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Created Date: 03-01-1980
Edition: March 1980, Issue 3
Publisher: Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne
Coverage: 1980-1987
Frequency: Published Monthly
Digitally Archived: 2016
Transcript: Three Rivers' One In Six • TROIS • March 1980 • Fort Wayne, Indiana • Issue 3 • GLO Takes Leadership Nominations By David Muelenbruch The last meeting of GLO was on Wednesday, February 6th. This meeting, chaired by Rickie Gibeau, had a full agenda. At this meeting it was decided to proceed with incorporation. Attorney Robert Swaine was present at this meeting and offered his advice to the group. After hearing from Mr. Swaine, it was formally moved and passed that we proceed with incorporation. The first order of business was to nominate persons for a board of directors. Having decided to have a board of five members, the follow¬ing were nominated to serve: Rickie Gi¬beau, Ray Mesler, David Muelenbruch, Su¬san Roads, Kent Neuhouser, John Scott, and Jan Vodinh. It was also decided to have four officers in addition to the board--Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Administrator must be a member of the board but the other offi¬cers will be chosen by the board of dir¬ectors from the membership. The nominees for Administrator will be decided when the board is elected; nominees for Admin¬istrative Assistant are John Scott and Bill Mehlhop; Secretary, Barry Davis and David Huehlenbruch; and Treasurer, Ed Leower. It was moved and passed to close all nom¬inations from the floor, but to allow mail-in nominations until March first to comply with a previous announcement. Since the meeting we have received 2 mail-in nominations for the Board: Bill Mehlhop and Barry Davis. There was also some discussion from the floor with regard to the name of our or¬ganization. There was some feeling that the non-gay members of this organization, along with some more "conservative" gays, Continued on Page 5 "CRUISING" Slam To Gays The movie, Cruising, opened in Fort Wayne at The Holiday Theater. It stars Al Pacino and deals with a violent situation of sadistic homosexual killings. The movie centers on a small, ugly part of gay life and once again we are labeled as sick and violent and definately incapable of love. TROIS urges all to boycott the movie so as not to support and encourage such kinds of abuse towards the gay image. Arthur Bell in the "Village Voice" (and reprinted from "GAYNEWS ") calls Cruising : "Homophobic, detrimental, ugly, perverse, and non-representational" Roxanne T. Muelle states in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: "' Cruising' is an insult to the gay community since the average viewer will group the greasy, seamy gays of the S-M crowd into the whole. The film is an insult to good moviemaking as well." • A Publication of the Gay / Lesbian Organization (GLO) At Fort Wayne • EDITORSPACE • Non-Gays • Discussion during GLO's last general meeting brought up the question of non¬gay's relation to our organization. It seemed an agreeable consensus that non¬-gays are, and always should be, welcome in taking part in GLO activities, meet¬ings, demonstrations, membership, and leadership. The whole struggle for gay and lesbian rights is not merely a strug¬gle for the sexual minority to be elect¬ed into office or to become school teach¬ers, but it is a struggle for human rights and the basic right to the privacy of our bedroom activities. Therefore, the "problem" does not evolve around whether or not non-gays should be welcome, but whether or not they are welcome--and com-fortable-- in GLO. Non-gays (I refer to them as such so as to do away with heterosexuals being known as "straight" and homosexuals therefore being alluded to as "crooked" or "bent out of shape") have thus far been a big support in organizing GLO. We certainly should not forget our "roots" from the First Presbyterian Church's "Task Force on Homosexuality," the majority of which was made up of non-gays. We should also not forget our goals--of which includes acceptance and the working together of homosexuals with heterosexuals. Some