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Created Date: 01-01-1981
Edition: January 1981, Issue 13
Publisher: Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne
Coverage: 1980-1987
Frequency: Published Monthly
Digitally Archived: 2016
Transcript: Three Rivers’ One In Six • TROIS • January 1981 • Fort Wayne, Indiana • Issue 13 • ANNVERSARY ISSUE LOOKING BACK/ GLO 1980 by Barry Davis • The slogan "You've come a long way baby" has been used many times. But in the case of the Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne, it's an understatement! In a year's time from its birth out of three workshops at First Presbyterian Church, GLO has offered the gay/lesbian and the non-gay community a "pot-pourri" of workshops (to educate us all), social events (greeting new and familiar faces), support groups (we all need that!) and on and on. To review, six committees were formed to cover all areas of need in the lesbian/gay community. (Three more have been instituted since the organizations inception). TROIS (Three Rivers One In Six) was formed, a newsletter for the lesbian/gay community. With a mailing list of over four hundred in a year's time, the gay/lesbian community in Ft. Wayne and others around the country have been kept informed of news and events in the making. Many workshops nave been offered by the Edu¬cational and Religious Concerns Committees. "Gee, I Didn't Know That About You," a work¬shop for gay men and lesbians on March 11th, was a discussion which explored male/female differences and similarities. "Relationship/ Living in Non-Traditional Arrange¬ments," sponsored by the Educational Commit¬tee (as was "Gee, I Didn't Know,") was pre¬sented on three September dates. Concerned clergy convened on January 30th and October 1st with the help of the Reli¬gious Concerns Committee to learn how to be more sensitive to the lesbians and gays who might be in their congregations. (That's a step in the right direction!) Also, camping weekends and "Reflecting on Our Faith Exper¬iences" retreats have been most successful. (Continued on page 4) • Indiana Delegates Chosen by: Joyce Stevens • On December 12 at IU-PU in Ft. Wayne, ten peo¬ple labored for four uninterrupted hours over delegate selection and a proposal (due Jan. 26) to be presented to the Los Angeles National Lesbian/Gay Convention, converging in April. Delegates were chosen and the group pledged to help raise funds for the plane fare to LA for them. The voting delegates are Tonya Hays - ¬Bloomington, Perry Stockland - Columbus, and Terri Worman-Ft. Wayne. Alternates chosen were John Phenney (1st), Conrad Satala (2nd) for the man, and Joyce Stevens (1st), Mary Voors (2nd), and Lynn Paulson (3rd) for the womyn. (Continued on page 7) • A Publication of the Gay / Lesbian Organization (GLO) At Fort Wayne • EDITORSPACE SO WHAT IF I GET INVOLVED? • by Kent Neuhouser; I hope I don't have to convince anyone of the existence of a movement against gay and lesbian rights. Powerful groups such as "Moral Majori¬ty" have been making news headlines and exemp¬lifying their mighty right fist more and more lately. TV channels play tapes of well- groomed and manicured "Christian Crusaders" (whose dim¬ples never quit) telling their "sheep" about God’s hatred for immoralists like "hamasex¬shuls." Homophobia spreads. The fact that the Ku Klux Klan has grown and become more visible in recent years is another warning to us. The killings last month in the New York gay bars are frightening evidence of a movement based on fear; fear of the part of us in themselves. So what are YOU doing in the face of Jerry Fal¬well's insults, Larry McDonald's legislation, Bob Hope's jokes, and the real guns aimed at us -loaded? If you frighten at all, you may be painting your closet. Anti-gay/lesbian groups continue to recruit supporters and watch their money tree grow throughout the U.S. We lesbian and gay people and supporters of gay/les¬bian rights often choose to ignore these for¬ces against us. While ignoring their TV spe¬cials, books, and myth-filled pamphlets, we must not ignore their anti-humanist victories and goals. Don't get me wrong. I'm a supporter of civil rights for everyone - including misguided fun¬damentalist evangelists and KKK members - but we must be aware of the growing hate and vio¬lence against lesbians, gays, and other minor¬ities. Our "combat” goal against this movement should not be to quiet it or to lock our oppon¬ents in closets, but to counteract their hate¬ful bigotry. If we don't, we could be in