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Created Date: 05-01-1980
Edition: May 1980, Issue 5
Publisher: Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne
Coverage: 1980-1987
Frequency: Published Monthly
Digitally Archived: 2016
Transcript: Three Rivers' One In Six • TROIS • May 1980 • Fort Wayne, Indiana • Issue 5 • GLO Votes on Articles • by Barry Davis GLO's major topic of discussion was the reading, amending and voting on the Ar¬ticles of Incorporation at the last gen¬eral meeting April 2nd at the Multi-Pur¬pose room of the Mental Health Center. Other discussion included the Indiana Gay/Lesbian State Conference, to be held in Ft. Wayne on May 17th. Kent Neuhouser, administrator, chaired the meeting attended by twelve people.The Articles of Incorporation, composed by the board, was presented to the group and approved with some changes made be¬fore the actual voting. The Indiana Gay/Lesbian State Conference was discussed, and input from the group concerned such things as housing, food and refreshments, child care, registra¬tion fees, and meeting places. Also, the possibility of having an information booth and book store was discussed. The first planning session for the confer¬ence took place April 9th. The theme of the conference is "Educating Ourselves / Educating Each Other," with many work¬shops being offered. Pre-registration is $4.50 which will cover the cost of dinner. Registration at the door will be $5.50.Other decisions made by the board and GLO members were that Robert Swain, at¬torney for GLO, would write the by-laws for the organization, and the general meetings on the first Wednesday of each month would include a social time fol¬lowing each business session with some form of entertainment. Any suggestions should be given to any of the board mem-bers. It was the general consensus of the group to get more people involved with the monthly meetings of GLO and not just committee meetings. The board of directors has put out a call for volunteers for a Public Rela¬tions Staff. Those people would repre¬sent GLO in different media such as television, radio and the newspaper. All those interested in being considered for the Public Relations Staff should con¬tact any of the five board members. (ADVERTISEMENT) The Gay/ Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne meets the first Wednesday of each month at 8 p.m., in the Multi Purpose Room of the Day Therapy Building at the Mental Health Center, 909 East State Blvd. (MAP) A. Day Therapy; M. Purpose Rm.; B. Gym • A Publication of the Gay / Lesbian Organization (GLO) At Fort Wayne • EDITORSPACE • The Constant Threat "Cowardly punks crushed tightly in hot cars, hot knees touching hot knees in hateful intimacy, throwing rocks, bottles, and refuse at cars in cruising areas ' Fags! ' they scream, echoimg the cops and looking forward to the night they will bring guns with them." -From The Sexual Outlaw by John Rechy "Kill a Queer for Christ" was a slogan that originated in Miami during Anita Bryant's long and vicious crusade to change "faggots" to "Baptists" or to at least put those who refused to change in their place - the closet. The violence against gays and lesbians that followed proved some people's real belief in such slogans. Horror stories about "queer bashings" come from Miami and New York City, to San Francisco and Key West (where les¬bian/gay acceptance is very progressed). The reports come from Houston and Saint Louis, to Bloomington and Fort Wayne. All it takes is a few homophobic bigots who feel threatened by our private lives to cause a threat; such undesirables ex¬ist in every city and country therefore making the events completely unavoidable regardless of how much educating we door even how many laws we may change. The recent incident at the IUPU Campus where a local lesbian was attacked (see page 6 for details) proves the reality of "the constant threat"; a friend's knife scar from an incident inside one of Fort Wayne's gay bars proves the re¬ality of the "constant threat"; my own experience escaping a proclaimed "queer killer" proves the reality of the "con¬stant threat". The stories go on about other past confrontations between the homosexual and the homosexual hater. I don't feel that it's necessary to fo¬cus on the problems of the attacker and his/her sexual insecurities and gross bigotry. We