kent said he was not pessimistic about the gay movement and the progress we've made. Yet, he goes on to say, "It is in¬evitable that we will continue to grow in our individual strength to face those who hate us-and always probably will-". Isn't that a rather defeatist attitude to take? First of all, I'd 'hate' to go around the rest of my life thinking that people hate me. Secondly, we should not be so concerned with the hatred and fear, but what causes these emotions. As the syndicated columnist, Sydney Har¬ris, recently said, "Most people before Columbus didn't know Earth was round and this ignorance didn't particularly hurt them. But they also didn't know that witchcraft was a malicious myth, and this ignorance perpetuated much unneces¬sary fear and rage and unjustified vio¬lence". This is what we, the gay community, should address. Not the hatred or fear, but the ignorance, the misunderstan¬dings, the lack of knowledge. By. Using such organizations as GLO we can better present our beliefs, causes, desires, etc. to the public as a whole. Kent went on to say, "but we must watch that we do not sink to their level and hate back." Who was it that once said I disagree with what you say, but I'll fight to the death your right to say it? How true that is for both them and us. I agree I get angry and frustrated at times, but with understanding, educa¬tion, patience, and perserverance we shall overcome those fears and preju¬dices. Dave Brown; Dear GLO, Just two short weeks ago I became aware of your existence by picking up a copy of TROIS in a local bar. In the course of reading TROIS, I came upon the insert telling of gym activi¬ties; that idea sparked an increased in¬trest in me. Since my coming out, gym activities for gays has always been one of my desires. Such activities are an excellent way to combat excess fat, and have a really great time, all in one function. Fun and exercise abounded throughout the session, and I got my share and more. In short, that was the best happening I have had since my coming out. The more often these events are held, the more pleased I will be; why not ev¬ery Saturday night? Anyway, thanks for a great time. Getting back to TROIS itself; is there a way I may get each new issue, fresh off the press, rather than waiting for it to show up at a local bar? When I found is¬sue #4 at the bar, many of the events on the calendar had already passed. • "TROIS” (Three Rivers' One In Six) is a monthly publication of the "Gay/ Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne.” • All correspondence (suggestions, donations, manuscripts, etc.) may be sent to P.O. Box 9157, Fort Wayne, lN., 46809. Material in this newsletter is original unless otherwise credited. Any opinion included is ex¬pression of the writers only. Please. credit "TROIS-Fort Wayne" when reprinting from us. "TROIS” is funded through donations and fund-raisers so that the issues may be free. And therefore reach as many persons as possible. Our purpose is as an information source is to receive and relay news, opinion, and activities that would contribute to the building of the gay and lesbian movement and the growth of gay and lesbian consciousness. Persons’ names, organizations, and advertiser included in "TROIS" are no indication of their sexual preference. • RESPONSE CONT. In summary: Since I do not get into hea¬vy drinking or any drugs, and refuse to use parks, public toilets, rest stops and such places as meeting sites; GLO certainly is a welcome alternative for me. Thanks GLO, and keep up the good work! Jerry C. Grams Enclosed you will find a small donation, may it help GLO live a long healthy life. • TROIS welcomes letters of criticism, praise, comment, and information from its readers on any subject. Since the letters printed are the opinion of the writer and not necessarily of TROIS, they must be signed and the full name will be printed with the letter unless accompanied with a statement giving permission to use only a part of the name. TROIS reserves the right to edit or reject any letter sub¬mitted. Address letters to "RESPONSE" c/o TROIS, Box 9157, Ft. Wayne, IN 46809. In so managing this "RESPONSE" column we hope to fulfill our purpose as a forum for public comment, opinion, and dialogue • STAFF • EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Kent J. Neuhouser; FEATURE EDITOR, Barry Davis; COPY EDITOR, Susan Roads; CALENDAR EDITOR & CIRCULATION, Ed Lower; CONTRIBUTORS: Steve Lewis, Conrad Satala and Bill Silverman; If you are interested in working with TROIS or another area of GLO at Fort Wayne, contact Kent Neuhouser at 745-4460 or write to TROIS. •The easy roads lead downward to the valleys·· the steep roads lead upward to the mountain tops; their way is