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Created Date: 02-01-1980
Edition: February 1980, Issue 2
Publisher: Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne
Coverage: 1980-1987
Frequency: Published Monthly
Digitally Archived: 2016
Transcript: Three Rivers’ One In Six • TROIS • February 1980 Fort Wayne. Indiana • Issue 2 • ''GLO at Ft. Wayne'' Takes Beginning Steps "Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne" was the name chosen for our group at the January ninth general meeting. "GLO at Fort Wayne" was the final majority decision after many suggestions and much discussion. The meeting, led by Conrad Satala and attended by over 30 people, also brought up concerns of individuals regarding incorporation of "GLO". There was little disagreement that incorporation seemed like an impor¬tant step in safely and legally ful¬filling our goals. The Steering Com¬mittee, made up of the six committee chairpersons. set a meeting date for further investigation into incorpora¬tion and leadership policy for the group. (See story on page 2.) Also, the first Wednesday of each month was set for the regular general meeting time of "GLO". The next meet¬ing will be February sixth at 9 pm. at the Mental Health Center, 909 East State Blvd. (west of Kentucky Ave.). Once again we will meet in the Multi Purpose Room of the Day Therapy Building. (See diagram below) "GLO" thanks all the Gay, Lesbian, and Non-Gay persons who have given their time and energy thus far. We need more help and input to help or¬ganize, to be efficient. and, basically, to survive; "GLO" would like to encourage anyone interested to get involved in helping the local sexual minority face the Fort Wayne Communi¬ty boldly, proudly, and secure in the knowledge that "Gay is REALLY Okay." (MAP) A Day Therapy M. Purpose Rm • CLERGY MEET WITH GAYS • Organized by the Religious Concerns Committee of GLO, about fifteen area clergy met with a panel of five area Gays and Lesbians Wednesday, Jan. 30th at First Presbyterian Church. Discus¬sion, chaired by John Scott, was to pre¬sent feelings and experiences about be¬ing homosexual and Christian, and ex¬change ways to deal with homosexuality from a religious perspective. TROIS will report on the outcome of the meet¬ing in the March issue. • A Publication of the Gay / Lesbian Organization (GLO) At Fort Wayne • ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME! • The Social Options Committee pot luck dinner has been rescheduled for Saturday Feb. ninth at 6 pm at 826 Nelson Street. Each guest should bring a covered dish, a dessert, or a salad enough to serve four. Also, bring your own table service. Coffee and tea will be provided--addi¬tional beverages are B.Y.O. Since space is limited, the Committee needs some idea of who is coming and what is being provided. Please inform Lyle King--by note--at 826 Nelson St. by Wednesday, Feb. sixth, or at GLO's General Meeting. (ADVERTISEMENT) KEEP IN TOUCH with news, events, thoughts, and celebrations of the !ocal Gay and Lesbian Community and their friends; Subscribe to TROIS. It's FREE ! And Confidential Name: Address: City, State, Zip:¬I would be interested in working with or taking part in events such as: Send to "TROIS", P. O. Box 9157, Ft. Wayne, IN, 46809. • GLO Leadership In Planning • "GLO at Ft. Wayne's" steering committee met January 15th to discuss future lea¬dership of the organization and details of incorporation. It was decided that the group would discuss and vote on incorporation at the February sixth meeting. If GLO decides to pursue in¬corporation, nominations will then be taken for Corporation Officers. The positions open for nomination will be Administrator, Assistant to Administra¬tor, Treasurer, and Secretary. Respon¬sibilities of these positions will be outlined at this meeting. A "Koffee--¬Klatch " will be held March 1st from 8 to 10 pm in the Parlor (on the second floor) at First Presbyterian Church, 300 West Wayne Street, to meet and get to know the Corporation candidates. Voting of the officers will then take place at the March general meeting. The Steering Committee encourages per¬sons who are interested in leadership positions to submit their names for nominations and they also encourage the group to get to know the candidates March first so they can vote with good knowledge of the candidates abilities. • STAFF • ¬EDITOR, Kent J. Neuhouser; FEATURE EDITOR, Barry Davis; COPY EDITOR, David Muehlenbruch; LAYOUT EDITOR, Edward Lower; CONTRIBUTORS:Bill Silverman, Willie Harney, and Steve Lewis.If you are interested in