must all agree on the psy¬chological problems of, and out distaste for, such individuals. The fact we must confront is that it does happen and there will always be the opportunity for it to happen other times in the future. When I reported the IUPU incident to a "closeted" gay friend, his first re¬sponse (following disgust) was, "I guess I'm NOT ready to come out yet". That's when I realized that the seriousness of the incident went beyond the pain of just the one victim. Hearing about such events reaffirms the safeness of the closet for many homosexuals. Although incidents like Anita Bryant's crusade do bring out many gay brothers and sisters united to battle the fires set, such in¬cidents also secure the locks on many closet doors and even push some people back inside to live a painful life of hiding and lying and masks. The hatred for gay people does surface at such times and it can be scary but our non¬gay friends also come out to greet us. In a more subtle but similar vein, most all gays and lesbians are forced to be closeted at times: we may laugh at a queer joke at work, we may not hold hands downtown or at church with our lover, or we may take TROIS out of the living room depending on who is coming to visit. Our fears and apprehensions do rule us at times and the pain of that fear is one thing that joins the les-bian/gay community; with each other and our non-gay friends we never have to be afraid about being ourselves. Still, we each have to decide how much private or public coming out we will be comfortable with considering "the con¬stant threat". For me, occasional fear of the threat is very much worth aban¬doning the mustiness and loneliness of the closet. We each need to find a unity and friendship with other gays and les¬bians. GLO respects and hopes to cater to all homosexuals regardless of where they are at with their coming out (or not coming out) • The gay bar is a common way for lesbians and gays to make necessary contacts but there is always the possibility of a personal act of violence outside (or ev¬en inside) any gay/lesbian related es¬tablishment. Public speaking with local media on gay/lesbian issues is needed to offer communication and build under¬standing but such publicity sets up the possibility of physical, verbal, and written attack on the speaker. It is merely a test of our strength and deter¬mination. Blacks in Atlanta, peace demonstrators at Kent State, Jews in Skokie, women on dark streets, and homosexuals in Any-town, U.S.A. - every minority and move¬ment must live with "the constant threat". We must accept the fact that every challenge holds some degree of danger, every change evolves with some degree of pain, and every step towards peace is another step away from wars and violence . • WOMEN & GLO • by Susan Roads…The participation of women so far in GLO has been significant, but less than would be expected to truly represent the general population (which is approxi¬mately 50-50). As indicated in the ac¬companying chart, GLO participation by women has been considerably less, with 27% women in over-all leadership and 36% women on the mailing list (there is yet no actual membership set up). However, the fact that women have participated in lesser numbers than men in GLO has been typical of local "gay" or¬ganizations. Dignity, MCC, UGA and the gone-but-not-forgotten Intergroup, Gay Rights Coalition, GBS, and an earlier UGA all have experienced the same phe¬nomenon: women participating, but far less in numbers than men. Why? As I see it, there are several contribu¬ting factors-the actual reasons are not known. There is a strong feminist group in Fort Wayne-some of the members are lesbian, some are not lesbian. Some les¬bian feminists are separatists (male/fe¬male) and would want to direct their en¬ergies exclusively to women's causes. There are a few who are uncomfortable with men and would not seek out an or¬ganization with activities for both. In addition to local feminists, there are other groups mentioned earlier thatdraw lesbians. There are groups here strictly for women and none for gay men. Part of Fort Wayne's gay history must inevitably include the formation and failure of several gay/lesbian related groups. GLO is new; perhaps women (and men) are understandably taking a wait and see attitude. Speculation is end¬less. However, GLO at