harder but the view from the mountain is worth the climb. • BOARD TALK • by Susan Roads GLO's regular monthly board meeting on April 28th was attended by the five mem¬bers of the board. Topics on the even¬ing's agenda were: GLO's by-laws, stat¬us of the Social Options Committee, status of the secretary, State Confer¬ence update, and the possible appoint¬ment of two bar liasons. Because the Social Options Committee had been dysfunctional for a considerable period, it was decided that a meeting of all interested persons would be called immediately following the May 7th regu¬lar GLO meeting in order to re-organize that committee. The resignation of David Muehlenbruch as GLO Secretary was simultaneously accept¬ed and requested. The Board then appoin¬ted Barry Davis (the opposing candidate from the original slate) to serve out the remainder of the six month term. Kent Neuhouser gave an update report on the State Conference scheduled for May 17th and the by-laws, written by Attor¬ney Robert Swain were discussed and changed as needed. (ADVERTISEMENT) •RAINBOW'S OF LIFE • JUNE SPECIAL 10% OFF GAY/LESBIAN BOOKS Lesbian Primer 3.95 $3.55; New Gay Liberation Book 5.95 $5.35; Men's Bodies Men Selves 9. 95 $8.95; CALL: 422-7913 Mon. 8 - 10pm/ Sat. 2 -6pm; ORDERS WELCOME IN ALL AREAS Member, American Bookseller Association • GLO Update • GLO'S By-Laws drawn up by the board and Attorney Robert Swain were discussed, amended, and passed at the May 7th gen¬eral meeting. Another step towards in¬corporation was completed. Other discussion at the Wednesday night meeting at the Mental Health Center in¬cluded State Conference planning, Gay Pride Day activities in June, and enter¬tainment for future general meetings. Conrad Satala gave a report on the Madi¬son, Wisconsin, Midwest Gay/Lesbian Con¬ference and it was announced by the Board that Barry Davis had been appoint¬ed GLO Secretary to fill the vacancy left by David Muehlenbruch's resigna¬tion. GLO Treasurer Edward Lower also announced the opening of the organiza-tion's bank account at Lincoln National Bank. A Professor in the Department of Sociol¬ogy at Manchester College, T. QuentinEvans, along with his wife and four stu¬dents were welcomed to the GLO meeting. They became interested in the activitiesof the Gay/Lesbian Organization after a recent class discussion with some GLO members. The next general meeting will be at the regularly scheduled time on June 4th at the Multi Purpose Room of the Mental Health Center. Anyone interested in reading a copy of GLO's By-Laws and/or Articles of Incorporation may send a self-addressed stamped envelope to GLO. • STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR COMMUNITY • (ADVERTISEMENT) RAINBOW’S OF LIFE ALTERNATIVE LIFf STYLE COUNSELING Individual - Couples - Family - Children - Coming out groups by and for the Gay/Lesbian commu¬nity. CONRAD L. SATALA. M.S. (219) 422-7913 • CONFERENCE • by Steve Lewis On Saturday, May 3rd, thirty people from various parts of the Midwest journeyed to Madison, Wisconsin, for the first Midwest Gay/Lesbian Conference. The meeting was organized by members of the "(October) March on Washington" commit¬tee of the Midwest. The lack of numbers (in people attending) was partially due to the fact that notices of the meeting were mailed late. As outlined in the agenda, there were several interrelated goals for convening this conference. The first-and basic ¬goal was to begin the process of estab¬lishing a regional clearing house to tie the various local gay/lesbian groups in¬to an on-going information network. Sec¬ondly, the conference sought to build a political base through this network of sources. Thirdly, the ultimate goal is to organize the Midwest for the July, 1981 international march on the United Nations. The 1981 march will seek to present an International Declaration of Gay/Lesbian Rights to the member states of the UN. In an attempt to realize these goals, the group resolved to do the following: 1) a regional newsletter will be estab¬lished to tie in the various local or¬ganizations; 2) a list of gay/lesbian organizations, people, etc. will be drawn up into a regional network; 3) the group will aid in any way those people or organizations that are harassed by un¬friendly people and need support to con¬tinue to exist; 4) a second conference will take place Oct. 31st thru Nov. 2nd in Milwaukee to continue planning for a national convention in April, 1981 and the UN march in July. In terms of brainstorming and energy, the conference proved not only succes¬sful but highly exciting and interest¬ing. On Saturday afternoon, a professor of German at University of Wisconsin presented a two hour program on the Ger¬man Homosexual Rights Movement from the