ser¬ious trouble soon. Hitler proved that propaganda against a certain segment of the population can be very effective. We CAN gain better dignity within our communi¬ties, families, and churches, but let's admit that there are forces against us. We've come a long way, but we've got to keep moving- ahead, not backwards. YOU can take part in this peace¬ful counter-revolution. Whether you are a "ra¬dical" activist or still "in the closet," there are things you can be doing to help our move¬ment grow. Following is a list of things to PLEASE CONSIDER: * Join the National Gay Task Force and/or Gay Rights National Lobby. They are working for US on a national level and their victories have proved their value. Write NGTF, Suite 1601, 80 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10011 and GRNL, Box 1892, Washington, D.C. 20013. Or write to TROIS for more information and membership forms. * Support GLO physically and/or financially. Provide us with input as to what you need from GLO. Become a member. * Support TROIS - please. Our wide communication is vital. If you can’t support us, tell us why. * Write your Senators and Representative. TROIS will print the new addresses in the February issue. Let them know how you feel about speci¬fic issues, especially gay/lesbian rights. • Staff: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Kent Neuhouser; NEWS & FEATURE EDITOR, Barry Davis; COPY EDITOR John Scott; CALENDAR EDITOR, Jerry Jokay; CONTRIBUTORS: Mike Reinking, Barb McElhiney Joyce Stevens, Conrad Satala, Terri Worman, Lynn Paulson, Mary R. Voors. • "TROIS" (Three Rivers' One In Six) is a monthly publication of the "Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne." All correspondence (suggestions, donations, manuscripts, etc.) may be sent to P.O. Box 12501, Fort Wayne, IN, 46863. Material in this newsletter is original unless otherwise credited. Any opinion included is expression of the writers only. Please credit "TROIS-Fort Wayne." when reprinting from us. "TROIS" is funded through donations and fund-raisers so that the issues may be free and reach as many persons as possible. Our purpose as an information source is to receive and relay news, opinion, and activities that would contribute to the building of the gay and lesbian consciousness. Persons' names organizations, and advertisers included in "TROIS" are no indication of their sexual preference. • EDITORSPACE (cont.) * Teach the world a truer love and acceptance through example; stick up for others who face oppression and injustice. No one is free till we are all free. * Support lesbian/gay -owned businesses and groups that support us (i.e. feminist organiza¬tions, Planned Parenthood, Switchboard, Indiana Civil Liberties Union, and certain churches). *Consider boycotting businesses and organiza¬tions that take an anti-gay/lesbian stand (i .• e. "The News-Sentinel" - see editorial in the 12/5/79 issue). Let them know you're mad as hell and won't take it anymore! *Use your VOICE in letters-to-the-editor, dem¬onstrations, letters to politicians and commun¬ity leaders, lobbying, or when someone cracks a "faggot" joke. Please send us your ideas for additions to this list. Let's make the future more comfortable for our expression. Together we DO have strength; together we CAN change things! • RESPONSE • TROIS welcomes letters of criticism, praise, comment, and information from its readers on any subject, Since the letters printed are the opinion of the writer and not necessarily of TROIS, they must be signed and the full name will be printed with the letter unless accompanied with a. statement giving permission to use only a part of the name. TROIS reserves the right to edit or reject any letter sub¬mitted. Address letters to "RESPONSE" c/o TROIS, Box 12501, Fort Wayne, IN, 46863. In s0 managing this "RESPONSE" column, we hope to fulfill our purpose as a forum for public comment, opinion, and dialogue. • DEAR TROIS: A friend pointed out to me that there is at least one misogynist reference in the December newsletter, and I in turn would like to bring it to your attention- it's really easy to fall in¬to anti-woman ways of talking and writing, given (RESPONSE cont.) the culture we live in, and it helps to have reminders. The example is in the editorial, page 2, 2nd to last paragraph, where there is a derogatory reference to witches. Please, a little more care in the future. Thanks, FORT WAYNE; EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for pointing out my slip of the tongue (or