working with TROIS-or another area of GLO- contact Kent Neuhouser at 745-4460 or write to TROIS. • JOIN US •IN OUR STRUGGLE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS "TROIS" (Three Rivers' One In Six) is a monthly publication of the "Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne. All correspondence (suggestions, donations, etc.) may be sent to Box 9157, Ft. Wayne, IN, 46809. Material in this newsletter is original unless otherwise credited. Any opinion included is expression of the writers only. Please credit "TROIS-Fort Wayne when reprinting from us. "TROIS" is presently funded by donations and fund-raisers and therefore the issues are free; our purpose being to contribute to the building of the Gay movement and the growth of Gay consciousness. Persons' names, organizations, and advertisers included in "TROIS" are no indication of their sexual orientation. • WANT TO ADVERTISE IN "TROIS"? • WE PUBLISH NON­PROFIT ORGANIZATION'S ADS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR FREE! CALL 745-4460 • Closes Its Broadway Doors ... (LOGO) SISTERSPACE …But Opens New Opportunities • "i have dreamed on this mountain since I was my mother's daughter and you can’t just take my dream away-­ not with me watching; you may drive a big machine but i was born a great big woman and you can’t just take my dreams away without me fightin’ ; this oid mountain raised my many daughters some died young some are still livin' if you come here for to take our mountain, well we ain’t come here to give it! " by Holly Near and Meg Christian sung by Jan Vodinh at the Sisterspace Coffeehouse • Sisterspace closed its doors at 2723 Broadway Ave. last month but it is leaving no void. As an organization for Women and their Friends in Fort Wayne, Sisterspace will continue to exist. The only change to occur is that no fixed location will be available for activities. According to Spokesperson Rosanna Herber, more time and energy will be channeled into the current issues and concerns at hand rather than fund raising activities. With the location on Broadway being used only five percent of the time, and with inflation increasing overhead costs greatly, the priorities for time spent had to change. Sisterspace has been a place for women to come together in Fort Wayne to share their talents and express their feelings through various ways. Monthly "Issues Meetings" raised important aspects of Feminism including equal rights, rape, and abortion. A crafts collective for area women artists and a bookstore were established. The Feminists' community involvement has strived towards breaking down ingrained social attitudes that have restricted women's opportunities. Last, but not least, are the Coffeehouses which provided a stage for area women's talent. Coffeehouses are a three year tradition at Sisterspace and their last Coffeehouse at the Broadway location was held on January 19th. Comedy and music of professional caliber provided the type of live entertainment not often found in Fort Wayne in such an exciting atmosphere of cohesiveness and purpose. One highlight came when the 100 plus audience sang and clapped "We are family; I've got all my sisters with me." The more immediate goals of Sisterspace include becoming more politically active in the community. Events like the next coffehouse (to be held on February 23rd at the Sears Pavillion) will still continue. Long run goals may include setting up a new fixed location if finances permit. Sisterspace's great "Lavender Lavatory" may be hard to replace but what is harder to come by is the spirit that exists within the people of Sisterspace, and that will keep on going (and growing). by Bill Silverman • Loving_Someone Gay • by Don Clark, Ph.D. • Review by Steve Lewis • When Loving Someone Gay was published in 1977, there were few (if any) publications which addressed the needs of developing a more positive Gay/Lesbian identity, a healthy Gay attitude, and a more & loving understanding of the problems in intergrating one's homosexuality into one's life. Since the late 1960's, the age of Gay/Lesbian "schizophrenia" when it was necessary to lead double lives and live out the assigned stereotypes of society – has been coming to a close. I do not think it immodest rhetoric to say that this book may have struck the final blow. Even though society may take 10 or 20 years to intergrate the changes, this book has become a milestone in Gay/Lesbian Liberation. Dr. Don Clark is a practicing therapist in California. He is Gay. Before he realized, explored, and accepted his own