late 1890's till the time of Hitler. This bit of history fit in very well with the political nature of the confer¬ence in that the Germans had a much stronger movement going for them in the '30's than we do in the '80's and yet were destroyed. The point was made clear that we gays and lesbians have a long way to go yet. • State Conference cont. from page 1 • Before the actual beginning of the work¬shops, Terri Worman, President of UGA at IU/PU, made a presentation to Dean of Students, Jack Ulmer. This was the per¬son responsible for setting up the con¬ference on the campus. As Terri put it, "All I had to do was make a few last minute phone calls". This writer was very impressed with Dean Ulmer's open¬ness and his sincere welcome to the con¬ference goers. Comments on the workshops and the con¬ference, itself, ranged from, "Very ex¬citing, very professionally done", to "Loads of fun-well organized and very interesting". When asked how he felt the conference went Conrad Satala stated that it was, "Exciting, enthusiastic" and "good to see so many gays/lesbians gathered here in Ft. Wayne". A general feeling of good organization, excite¬ment, and the chance of meeting other gays and lesbians flowed throughout the day. Once the workshops were over there was a mass move over to "The Fort" where a buffet-style dinner was set up. The short walk over was invigorating, stimu¬lating and a little damp, as it rained most of the day, but the spirits were high, conversation was good, and the food "yummy". The session following dinner was enthu¬siastic as talk of the next conference came up. A planning committee has been set up to put together the conference, which is to be in Indianapolis. It was the general consensus of the group that the next conference should center around political concerns. The Indiana Gay/Lesbian State Conference closed with the conference's famous "warm fuzzies", lots of smiles, antici¬pation of events to come and an invigor¬ating session at the Mental Health Cen¬ter's gymnasium. • THE SOCIAL SCENE • SOCIAL OPTIONS COMMITTEE SPRINGS INTO ACTION • After a long period of inactivity, GLO'S Social Options Committee has reorganized and has named Jerry Jokay as the new chairperson. With its new lease on life, the committee will set out to create much-needed social alternatives for Fort Wayne's gay and lesbian community. The committee hopes to kick off its first year with a string of exciting events and gatherings, soon to be announced. Tentative plans call for at least one major attraction for each season of the year, interposed by parties and get-togethers, hope¬fully which can be arranged on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Those who are interested in assisting this worthy venture should either contact Jerry or plan to attend the commit¬tee meeting scheduled for June 11th. (ADVERTISEMENT) come and play volleyball GLO’S GYM NIGHTS!! See calendar for June dates. • "GAY ATHEIST LEAGUE OF AMERICA may well be the fastest growing Gay group concerned with the issue_ of religion in America today ADVOCATE, Jan.10, 1980: IF YOU BELIEVE organized religion is the greatest enemy of lesbians and gay men write for free copy of GALA Review to: GALA, P.O.BOX 14142, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94114 • OUR GOD TOO • OPEN DOOR CHAPEL by Bill Silverman Started in a living room approximately 5 years ago, the Open Door Chapel is currently located at the corner of Leith and Lafayette Streets. Formerly affili¬ated with the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), since April it has been a non-denominational multi-ministry with the departure of Reverend Chuck Steele. In past weeks, Reverend John Scott of the First Presbyterian Church, Willie Harney, and others have acted as guest ministers. Members of the Open Door Chapel can still retain affilia¬tions with "established churches", pos¬sibly the churches they grew up with. But what makes Open Door special is that it is a place for gays to worship God, as gays and in the presence of other gays. A strong feeling of family and support exists for the members of Open Door. In a sense the social aspect of the Chapel is just as important as the religious one. Open Door's members have taken an older building in the South Central neighbor¬hood and with a lot of time, money, and effort have transformed it into a chapel as well as a social space. The hard work has paid off, in the near future the building will be owned outright. The Chapel has proven that it can succeed financially. Religious Services are scheduled each Sunday evening. Friday evenings have be¬come "Drop-In Nights" with rap sessions, cards and coffee. A bingo night will take place every third Friday. For more information, call 