non-gays who have been active with GLO expressed to me a good feeling of the organization and a friendly acceptance into the activities. TROIS, with a good percentage of known non-gay supporters, welcomes input from everyone. It is our responsibility as active members of GLO to keep up our acceptance--not only for non-gays, but for all gays and lesbians whose values, ideals, and beliefs vary so. Peace (a valuable word still surviv¬ing from the struggles of the sixties) and caring for one another does not come from one group of people with like be¬liefs meeting in one corner of town. it comes from people joining together with different life-styles and yet each being loving enough to accept and live with one another. Our goal is not to change life¬styles, but to change minds that refuse to open; non-gays can obviously believe in that too. • RESPONSE • TROIS welcomes letters of criticism, praise, comment, and information from its readers on any subject. Since the letters are the opinion of the writer and not necessarily of TROIS, they must be signed and the full name will be printed with the letter unless accompanied with a statement giving permission to use only a part of the name. TROIS reserves the right to edit or reject any letter sub¬mitted. Address letters to "RESPONSE" c/o TROIS, Box 9157, F:t. Wayne., IN 46809. In so managing this “RESPONSE" column, we hope to fulfill our purpose as a forum for public comment, opinion, and dialogue--STAFF----¬EVITOR, Ken-t J.; FEATURE EfJITOR, Ba.My Va.v-i..6; COPY EVITOR, Oa.v.i.d Alu.f.htu¬bJU. Lc.h; LAYOUT EVITOR, E~ LOIAifUt; CON¬TRIBUTORS: s.ut SilveJ&nWt, fiJ.i.lli.e. Htvuat..y, and Steve. Lewi4. I a you Me .in IAIOJCIW&g ..ult TROIS-oiL a.nothe.JL a.JWt oa GLO-col&ttlet Ku.t Ne.uhow.VL a.t 745-4460 OIL IAJII.i..t~ to TROIS. "TROIS" (Tivt.e.e. 1Uve.JL6' One. In Six) -i..6 a mon:th.e.y pubUc.tLti.on o0 .the. "Gay/ OJtganiza.ti.on a.t FoJt:t Wayne.." AU c.oMuponde.nce. (.6uggu:tio~, dona.:ti.onll, ma.n~CJLi.p.U, e.:tc.) may be. .6e.n.t .:to P.O. Box 9157, FoJt:t Wayne., IN., 46809. Ma..te.JUal .in .tw ne.w.6le.:t:tVL. -i..6 olt-i.g.lnal wtlu.A CJLe.di.:te.d. Any opin..i.on i6 e.x¬pJt. U-6-i.on on .the. tWLi..te.IL6 only. Ple.Me c.Jte.dU "TROIS-FoJt.t Wa.yne." whe.n Jr.e.p! 6JWm LL-6. "TROIS" -i..6 6u.nde.d .tlvt.ough dona:tionll a.nd 6u.nd-Jta.i6e.JL6 .60 .tha.,t .the. -iA-AuU may be. 0Jr.e.e. a.nd .thVL.e.~oJr.e. M ma.ny pe.IL6o~ M po.A-6-i.ble.. OtLJt. pu.JLpo.6e. u a.n .< -Aou.JLc.e. -i..6 to ucuve. a.nd Jt.fl..lay ntw6, opbUon, a.nd ac.:t.i.vmu .tha.:t would con.tlt-i.bu:te. :to .the. o0 .the. gay and and .the. o0 gay a.nd con.4ciolL6nU.6. PVL..6o~' namu,, a.nd adve.JLU6e.JL6 .in "TROIS" a.Jte no .lncU.c.a:tion o0 .the..iJr. .6e.xua.l pJte.6~ce.. 2 * Special Interest Groups * GayfUksbian ~les and Gay/Lesbian sin¬gles head off the list of support groups sponsored by GLO's Special Interest Ac¬tivities. A series of Hobby & Craft grc ~ps have also been formed out of the information contained on the returned questionaires. The meetings for each group will be gathering in March to or¬ganize and decide goals. The four support groups set up are as follows: Aging Gays and Lesbians, which will meet at the home of Ray Mesler on March 24th at 7:30 pm. Anyone wishing to join this group will need to call 426- 3579. The ~yfLesbiaQ Couples will meet at 8:00 pm, March 29th at First Presby¬terian Church, 300 West Wayne Street. Those interested should contact Barry Davis at 745-4460. ~/Lesbian Singles will meet at 7:30 pm, March 20th in the home of Ron Smart, 452 West Butler. Please call 456-8743 if you would be l~W & US OUR BODIE) OURSELVES Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Pt·ofessional Services Commit¬tee of GLO invites written inquir-ies to be responded to and shared in the newsletter, TROIS. Person¬al, financial, legal, and sexual questions/concerns can be sent to Gay/Lesbian Concerns, cfo TROIS at P.O.Box 9157, Ft. Wayne, IN, 46809. All letters will be an¬swered that enclose a self-ad¬dressed, stamped envelope. If you do not want your letter/reply printed (names will not be used), please indicate this in your let¬ter. interes~ed