sexuality, Dr. Clark spent a number of years as a married man and a father of two children. At some point he felt himself incomplete and unfulfilled in his life. Thus, he began to discover the different aspects of his life that were unfamiliar. Out of that discovery and out of his commitment to his Gayness, he wrote this book for Gays, friends and relatives of Gays, and professionals working with Gays. In this book, Clark gives a simple outline of the process involved in developing a positive Gay identity. He divides this process into three sections: Being Gay; Glad to be Gay; and Loving Someone Gay. His fourth section is for professionals. Each section speaks for itself. The reader could easily read each separately and find it useful; and yet, each forms a unity with the other sections. Clark provides the reader with a wealth of experiential material to reflect upon and use in whatever s/he chooses to do. In "Being Gay", Clark looks at some of the experiences Gay men have in realizing and understanding their sexuality. (He addresses his book primarily to Gay men. He admits to his inadequacies in trying to write on the Lesbian experience. However, the book is a useful reference for Lesbians, too.) He shares his own experiences and the experiences of some of his clients in this first stage of the coming out process. Some of the experiences are hilarious. Others are tragic. He then goes into detailed examination of the various aspects in coming out to one's self: the pressures to conform; the illogic of stereotypes; the loneliness and alienation of the person, young or old, who is realizing his Gay needs; and the importance of support groups. In the second section titled "Glad to be Gay", Clark addresses the need for change in one's attitude before Gays can address the need for changes in society's attitude. Clark makes a strong case for self-acceptance and and change as the only way to achieve lasting changes in society. Once one has learned to accept her/his Gayness. Clark stresses the naturalness of a joyous celebration and exploration of that Gayness. It is basically a change in attitude. Instead of self-pity and disgust, the natural feeling is joy and curiosity. Instead of rabid paranoia, a feeling of pride and strength. And once one has established these mental and emotional attitudes, the next logical step is the physical/sexual aspect. The third section is a consequence of the first two. In "Loving Someone Gay", Clark explores the need to tell – to come out to - straight friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. He offers positive feedback on the ways to approach these special people in one's life. He explores in depth the ignorance and narrowness of homophobia. He asks the straights to become more aware of their own homosexual feelings. In the last section - "Helping someone Gay" Clark focuses on the ignorance and homophobia in the professional services. Gays are told what to look out for when seeking professional services. Clark has special subdivisions for clergy, therapists. teachers, police, doctors, and nurses. He outlines the ways these groups can either give positive or negative support for/to Gays. • University Gays Reorganize in City • The University Gay Activist Organization has rekindled itself at the Fort Wayne IUPU campus. Gay and Lesbian students now have a place to get together and support one another as well as make plans for educating their peers. The UGA has been in the process of reorganization since last semester under the faculty sponsorship of Dr. Bill Gay. The group sees itself as benefiting the school by educating the students and faculty on the subject of Homosexuality. A future goal includes acquiring a phone for a "hot line" and helping to answer questions on Homosexuality as well as all phases of Sexuality. UGA already has members other than IUPU students and is basically open to anyone--student or non-student. If you are interested in UGA or would like to know more about it, contact Bill Gay at his office at 482-5780. Meeting times and places vary.