489-5382. • WORKSHOP .... THE EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE of GLO will hold a workshop on June 10th about Stereotypes: So I'm Gay, How Do I Act? at First Presbyterian Church at 7:30 in Room 305. The group will discuss how Stereotypes effect (or how they don't effect) our lives. The Educational Committee is also planning a three part workshop on Relationships which will take place in Septemer. The next planning meeting will be June 5th at First Presbyterian Church (300 W. Wayne Street) at 7:30 in Room 305. • Worman Honored • Terri Worman, president of the Univers¬ity Gay Activists (UGA) at IUPU, was an¬nounced an "Honor Roll" newsmaker this semester by The Communicator (IUPU's weekly newspaper). Worman was one of three honored for her role in making IUPU news. Her special recognition was for her "courage and de-termination to fight the stereotypes ac¬companying the homosexual lifestyle". Organizing Gay Awareness Week was what brought Terri out in the news media spotlight. The week was quite a success which, in Terri's eyes, "changed some students' attitudes about gays – the very goal for which UGA was striving". TROIS also wishes to thank Terri Worman and the whole of UGA for making a valu¬able contribution towards the enlighten¬ment of gay/lesbian lifestyles in our community. (ADVERTISEMENT) coming soon The Great Gay Summer Event of 1980 RIGHT HERE IN FORT WAYNE! Keep watching for more details • Mesler Leaves City• by Ed Lower; Ray Mesler 'founding father' of GLO at Fort Wayne, took his leave of Fort Waynelast month as he accepted a position in another state. Ray came to Fort Wayne to fill a posi¬tion with an arts organization after completing a successful historical rest¬oration of a theatre in Tampa, Florida. Ray has to his credit a long history of accomplishments in the field of arts management and fund raising endeavors. It is with this expertise that Ray, in October, 1979, conceived, wrote and sub¬mitted his proposal on 'forming a gay service organization' to John Scott, leader of the 'The Task Force on Homo¬sexuality' at the First Presbyterian Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A brief -- but inadequate look into his comprehensive document can be given by the following two paragraphs: "The Problem - There are homosexuals living in Fort Wayne and Allen County who have trouble coping with life and the problems that living especially pre-sents them. There are also problems unique to parents and friends of gays. And the community at large is confronted by special problems, as it is with other minorities, because there are gays among its inhabitants. A brief citing of prob-lems might include; but not be limited to: (1) the problem of gays' loneliness; (2) gays' problems with personality de-velopment; (3) the religious life of gays; (4) cultural activities for gays; (5) business matters for gays; (6) gay activism." "The proposal is that a comprehensive gay service organization be formed. It would have as its clients gays, parents of gays, friends of gays, and all citi¬zens in Fort Wayne and Allen County. It would be open as a dues-paying, member-ship, non-profit, tax-exempt corpora¬tion. The corporation would meet its purposes by: (1) choosing a governing board that represents all interested agencies and persons; (2) creating and operating a gay information network; (3) designating extant, or creating new, service persons or agencies; (4) origi-nating and maintaining friendly and af¬firmative dealing with homosexual per¬sons and homosexual issues; (5) identi-fying and recommending available or new¬ly-created educational experiences; and (6) establishing gay activity groups." It was this proposal that was instrumen¬tal in stimulating discussion that led to the formation of the "Gay/Lesbian Or¬ganization at Fort Wayne, Incorporated." From this proposal, the foundation was adequately established - - with diligent work from the leadership and membership, the future of GLO will grow and prosper. We who knew Ray well, wish him the best of success in his new endeavor and thank him for the priceless contribution he gave Fort Wayne's gay community. • Protestors Arrested • by Steve Lewis; In February of this year, a group of twenty-seven gays and lesbians were ar¬rested in Madison, Wisconsin, when they sought to peacefully protest the showing of the movie, Windows. This particular movie is the "lesbian" version of the "gay" movie Cruising. The plot of Win¬dows evolves around a psychotic lesbian whose lover leaves under duress. The main character hires a straight male to rape then kill her ex-lover. Lured on by her own insanity, she then turns to bru¬tally killing more lesbians. The twenty-seven rightfully thought the