Fort Wayne continues to seek the participation, input, energy, and active leadership of women. • GLO PARTICIPATION STATISTICAL BREAKDOWN • Board (5) 2 Men (40%) , 3 Women (60%). Officers ( 4 ) Men 4 (100%) Women - (0%), Committee Chairpersons ( 6) Men 5 ( 83%) Women 1 (17%) ( 77%) Leadership totals: (15) Men 11 ( 73% ) Women 4 (27%) Mailing list (186) Men 118 (63%) Women 68 (36%) • STAFF • EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Kent J. Neuhouser; FEATURE EDITOR, Barry Davis; COPY EDITOR, Susan Roads; CALENDAR EDITOR & CIRCULATION, Ed Lower; CON¬TRIBUTORS: Steve Lewis, Conrad Satala. and Bill Mehlhop. If you are interested in working with TROIS or another area of GLO at Fort Wayne, contact Kent Neuhouser at 745-4460 or write to TROIS. • State Conference at Ft. Wayne • HOOSIER PRIDE • May 17th GLO at Ft. Wayne and Univer¬sity Gay Activists will be sponsoring a Gay/Lesbian State Conference. The conference planning committee set up the agenda enclosed in this issue of TROIS. The day long conference will include a choice of two workshops, state-wide information and communication on gay/lesbian issues, and the chance to meet other gay/lesbian brothers and sisters from throughout the state. Workshop topics include "Gay/Lesbian Relations", "Health Issues ", "Reli¬gion and Gays/Lesbians ", and "Stages of Gay/Lesbian Development"· A $4.50 pre-registration fee will pay for dinner, and overnight housing will be offered for those from out of town. Registration at the door is $5.50. Help is needed from Ft. Wayne friends to provide snacks and offer overnight housing. Please call 745-4460 if you can help or if you would like more information on the conference. Most of the details concerning the conference are included in the inser¬ted special release~ Please be sure to read the agenda; the day should be very interesting, educating, and a lot of fun! Our unity with other gays and lesbians throughout the state is very important to our survival. All gays, lesbians, and non-gay friends are invited and encouraged to attend the Indiana Gay/Lesbian State Con¬ference on Saturday, May 17th. • Special Interest • The gymnasium at the Mental Health Cen¬ter was open for the first time to the GLO community on April 12th. That event was sponsored by the Gay/Lesbian Singles support group, recently formed by the Special Interest Activities Committee. Approximately 14 people participated in the activities at the gymnasium with an¬other evening planned for May 10th at 8:30 pm. The April 26th gymnasium affair was preceeded by a potluck dinner for the singles at the home of Ron Smart. The Gay/Lesbian Singles group meets the first and third Thursdays of each month at 8 pm. The Special Interest Activities Commit¬tee, parent of the Gay/Lesbian Singles group, held their monthly meeting April 14th. It was decided to reschedule the Gay/Lesbian Parents and Gay/Lesbian Couples support groups and the Stained Glass and Theatrical hobby & Craft groups. These groups were slow starting due to scheduling problems last month. The meeting times and places are as fol¬lows: Gay/Lesbian Parents, 7:30 on May (Continued on page. 7) • OUR GOD TOO • by Bill Mehlhop • The recent retreat in Colon, Mich-igan-sponsored by the religious concerns committee was a great success. The theme of the retreat was "Our Journey of Faith" and it worked out beautifully. The eight persons on the retreat shared their earlier personal experiences with religion that have lead to how they view their faith today. The feeling was that of a family, sharing love, support, and open¬ness. What occured that weekend is something I hope also happens at the next retreat. The religious concerns committee has tentatively planned the next retreat for the weekend of June 13-15 at Ouabache State Recreation Area, near Bluf¬fton, Indiana. Further information will be available soon. • Chas. Allen • “Society had its standards of behavior and Allen had his own” by Steve Springer reprinted by permission from “The Communicator” Marc.h l7, 1980 . On Friday evening, March 21, three to four hundred people gathered at the Performing Arts Center to pay a final tribute to Charles Allen. It was a fitting farewell for the man who did more than any single individual to keep alive and promote the arts in Fort Wayne. He died Wednesday morning, March 19, before sunrise. Over the course