in attending this group. The Gay/Lesbian Parents will meet at S:OO·pm, March 27th at First Presbyterian Church. Contact Ron Smart at 456-8743 if you are interested in participating. There is hope that a Parents of Gays & Lesbians group will be started in the near future, but we are in need of concerned parents to head up this group. Anyone interested contact Barry at 745-4460. The top four hobby & craft groups have been set up to meet as follows: Theatri¬cal Productions, March 8th; Printing, March lOth; Photography, March 22nd; and Stained Glass, March 31st. These groups will be meeting at 7:30 pm at the First Presbyterian Church, 300 West Wayne. Room 300 GLO's Special Interest Activities regular business meeting will be the second Mon¬day of each month, with the exception of March, in which the group will be meeting March 14th. For more information call 745-4460. I I I w..i;th ne.w4 , , .though:t6, and ce.l.eb1Ulti..on4 o o .the local Ga.y and Cornnun.Uy and the.i.Jt 6}(;(.end.s; Subscribe to TROIS. It's FREE! And Confidential I 'IUitlv ---------------- Address---------¬City, State, Zip---------¬I would be. -i.nte.Jr.Ute.d -in w.U~ oJL ta.IU.nQ paiLt -in. ~uch 46: ----- I I Send to "TROIS", P.O. Box 9157, Ft. WaynL. IN, 46809. I_------------------· bloomington gay alliance HOSTS State Conference by Kent J. Neuhouser Gay men and lesbians important to Indi¬ana's gay and lesbian rights movement gathered in Bloomington, Indiana, Satur¬day, February 16th, for the state "Les¬bian and Gay Conference." The conference, sponsored by the Bloomington Gay Alli¬ance, provided for an exchange of state¬wide communication and plans for better future state-wide organization. Over fifty persons attended the day-long activities; most coming from the Bloom¬ington and Indianapolis area. Fort Wayne, Richmond, Lafayette, and Terre Haute were also represented, along with "GayLife" newspaper and "IDS" (the Campus paper). One of the primary purposes of the con¬ference was to elect four state delegates to represent Indiana in the National Con¬ference for Lesbian and Gay rights. The delegates elected are Helen Finch, Trea¬surer of Bloomington Gay Alliance; cathy Seris, our Third World representative; Sam Graham, alternate liason for MCC, In¬dianapolis; and Rev. John Ayers, Pastor of HOOSIER PRIDE Happy To Be GAY 4 MCC, Indianapolis. The National Confer¬ence will take place March 7-9 in Ober¬lin, Ohio, and with delegates from each state it will be decided whether a second March on Washington should again be or¬ganized or some other form of action. Jane Levin, coordinator for the Midwest and ~Udwest representative to the White House, and Michael Sedbury, coordinator of the Indiana Lobbying Bffort, were the key speakers at the Bloomington confer¬ence. Both had positive reports on the National March on Washington held last October; Levin and Sedbury were proud to announce that gays and lesbians got their "foot in the White House door" for the first time. Jane Levin also commented that she feels Indiana is the most "to¬gether" state in the midwest for state¬wide gay/lesbian action. Through a day of workshops, general dis¬cussion, small group discussion, present¬ing questions and ideas, the conference offered communication between Indiana's gay/lesbian organizations and individu¬als. It was truly an exciting and benefi¬cial (not to mention exhausting) day. Future plans are to schedule regular state conferences throughout the year at different Indiana cities. A proposal was made to hold the next conference on May 17th in Fort Wayne. GLO has yet to decide if it will take on the responsibility of hosting the conference. The main thrust of this conference will be self-educa¬tion; educating ourselves about lesbian and gay life-styles through various work¬shops dealing with the wide range of i¬deals and where, why, and how we differ. This should also prove to be very educa¬tional to non-gays as well. This confer¬ence will also give the four delegates a chance to report back on the outcome of the National Conference. With the continuation of this kind of communication, caring, and learning, it should