movie to be of very bad taste, without any redeeming values, and dangerously biased against lesbians. Shown a week after the movie Cruising, the group sought not only to protest the movies but also the homophobia of the theater owner. Not expecting trouble, the group peacefully picketed and paraded in front of the theater for two nights. On the second night, the manager panicked and began to physically abuse some of the women protestors. The police joined him. Unfortunately, neither the police nor the manager were arrested for disorderly conduct and assult-the gays and lesbians were! • 1980 JUNE • (CALENDAR) 1) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7: 00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS); GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM - ROOM 300 FlRST PRESBYTER I AN CHURCH; 8) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS); GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTER IAN CHURCH; 15) OPEN DOOR CHURCH SERVICE; GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS; PLANNED PARENTHOOD MARATHON 10:00 PM - AT FOSTER PARK; 2:00 PM GAY/LESBIAN PICNIC FOSTER PARK - CALL 745-4460; 22) GAY PRIDE WEEK PICNIC AT INDY CALL 317-926-9600; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS CONGREGATIONAL MEETING (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS); GAY ALCOHOL! CS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM - R00M 300 FlRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 29) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS); GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 2) 8:00 PM G/ LO AT FORT WAYNE INFORMATION NETWORK COMMITTEE MEET I NG CALL 745-4460 FOR DETAILS; 9) 8:00 PM G/LO AT FORT WAYNE SPECIAL INTEREST ACT IVITY COMMITTEE MEETING CALL 745-4460 FOR DETAILS; 16) 7:30 G/LO AT FORT WAYNE SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIV ITY STAINED GLASS CRAFTS CLASS (CALL 745-0635 FOR DETAILS); 30) G/LO AT FORT WAYNE 8:00 PM BOARD MEETING CALL 745-4460 FOR LOCATION; 10) G/LO PROFFESSI ONAL SERVICES COMMITTEE MEETING; 7:30 EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE WORKSHOP "STEREOTYPES: SO I’M GAY, HOW DO I ACT?" FIRST PRESBYTER IAN CHURCH; 17) 8:00 PM BOARD MEETING OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 328 EAST LEITH STREET CALL 489·5382 FOR INFO 24) 7:30 PM G/ LO AT FORT WAYNE SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITY GRAYING GAY/LESBIAN SUPPORT GROUP FORMING CALL 745-4460 IF INTERESTED; 4) 8:00 PM G/LO AT FORT WAYNE GENERAL MEETING AT THE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER 909 EAST STATE STREET MULTI PURPOSE ROOM; 11) 7:30 G/ LO AT FORT WAYNE SOCIAL OPTIONS COMMITTEE MEETING FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ROOM 306; 25) 7:30 PM G/LO AT FORT WAYNE SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITY PHOTOGRAPHY CRAFT CLASS (CALL 745-0635 FOR DETAILS); 5) 8: 00 PM SUPPORT GROUP GAY/LESBIAN SINGLES CALL RON 456-8743 744·4302; 7:00 PM G/LO EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE MEETING FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 19) 8:00 PM SUPPORT GROUP GAY/LESBIAN SINGLES CALL RON 456·8743 744·4302; 6) GAY/LESBIAN COUPLES 8:00 WORKSHOP "WHERE HAVE ALL THE COUPLES GONE" (CALL 745-4460 FOR INFO); OPEN DOOR'S DROP-IN NIGHT 7:30 PM TO MIDNIGHT LEITH & LAFAYETTE ST. (CALL 489·5382 FOR DETAILS); 13)GLO RELlGIOUS CONCERNS OVERNIGHT CAMPING TRIP OUABACHE STATE PARK CALL 744·5298 OR 1122-9177 OPEN DOOR’S DROP-IN NIGHT 7:30 PM TO MIDNIGHT LEITH & LAFAYETTE ST. (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS); 20) OPEN DOOR'S BINGO NIGHT 7:30 PM TO MIDNIGHT LEITH & LAFAYETTE ST. (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS); 27)OPEN DOOR’S DROP-IN NIGHT 7:30 PM TO MIDNIGHT LEITH & LAFAYETTE ST. (CALL 489•5382 FOR DETAILS); 7) 8:30 PM G/LO AT FORT WAYNE SOCIAL OPTION COMMITTEE GYM AT MHC 909 EAST STATE STREET; 14) GLO RELIGIOUS CONCERNS OVERNIGHT CAMPING TRIP OUABACHE STATE PARK CALL 744-5298 OR 422-9177 21) 1:00 PM DIGNITY TOGA PARTY CALL 484-5634 FOR DETAILS; 9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM OPEN DOOR SIDEWALK SALE 328 EAST LEITH STREET (CALL 456-5023 FOR DETAILS); 8:30 PM G/LO AT FORT WAYNE SOCIAL OPTION COMMITTEE GYM AT MHC 909 EAST STATE STREET; 28) GAY PRIDE WEEK MARCH & CONFERENCE IN INDIANAPOLIS CALL317-925-9500; SOCIAL OPTIONS COMMITTEE CO SPONSORED PICNIC "FROLIC AT FOSTER PARK” 4:00 ACTIVITI ES 6:00 PICNIC; Memos: UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, ALL ACTIVITIES ARE OPEN TO ALL PERSONS. IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR GROUP'S ACTIVITIES PUBLISHED ON TROIS' CALENDAR CONTACT ED AT 745-0635.

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