of the last 50 years, as an artist, dancer, choreographer, writer, actor, musician, poet, cri¬tic, producer, teacher and mentor, his influence was felt by everyone in the area who was even marginally a¬ware of the arts, whether or not they were aware of the source. Art was Allen's life, and his life was art. Born in the last century, he grew up in Mongo, Indiana, where he lived with his aunt and uncle. His name then was Claude Hawk but his peers called him C. A. Sissycat. He roamed the Tamarack with Gene Stratton Porter, seeking plant and insect specimens. He played piano at the movie houses during the silent film era, and left home to join the carnival. Allen was an individualist. Society had its standards of behavior and Allen had his own. If the twain did not meet, Allen refused to compro¬mise. He lived by his values. A Promethean figure, Allen was gay in a dark age of intolerance. He went to prison for what the judge called the "heinous crime" of sodomy. Like Prometheus, all bearers of light must suffer. After he was released, he returned to Fort Wayne and to his career in show business, as a choreographer, produ¬cer, actor, dancer and dance instruc¬tor. The Charles Allen Dance Studio, long a local haven for aspiring dan¬cers, still stands on Broadway. He was later hired by IPFW to teach dance. Prometheus and Zeus were reconciled, but it was not Prometheus who yeil¬ded. I met Charles Allen less than a year ago. He rented the other half of his duplex home on Nelson Street to my girlfriend. His half of the duplex was a museum of the works of almost all of the artists in the area. We took Charles out to McTavish's tohear his old friend, saxophonist Dick Quigley. I did not know then that Allen used to play piano beside Quig¬ley in the old days. Allen introduced me to his old friend, Bob Bynum, another pianist. For his whole life, Allen had respec¬ted and felt a kinship with blacks. Like him, they were among the out¬siders of society. One time, in another era, Billie Holiday was performing in New York. When Allen heard of it, he sold his horse to pay for the trainfare there. When he arrived, the city was covered with three feet of snow. Allen was the only one to show up for the performance. He told the usher his story. The usher relayed it to Holiday. She came out and gave a per¬formance for Charles alone. Afterward, they went out for a drink. She drove him to the train station. As the train pulled out, she ran a¬longside his window, waving to him. Later, Allen saw "The Lady Sings the Blues," with Diana Ross as Billie Holiday. During the scene at the train station, he wept. (Continued on page 7) • SANTA CLARA VALLEY COALITION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS • The first battle of the 80's to defend the rights of lesbians and gay men is upon us. Our opponents have organized a campaign of oppression in Santa Clara County. WHAT HAPPENS HERE AF-FECTS YOU! In August of 1979, the Board of Super¬visors of Santa Clara County and San Jose City Council each passed ordi¬nances prohibiting discrimination in employment, housing, and public ser¬vices based on an individual's sexual orientation. A small but well-financed and well-organized group of anti-human rights zealots and religious fundamen¬talists circulated petitions forcing both ordinances onto the June 3rd ballot. These same fanatics are also committed to driving each elected official sup¬portive of lesbian and gay rights out of office. THEY MUST BE STOPPED! Santa Clara County has a tradition of progressive legislation and political leadership. IF WE CAN'T WIN HERE, WHERE CAN WE WIN? The outcome of this campaign will determine the course of lesbian and gay rights legislation across the country. IF WE DON'T WIN HERE, WHERE WILL WE WIN? We must be very frank with you. The money which paid for survey work, de¬mographic studies, and campaign liter¬ature is gone. AND THE FIGHT HAS JUST BEGUN! It will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to educate the half million voters of this county on an issue of this significance. The Coalition has a large and dedicated group of volun¬teers donating much of the work which is paid for in other campaigns. But precinct walking materials, direct mail literature, and advertising must be paid for. This is not Santa Clara County's fight alone! Each of us must contribute in