be easier-and prove more benefi¬cial- for us to work together instead of working separately and alone. BOOKS THE UNHAPPY GAYS WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT HOMOSEX¬UALITY By Tim LaHaye A Critique This book was prompted by the author's publisher stating that "the Chrisian com¬munity needs a penetrating book on homo¬sexuality. Why don't you write it?"It would have been better in this case had the publisher's comment been ignored. This book does nothing to promote a pos¬itive gay self-image, and it does not help to further acceptance of gays by the straight community. It is the author's o¬pinion that America is experiencing a "homosexual epidemic." However, Mr. La¬Haye is willing to confirm that homosex¬uality is nothing new. In the first chapter (thirteen pages) Mr. LaHaye discusses the entire Old Testa¬ment, some ancient history, and the works of Sigmund Freud, Havelock Ellis, and Al¬fred Kinsey. As if this were not enough, he also takes to task the propaganda bar¬rage of the "organized, militant and dem¬onstrative" homosexual community and its demands for official sanction. It is the conclusion of the author that "Gay It Isn't." He covers sixteen points¬from lonliness to "Incredible Promiscni¬ty" to a greater vulnerability to Depres¬sion and Suicide"- to prove that homosex¬uality is not a "gay lifestyle." Personally, I am happy that I am NOT as unhappy as Tim LaHaye says I ought to be. CONTINUEV FROM PAGE 1 dto l.tEEitNG were being made to feel unwelcome. "Gay/ Lesbian Oranization at Fort ~~rayne" was thought to be exclusive and, perhaps, a bit activistic. Disagreements were re solved and it was decided to keep our current name. The meeting adjourned at 11:00 pm, having no further business. Voting of the board will take place at our next regularly cheduled meeting on Wednesday, Barch 5th, at 8:00, once again in the ~ulti Purpose Room at the Mental Realth Center. The March first "Koffee Klatch" at First Presbyterian Church will be your oppor¬tunity to meet the candidates. 5 WILL THERE BE A SECOND? Delegates from each state will be meeting March 7-9 in Oberlin, Ohio, to decide if a second March on Washington will take place in 1980. If a march is voted for, plans for organization will begin. Last year's march in October was a good success, giving gays and lesbians a chance to be heard in Washington. On the other hand, it also spurred organizations like "Christian Voice" to launch an anti¬gay/ lesbian campaign and leaders of this organization have vowed to hold a march in opposition to ours. The "Conference for Lesbian and Gay Rights" in March wili discuss the possibility of their time and money going towards something that may be more productive than a march. Other dis¬cussion will include ways of paying off the large debt from the last march. Any interesterl inrli vicluals may attend the conference and offer input but only del¬egates may vote. For details of the con-ference, write to TROIS. (219) 456-4561 SWITCHBOARD CAN HELP • ••••••••• OUR GOD TOO A group of area clergy met January 30th and again on February 10th with repre¬sentatives of GLO to discuss problems in dealing with homosexuals in relation to the church. Concerned clergy are planning a continuaton of workshop-type events dealing with gays and lesbians in the church. Sponsored by GLO's Religious Concerns Committee, the meeting/discussion was at¬tended by fifteen out of the twenty cler¬gy invited January 30th at First Presby¬terian Church. Four members of GLO ex¬pressed feelings and experiences of how they have, and/or still do, relate to their church as a homosexual. Personal testimony and open discussion gave the clergy persons a chance to pose questions and find out more about what it means to be a gay person and, more specifically, a gay christian. r!any various denominations were represented at the meeting, inclurl- ••SPRING RETREAT A Spring, religious retreat is being offerred for the dates of ~arch 28th through ~-~arch 30th, with the theme being, "Coming out of the ;;'!ilder¬ness". This retreat is bein;;- spon¬sored by the Relicious Concerns Committee of G.L.O., anct will be held