pen, rather). I apologize for unconsciously choosing a feminine-gender word and for reinforcing the negative stereotype of "witches." I don't understand, however, how this one mistake makes me a misogynist. • Workshops On: An Assertiveness Training Course will be offered by the Fort Wayne Women‘s Bureau beginning Monday, January 12, 1981. The. six-week course will meet for six consec¬utive Mondays from 5:30 to 7pm in Room 307, Central Building (203 West Wayne). This assertiveness training course will focus on self-esteem, verbal skills, in¬terpersonal skills and awareness of basic human rights. The fee is $35 for members of the Women's Bureau, and $40 for non-members Enroll¬ment is limited to fifteen participants. For reservations, send a check or money order payable the Fort Wayne Women's Bu¬reau, P.O. Box 10554, Fort Wayne, IN 46853· (ADVERTISEMENT) RAINBOWS OF LIFE •••• ALTERNATIVE LIFE STYLE COUNSELING Individual - Couples - Family - Children - Coming out groups by and for the Gay/Lesbian commu¬ity. CONRAD L. SATALA, M.S. •••• (219) 422·7913 • GLO UPDATE-by Mary Voors The December meeting of GLO was held at the downtown Public Library, with 20 people attend¬ing. The meeting opened with several committee reports. In Old Business, a motion was passed approving the slogan "Separate we are only numbers, together we have strength" for GLO's official stationery. Also discussed was a meeting with members of the Crosier House concerning the Halloween Party mix-up. The Crosier House's charter does not allow for purely 'social' activities. They are willing, however, to start a dialogue with GLO, Dignity, and other gay groups. A motion was passed providing a sign-up sheet for GLO members to 'sign-in' at the beginning of all subsequent meetings. The next state convention will take place in March. It will be held in Terre Haute. N.O.W. awarded a 'certificate of Honor' to GLO for assisting at the ERA walkathon. A Dec. 20 caroling party at Open Door Chapel was announced. "Helpline" still needs volun¬teers. Interested persons should call 744-0484 in the evening. On January 31, GLO will host its one year anniversary celebration at Zoli's on Broadway Street. All 1980 and 1981 members and their guests are invited to the dinner event. You can call 637-3520 (ask for Jerry) for more information, whether or not you received an invitation. RSVP's must be in by Jan. 26th, so call or write now if you are planning on attending. Don't forget you can still become a member for '81 and join in the celebration! (ADVERTISEMENT) •RAINBOW'S OF LIFE • New Concept in book buying Save 10% off most titles published (except texts & foreign books), A mail order bookstore. Books available - all subjects including gay/lesbian/feminist. To place your order, call 422-7913 EVENINGS 6:00-9:00 SATURDAY 9:00-5:00 SUNDAY 12:00-5:00 Member American Bookseller Association • AROUND • With this new column, TROIS hopes to promote a better communication among the different regions of Indiana, at the same time creating a broader involvement of lesbian and gay Hoosiers. TROIS correspondents have been established in Indiana¬polis, Bloomington, and Terre Haute and volun¬teers from cities such as South Bend, Lafayette, Muncie, and Evansville are being sought. TROIS is not prepared to act as an "Indiana gay/lesbian publication, "since money and volun¬teered time limit us . Fort Wayne is still our priority; however, statewide communication and a simple awareness of each other are important to every TROIS reader. Further, we share a goal of liberation that is far from being simply a local matter. Thank you, John Feeney (our "informant" from In¬dy), for taking the reins of this idea and sparking an interest in the cities you have vis¬ited. Your "roving reporting" throughout the state has been valuable and appreciated this past year. Love ya! • GLO in ‘80 (Continued from page 1) 1980 did not go by without some great and exciting social events (brought to you by none other than the Social Options Commit-tee). Foster Park and Ft. Wayne saw a first Gay Pride Week Celebration (gays in the pub¬lic parks!) on Saturday, June 28, with a successful and enjoyable happening entitled "Frolic in Foster Park, " Another enthusi¬astic event happened on August 2nd at the Sears Pavilion. Other exciting, ecstatic and illuminating events were the Full Moon concert on August 23rd, the GLO Talent Show¬case on September 20th, the Halloween Party October 31st and the always waited-for and entertaining Volleyball Nights (2 or 3 Sat ¬ur day evenings