some significant way, whether with time, with money, or with both. Con¬tact us with your fundraising plans. Please write a check now. Share this information with your friends and ask them to match your contribution. Victory in Santa Clara County and San Jose will be a victory for us all. We must work together to protect the civil rights of lesbians and gay men and continue to obtain human rights for all. Sincerely yours, Mike Nye, Co-Chair, Constance Carpenter Co-Chair P.O.BOX 2066 SAN JOSE, CA. 95109 • UGA MEMBER HIT •A lesbian was attacked Sunday, March 23rd on the IUPU campus, one day after the week-long Gay Awareness week spon¬sored by UGA (University Gay Activists). The attack took place in the Fort, which is the cafateria on campus. A blow to the lesbian's stomach followed a yell of "Hey Fag" by a white male. According to UGA this was the only incident of phy¬sical abuse. It was reported that anoth¬er lesbian was verbally harrassed while leaving a class. According to the UGA member, campus authorities would have made a thorough investigation of the in¬cident if it had been reported. (ADVERTISEMENT) RAINBOWS OF LIFE ALTERNATIVE LIFE STYLE COUNSELING Indivdual - Coupes - Family - Children - Coming out groups by and for the Gay/ Lesbian commu¬nity. CONRAD L. SATALA, M.S. (219) 422-7913 • Workshops Offered • The following workshop is offered by the Mental Health Center for the month of May. For more information call 482-9111, extension 280. •MAY WORKSHOPS • THE MALE HOMOSEXUAL Over the last 20 years, many minority groups (women, lesbians, blacks, In¬dians, and others) have come to realize the "power" which the white male hetero¬sexual holds over them. This power, ei¬ther obvious or subtle, inhibits the in¬teraction on an equal basis between any groups. Gay males are no exception. Be¬fore gay males can have a "Positive Gay Identity", they too must evaluate their relationship with the white male hetero¬sexual. To do this, they need to re-de¬fine their own self-images, behaviors, and values seperate from those which the white male heterosexual expects of gay males. Once this process begins, a pos¬itive gay identity can begin to emerge and become integrated into one's exis¬tence. A seven week workshop "The Male Homo¬sexual and His Identity" will take place at the Mental Health Center, beginning on Thursday, May 8 through June 19, 1980, from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Day Ther¬apy building lounge, facilitated by Con¬rad Satala and Dick Shockey. A "Positive Gay Identity" will be examined through films, discussion and experiential ex¬ercises. There is a fee of $21 for the seven weeks, with a reduced fee rate available to meet anyone's financial needs. Some of the questions that will be dis¬cussed will be: "What happens to me if I attempt to deny ~ capacity for loving other men? Why ,do I so often fail to create and maintain a committed rela¬tionship with another man? How can I achieve honest relief from the pressure of mass homophobia? or Is a sexual ethic possible for the gay male?" In addition, alternative types of relationships, sex¬ual disfunctions, and transmitted di¬seases will be discussed. One may pre-register for the workshop, which is for men only, by contacting Conrad or Dick at 482-9111 ext. 280. Registrations will also be accepted at the door. • CONT FROM PG. FOUR • 3rd -call 426-3579 or 745-4460 for de¬tails; Gay/Lesbian Couples, 7:30 on May 14th -contact Barry at 745-4460 for more information; the Stained Glass hobby group, 7:30, May 19th at Ed‘s shop please call 745-0635 if you are interes¬ted; the Theatrical hobby group, 7:30, May 22nd -call Barry at 745-4460 for de¬tails on the location of the meeting. The next meeting of the Special Interest Activities Committee will be held May 12th, 8 pm at 2631 Indiana Avenue. Call Barry at 745-4460 if you are interested in working with this committee. •Allen CONT •.Charles Allen was one of a kind. Any¬one who never knew him is poorer for it. Last Friday, 300 to 400 friends gath¬ered in his honor. They sat through readings from "Hamlet" poetry, mag¬ic, surrounded by red roses. When it was over, they gave a final standing ovation to the man whose life had taught them the meaning of art. Afterward, friends gathered at his old apartment-museum on Nelson Street. With gin from his last bot¬tle, which was hidden