at a lake cottaGe near Cold¬water, Hichigan. '1'he cost per person is fifteen dollars, and each person needs to supply their own, games, books, and other resources to be shared. Using the metaphor of de-ing Episcopal ian, :tethodist, Unitarian, Presbyterian, BUT)tist, Catholic, Breth¬ren, Lutheran, an~. Non-denominational. The afternoon proved that the subject of homosexuality in the church cannot be ov¬erlooked; that gay and lesbian christians do exist in nearly all congregations and many clergy need information and a better un~erstanding in order to deal with, and relate to, gay and lesbian persons. The February 19th meeting, with fourteen people in attendance, focused on ways clergy could acquire better relations be¬tween themselves and gay and lesbian con¬gregational members, and also how to deal with homophobia ~rom other congregational members. A steering committee was set up from the group to plan workshops on homo¬sexuality (and sexuality questions in general) for clergy persons. If you know of a clergy man or woman who may be in¬terested in taking part in such work¬shops, contact John Scott at 743-7421 at First Presbyterian Church. liverance of the Jewish people from their captivity in Egypt, the re¬treat participants will ref 1 ect on their own individual sniritual pil-gramazes, especi~lly examinin~ their experiences of ca~tivity and libera¬tion. ~eservations for the retreat can be made throu~h John Scott at 74~-7421 or 744-5~gR. to,.t wayne P.O. Box 5081 Fort Wayne, Ind. 46805 An Organization of Gay Catholics and Concerned Individuals 6 Local TV Shows Gay Discussion ''Homosexuals have to recruit because they have no way of reproducing themselves" - Rev. D. Jeremiah Two local talk shows dealt with the sub¬ject of homosexuality during February. Both could have proved to have been "en¬lightening" experiences for local view¬ers. On February 3rd Rev. Chuck Steele, from MCC--Ft. Wayne, debated Rev. David Jere¬miah, from Black Hawk Baptist Church, on the subject of homosexuality and the church. The television show, "The Bax¬t~ rs," hosted by Don Chevrolet, offered the forum. Rev. Steele defended the right of homosexuals to belong to the church-¬citing misinterpretations of the Bible and attempting to dispel! some myths and stereotypes of being a gay or lesbian in¬dividual. Steele had to deal with primi¬tive questions and beliefs of Jeremiah's; "I would be very concerned if I were to learn that there was a possibility that in the school my son attended there was a homosexual teaching--! just, you know, would not send him to school," was just one of Jeremiah's homophobic remarks. He also feels that "the end result of ho¬mosexuality has built within it the des¬truction of humanity." Jeremiah also proved his study of Anita with the com¬ment, "homosexuals have to recruit be¬cause they have no way of reproducing themselves." Rev. Steele kept calm through these vicious attacks and gave back good responses. But evidence was clear, with his closing comment, that Rev. Jeremiah heard or understood little of what Chuck had said; "It (homosexuali¬ty) poses one of the most serious threats to the fabric of our society today--it frightens me to death--and I think that until God-fearing people ••• stand up a¬gainst it, we have a long hard fight a¬head of us." More positive statements were made at the February 13th show, "Morning Break." Hosted by Jane Hersha, the half-hour show dealt with bisexuality and homosexuality with Counselor Carol Durham describing what such life-styles mean. 7 hlore intelligent questions from the host, the studio audience, and the phone cal¬lers gave Carol the opport11ni+y for en¬lightening responses. "The whole thing sounds kind of negative when we say homo¬sexual or heterosexual orientation--to me it comes down to people loving each oth¬er," was one of her beginning COITll!lents. Carol continued with, "Homosexuality/het¬erosexuality covers so much more than just the sex act in bed with snmebody, it means who we care about and who we relate to in a very warm and loving way." Carol also would have had an answer for Rev. Jeremiah: "I don't believe someone