• GLO RAISES DOLLARS • "Successful" is the word to be used in describing the bake sale held by the Special Interest Activities Group at the West State Roger's Market. The purpose of the bake sale was to supplement the funds of TROIS. With the selling of items such as (ironically) "Fruit & Date Bread" and "Straight Apple Pie," a grand total of $72.50 was raised by the end of the day. Many thanks go out to all who donated bake goods and for those who gave of their time and services at the bake sale. • CONT. FROM p.4- “Loving ...” • All in all, Loving Someone Gay is a loving and tender challenge which asks each Gay/Lesbian to become more aware of his/her self. In the last three years, I have given away a dozen copies of this book to many of my friends. And I find it worth re-reading on many occasions when I feel a need to reflect upon my Gayness. • Workshops Offered • The following workshops are offered by the Mental Health Center for the month of February. For more information call 482-9111, extension 280. • Myths & Realities of Homosexuality • An evening designed to evaluate many of the long held attitudes about homosexuality and what it really means to be a homosexual man or woman. Lecture, experiential, and discussion will be used to evaluate the myths. (GLO meeting will be held after the workshop). Date: Wednesday, February 6 Time: 6:30 to 9:00 pm Place: Administration Building Training Room Fee: $5.00 per person, $6.00 per couple • MEN IN TRANSITION • This workshop will examine the development of male-female roles in this country and its influence on one's beliefs. For men only. Five meetings through March 6. Limit 15 people. Date: Thursday, February 7 to March 6 Time: 6:30 to 8:30 pm Place: Day Therapy Building, Lounge Fee: $15.00 per person • WOMEN'S BODY AWARENESS • This course is designed to help women gain a better appreciation of their bodies. Techniques in body imagery, body rhythms and body armor will be used to help the individual integrate more fully the use of her body toward a positive self-image. For women only. Limit 20. Date: Friday, February 15 and Saturday, February 16 Time: Friday, 6:00 to 9:00 pm and Saturday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Place: Day Therapy Building, Lounge Fee: $15.00 per person (ADVERTISEMENT) Metropolitan Community Church At the corner of Lafayette and Leith Streets Sunday Service 6:45 pm Open Door Coffee House: 7:00 pm Fri. EVERYONE WELCOME • FEBRUARY 1980 • (CALENDAR) 3) 6: 45PM MCC SERVICE 2102 S. LAFAYETTE ST ** GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 1:00PM ROOM 300 FlRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 300 W. WAYNE STREET; 10) 6:45PM MCC SERVICE 2102 S.LAFAYETTE ST. **GAY ALCOHOLI CS ANONYMOUS 1: 00PM ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 300 W. WAYNE STREET, 17) 6:45PM MCC SERVICE 2102 S. LAFAYETTE ST.** GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 1: 00PM ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 300 W. WAYNE STREET** PART 2 5·7PM DIGNITY WORKSHOP "POSITIVE GAY IDENTITY" MCDOUGAL CHAPEL, CORNER LEWIS & CALHOUN STREET, 24) 6:45PM MCC SERVICE 2102 S. LAFAYETTE ST. ** GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 1: 00PM ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 300 W. WAYNE STREET, 18) WASHINGTON ‘S BIRTHDAY ** 1:00PM -WOMEN ONLY• FT. WAYNE FEMINISTS ISSUES MEETING "CONSCIOUS RAISING" 2216 FLORIDA DRIVE; 5) 8:00PM ·WOMEN ONLY-FT. WAYNE FEMINISTS BUSINESS MEETING 2216 FLORIDA DRIVE; 12) LINCOLN’S BIRTHDAY; 7 PM GLO EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE ROOM 301 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 300 WEST WAYNE STREET; 6) 6: 30-9PM WORKSHOP "MYTHS & REALI Tl ES OF HOMOSEXUALITY" MENTAL HEALTH CENTER (482-9111 EX. 280) ** 9PM GLO GENERAL MEETING MENTAL HEALTH CENTER 909 E. STATE BLVD; 20) ASH WEDNESDAY ** GLO RELIGIOUS CONCERNS COMMI TTEE MEETING 8:00PM ROOM 303 FIRST PRESBYTER I AN CHURCH 300 W. WAYNE STREET; 7) 6:30-8:30PM WORKSHOP "MEN IN TRANSITION - PART 1" MENTAL HEALTH CENTER (482-9111 EX 210); 14) VALENTINE'S DAY ** 6:30 – 8:30PM WORKSHOP “MEN IN TRANSITION – PART 2” MENTAL HEALTH CENTER (482-9111 EX 280); 21) 6:30-8:30PM WORKSHOP "MEN IN TRANSITION - PART 3" MENTAL HEALTH CENTER (482-9111 EX 2101); 28) 6:30-8:30PM WORKSHOP "MEN IN TRANSITION • PART 4" MENTAL HEALTH CENTER (482-9111 EX 2100); 1) 7-12PM MCC COFFEE HOUSE 2102 S. LAFAYETTE ST. 8) 7-12PM MCC COFFEE HOUSE 2102 S. LAFAYETTE ST; 15) 6: 00•9: OOPM WORKSHOP • PART 1 "WOMEN'S BODY AWARENESS" MENTAL HEALTH CENTER (482-9111 EX 280); ** 7-12PM MCC COFFEE HOUSE 2I02 S. LAFAYETTE ST. 22) 7·12PM MCC COFFEE HOUSE 2102 S. LAFAYETTE ST. 29) 7·12PM MCC COFFEE HOUSE 2102 S. LAFAYETTE ST. 9) GLO PO I LUCK 8 PM 128 NELSON ST; 16) 6: 00•9: OOPM WORKSHOP • PART 2 "WOMEN'S BODY AWARENESS" MENTAL HEALTH CENTER (482-9111 EX 280); 23) SISTERSPACE COFFEEHOUSE SEARS PAVILLION WOMEN ONLY; MARCH 1) 8 - 10PM GLO "KOFFEE KLATCH" THE PARLOR OF FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 300 W. WAYNE STREET

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