under his bed, we drank a toast to Charles Allen. The work of Charles Allen will live on in the lives and work of those he touched. Long after Anita Bryant and her hordes of intolerants are forgot¬ten, the legend of Charles Allen will live on. Why does society continue to punish and ostracize people with the genius of Charles Allen for being gay? What would civilization be like with¬out Socrates. Leonardo da Vinci and Oscar Wilde? Why do pigs not have wings? •1980 MAY • (CALENDAR) • Memos: UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, ALL ACTIVITIES ARE OPEN TO ALL PERSONS. IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR GROUP'S ACTIVITIES PUBLISHED ON TROIS'CALENDAR CONTACT ED AT 745-0635. 4) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 pm CHURCH SERVICE LEITH AND LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS); GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 pm - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 11) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 pm CHURCH SERVICE LEITH AND LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS); GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 pm - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 18) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7: 00 pm CHURCH SERVICE LEITH AND LAFAYETTE STREETS (CAL.L 489-5382 FOR DETAILS); GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 pm - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 25) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 pm CHURCH SERVICE LEITH AND LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS); GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 pm - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 5) 8:00 PM GLO AT FORT WAYNE INFORMATION NETWORK COMMITTEE MEETING 2631 INDIANA AV.; 12) 8:00 PM GLO AT FORT WAYNE SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITY COMMITTEE MEETING 2631 INDIANA AV. 19) 7:30 PM GLO STAINED GLASS CRAFTS CLASS CALL 745-0635 26) GLO AT FORT WAYNE BOARD MEETING (CLOSED) 6) RUDOLPH VALENTINO, BORN 1895 VICIOUSLY DUBBED BY NEWSMEN "THE PINK POWDER PUFF" 13) GLO AT FORT WAYNE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES COMMITTEE MEETING 27) 7:30 PM GRAYING GAY/LESBIAN SUPPORT GROUP FORMING CALL 745-4460) 7) 8:00 PM GLO AT FORT WAYNEGENERAL MEETING AT THE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER 909 EAST STATE ST. MULTI PURPOSE ROOM 14) 7:30 PM SUPPORT GROUP GAY/LESBIAN COUPLES CALL 745-4460 21) 8:00 PM GLO RELIGIOUS CONCERNS COMMITTEE MEETING 921 THIEME DRIVE 28) GLO PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS FORMING CALL 745-0835 1) 8 :00 PM SUPPORT GROUP GAY/LESBIAN SINGLES CALL RON 456-8743 744-4302 8) 7:00 PM GLO AT FORT WAYNE EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE MEETING; MHC WORKSHOP "THE MALE HOMO¬SEXUAL AND HIS IDENTITY" 6:30 PM BEGINS TODAY, RUNS SEVEN WEEKS THRU JUNE 19 (SEE PAGE 7 FOR DETAILS;) 15) 8 : 00 PM SUPPORT GROUP GAY/LESBIAN SINGLES CALL RON 456-8743 744-4302; 22) 7: 30 PM THEATRICAL GROUP FORMING CALL 745-4460; 29) SARAH JENNINGS CHURCHILL, DUCHESS OF MARLBOROUGH, TO WHOM HER LOVER QUEEN ANNE ONCE WROTE, "IF IT BE POSSI¬BLE, I AM EVERY DAY MORE AND MORE YOURS," DIES AT EIGHTY-FOUR, 1788.; 2) OPEN DOOR'S DROP-IN NIGHT 7: 30 PM TO MIDNIGHT LEITH AND LAFAYETTE ST. (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS) 9) OPEN DOOR'S DROP-IN NIGHT 7:30 PM TO MIDNIGHT LEITH AND LAFAYETTE ST. (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS) 16)OPEN DOOR'S BINGO NIGHT 7: 30 PM TO MIDNIGHT LEITH AND LAFAYETTE ST. (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS) 23)OPEN DOOR'S DROP-IN NIGHT 7: 30 PM TO MIDNIGHT LEITH AND LAFAYETTE ST. (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS) 30 MHC TWO DAY WORKSHOP FRI. 8-9 PM & SAT. 10-5 "MEN'S BODY AWARENESS" CALL 482-9111, EXT. 280; OPEN DOOR'S DROP-IN NIGHT 7:30 PM TO MIDNIGHT LEITH AND LAFAYETTE ST. (CALL 489-5382 FOR DETAILS); 10) 8:30 PM GLO AT FORT WAYNE SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITY GYM AT MHC CALL RON 456-8743 744-4302; 17) GAY/LESBIAN STATE CONFERENCE AT FORT WAYNE (SEE PAGE 4); 24) 1978, THE VOTERS OF EUGENE, OREGON, VOTE 2-1 TO REPEAL A CITY ORDINANCE TO PROTECT HOMOSEXUALS FROM DISCRIMINA¬TION IN HOUSING a& EMPLOYMENT.

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