can be talked into their sexual orientation and that's one thing that bothers me in terms of discouraging homosexuals teaching in schools or speaking from the pulpi+ be¬cause you just aren't talked into that kind of thing--just like you aren't talked into being heterosexual." Workshop Offered The Educational Committee of GLO is sponsoring a workshop to promote better understanding between gay men and lesl:>ians. The workshop, ti¬tled "Gee, I Didn't Know That About You," will be held on March 11th at 7:00 in Room 304 at First Presby¬terian Church, 300 West Wayne St. "Gee, I Didn't Know That About You" will be an open group discussion a¬moung gay men and lesbians to share similarities and differences in our lives. This workshop is the first in a series of discussions to pro¬mote self-awareness within the gay and lesbian community. gay ... got a drinking problem? GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meets Sundays (8:00) Room 300 1st Pres. Church 300 W. Wayne CONTACT: Jack 484· 5634 or Dick 422· 4153 li1 lllll1 'lllliill\\\1( 1\i\(\ 1( 1(1\ I I((( Ill 1980 SUN Memos: 2 METROPOLI TA~ Cot~MUN I TY rHURCH SERVICE 6:~5 P~' 2802 S. LAFAYFTTF ST. 9 "LESBIAN l't GAY NATIO'IAL CONFERENCE" CONCLUDES METRO POLl TAN COM~IUN I TV CH!JRC'l SERVICE R:~5 PM 16 !IETROPOL I TAN COMMUIII TY CHURCH SERVICE 6:1o5 PM 23 MCC CARRY-IN SUPPER 5: 0 0 PM ( 7 4 ~- 3 R q 8) A DISH OR $2.00 METRO POL I TAN COMMU'II TY CHURCH SERVICE 6:~5 PM 30 "GETAWAY WEEKEND CONCLUDES" 1 METRO POL I TAN COMMUNI TV CHURCH SERVICE 6: 4 5 PM MON 3 GLO I NFORMATIO~ NETWORK COMMITTEE MEETING 2631 INDIANA AVE. 8 P11 ( 7~5-44fi0) 10 SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITIES HOBBY & CRAFT GROUP: PRINTING & GRAPI1 I C ARTS (SEE ARTICLE FOR DETAILS) 17 24 SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITIES SUPPORT GROUP: AGING GAYS (SEE ARTICLE FOR OF.TAI LS) 31 SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITIES· HOBBY .!o CRAFT GROUP: STAINED .!o LEADED GLASS (SEE ARTICLE FOR DETAILS) MARCH TUES 4 11 '>Lil F!WrATIO'IAL COW'JTTEF "GF.f', I fliNI'T K'!O\o/ T'IAT ABOUT YOU" WORKSHOP FIRST PRESBYTER I Arl CYURCH RODr·l , '0~ AT 7:nn Pl1 ** *** **** ** * * •• * ** * *** * ••• * GLO PROFESSIOIIAL SERVIC 0 S CO >II 'I TTF. F. f4FFT I t·!l; q: nn PI< 15?? '·lEST t1AI'' STREFT 18 25 5 WED GLO GF"'ERAL IIFET I NG (ELECTION OF BOARD) MULTI PURPOSE ROOn f1ENTAL HF.AL TH CENTER on~ •. ST.~TF gLvro. 12 19 G LO RF L I G I 0!1~ COIICF.R~S CDr·1~11 THE MEET !riG n1 TIIIF.tiE DRIVE P:OO p1.1 26 THUR FEBRUARY 1980 SMTWTFS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 6 13 20 SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITIES SUPPORT GROUP: GAY SINGLES (SH ARTICLF FOR DETAIL~) 27 SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITIES SUPPORT GROUP: GAY PARENTS (SEE ARTICLE FOR DETAILS) FRI APRIL 1980 SMTWTFS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 7 NATIONAL CONFERE"!CE LESBIAN & GAY RIGYTS OBERLIN, OHIO ( 3 DAYS) f~CC OPEN COFFEE HOUSE 7P07 S. LAFAYETTF ST. 7-1? ~11f1. (H4-38q8) 14 MCC OPEN COFFEE HOUSE 7-12 MID. (71,~-3898) GLil SPECIAL INTEREST ArTIVITIES M~F.TI'IG 8 PI' CALL (7~5-~~finJ 21 t.H~C BINGO NIGHT (7:30-I~IDJ AT THE CHURCH ( 744-38q?,) 28 GLO "GETAWAY WEEKEND" RELIGIOUS CONCERNS COMM. COLOvlATER, MICHIGAN MCC OPEN COFFEE HOUSE 7-12 MID. (744-3898) MCC IS SELLING LIGHT BULBS 4 PACK SET FOR $3.0n CONTACT THE CHURCH 744-3898 1980 1 SAT MCC SPAGHETTI 0 INNER * ~~ 22.~~ •• ~!~~:!~!!~ •• r,LO "KOFFEE KLATCH" U1EET GLO CANO I DATES) THE PARLOR OF FIRST PRESBYTER I AN CHURCH 300 WEST WAYNE ST. ~:nn TO In:OO PM 8 "LESBIAN & GAY NATIONAL CONFERENCE" CONTI NUtS SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITIES HOBBY & CRAFT GROUP: THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS (SEE ARTICLE FOR DETAILS) 15 22 SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIV 1 TIES HOBBY & CRAFT GROUP: PHOTOGRAPHY SHOOT & PROCESS (SEE ARTICLE FOR DETAILS) 29 SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITIES SUPPORT GROUP: GAY COUPLES (SEE ARTICLE FOR DETAILS) "GETAWAY WEEKEND CONTINUES"

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