a month). An exciting day for GLO and the University Gay Activists group of IU/PU was May 17th, when the two groups co-sponsored the Indiana State Gay /Lesbian Conference for the first time in Ft. Wayne on the IU/PU campus. Looking back, it's been a very short year, but in such a short period, an organization, (that is your organization ) has blossomed and grown, and will continue to grow and of¬fer entertaining and learning experiences for all who are willing to jump in. (Let's all jump in together. what do you say?) • Where to in ’81 by Conrad Satala & Lynn Paulson • On Monday, December 8 the Board, Officers, and Committee heads met with the Public Relations Staff of GLO to determine what role the P.R. Staff will have in the future. With a good deal of discussion between the conservative, moderate, and liberal factions of GLO, a decision was reached concerning the future direction of the organ¬ization. The main emphasis of GLO for the upcoming year will be to achieve its Federal Not¬-for- Profit status, and continued progress toward achieving the purposes for which the Corporation was formed: 1) Advancement of education regarding gay and lesbian issues and concerns, especially for the elimination of prejudice and discrimination, and for the defense of civil rights secured by the law; 2) Development of social activities and public and/or professional betterment of the gay/lesbian community at Fort Wayne, Indiana; 3) Charitable and educational purposes, including those which qualify groups as exempt organizations under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. 'It was determined that within Fort Wayne and the state of Indiana more work is need¬ed in regard to legislative action, legal remedies, and possible political involve¬ment, which the Charter of GLO prohibits. It was therefore agreed that members wanting to be involved in these tasks can group together outside of GLO to work in the legal-legislative areas. The emphasis of the General Meeting on January 7th will be on these issues. To vote in this meeting you must be a paid member of GLO for 1981. An opportunity to pay for memberships will be provided before the meeting begins at 8:00 pm. • TROIS by Kent Neuhouser • This issue of TROIS completes the first year of our existence. Throughout the past year TROIS has made changes and has learned to deal with the problems associated with pub¬lishing a free newsletter staffed by volun¬teers. However, our purpose has remained the same: to act as an information source for news, opinion, and happenings that are of concern to Fort Wayne area gays, les¬bians, and their friends, and thus to con¬tribute to the building of the lesbian/gay movement and the growth of gay/lesbian con¬sciousness. The most exciting thing about TROIS in the last year is its growth of circulation and support. Last January we began with a mail¬ing list of nearly nothing which has now grown to nearly 500 interested people and organizations. Another 200 copies are dis¬tributed at “Up the Street," "Studio I," the health clinic, and at the “Rainbows of Life" bookstore. Those of us who work; with TROIS feel a great satisfaction in knowing that we are providing an important communication service within our community and for other communities. Statistically, men account for 56% of our subscribers; women, 32%; and 12% are organ¬izations. 81% of our subscribers are in In¬diana and 48% live in Fort Wayne; the rest go out of state to Indiana natives or other GLO friends. We even have one subscriber in Switzerland! Forty-seven cities and towns of Indiana are represented in our circula¬tion including places like Columbus, North Manchester, Greencastle, Noblesville, Go¬shen, Angola, Ashley, Roanoke, Columbia City, Grabill, Upland, and Monroeville; we certainly are everywhere! Where TROIS will go from here is uncertain. We have lots of new ideas, some new goals, as well as some enthused new volunteers. Much will depend on our donation drives, our ability to convince you of our dependence on volunteer help, and your continued express¬ions of interest. What would you like to see changed or added to TROIS? What do you like about it now? And where can you fit in to the growth and creative improvements which we'd all like to see in TROIS? • OUR GOD TOO • In conjunction with the list of gay/les¬bian religious organizations printed in the December issue of TROIS, the following additions have been sent in to us: UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST "Unitarian Universalist Gay Caucus Unitarian Universalist Association of Church¬es, 25 Beacon St., Boston, MA 02108. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE "Gay People in Christian Science," P.O. Box 11492, Chicago, JI, 60611. CATHOLIC "Dignity," South Bend Chapter. Box 4252, South Bend, IN 46661. "Dignity," Muncie Chapter. Box 2111, Muncie, IN 47305. The following changes need to be made also: "Presbyterians for lesbian/Gay Concerns" national office can be contacted by writing to James D. Anderson, R.D.1, Box 356, Hampton, NJ 08827. PLGC's local chapter is at "PLGC/Lincoln Trails” 1331 W. Cornelia, Chicago, IL 60657. The national headquarters for "Lutherans Concerned" has moved to P.O. Box 10461, Fort Dearborn Station, Chicago, IL 60610. Still something we've missed? We'd appreci¬ate knowing! THANKS to those who sent in these corrections. • ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN GROUP • Since 1946 the Orthodox-Catholic Church of America has had a public policy of "non-issue" concerning sexual life-styles. Gay persons are as welcome as anyone else and enjoy equality in the Orthodox juris¬diction. SAGA is a ·gay-oriented group associated with the American Orthodox Church (SAGA, P.O. Box 1273, Anderson, SC 29622). Orthodox ¬Catholic Liturgy shall be done at the Open Door Chapel Sundays in January (11, 18, & 25),at 10 am. ALL ARE WELCOME to attend. The Western Rite service shail. be less than an hour and Holy Communion shall be available to all who come to the Altar. • JEWISH GROUP • The organizing meeting of Fort Wayne Jewish gays and lesbians will be he held on Friday evening, January 9, 1981, after Shabbat services at Open Door Chapel, located at the corner of Leith and Lafayette Streets. Services will begin at 8 p.m. If you are Jewish and gay or lesbian, please join us for this historic occasion. Thereafter, please reserve the second Friday evening of each month for services and fellowship. For more information, call 744-0484 in the evenings. • NEWS & NOTES • In Delaware, another win for a lesbian mother to have custody of her 5 year old daughter. "Gay Community News , " 12/6/80. 'The U. S. Army has agreed to pay $10,000 in damages to a man whose security clearance was revoked when he was found to be gay. "Advocate" 12/25/80. The National Conference of Catholic Bishops has elected as its new president a theologian who has supported gay civil rights "Advocate," 12j25/80. "Florida voters approved an amendment to the state constitution to guarantee freedom from government intrusion in people's private lives," reported "The Advocate," 12/25/80. Not all political supporters of lesbian/gay issues in the last election lost their battles. Jim Weaver of Oregon, who was billed in full ¬page ads as a gay rights apologist, held onto his seat by a comfortable margin. Also, two openly gay candidates were elected to the "Minnesota Legislature. Allan Spears was re-elected by a 3-1 margin, and Karen Clark was elected to the state house of representatives. ''The Advocate," 12/11/80. • The National Organization for women (NOW) re¬cently adopted eleven resolutions for its na¬tional policy, one of which was a concept paper on Lesbian Rights Issues. Along with the other ten, it was reviewed at the Northeast Indiana NOW meeting in Fort Wayne, December 1st, at the YWCA. Although NOW has advocated lesbian rights since 1971, the new resolution details its stand. As stated in the two-page resolution paper, NOW supports three major areas of legislation which it feels to be necessary to insure lesbian rights. "NOW supports legislation which prohi¬bits discrimination on the basis of affectional sexual preference in such areas as employment, housing, education, public accommodations, military service, social welfare, health serv-ices, and immigration and naturalization." Sec¬ond, NOW supports the repeal of laws which crim¬inalize sexual activity between consenting a¬dults in private (often called "consensual sod¬omy" laws). In addition, NOW supports custody and/or adoption rights for lesbian mothers. The new concept paper also points out the dis¬turbing fact that "difficulties arise when or¬ganizations, many of which are exclusively com¬posed of or dominated by non-feminist gay men, seek to raise non-lesbian and gay rights issues as legal or legislative goals toward which all members should work." Fortunately, NOW points out "there are many feminist gay men who support a feminist analysis of lesbian and gay rights issues, and who support NOW's definitions of those issues. NOW lists four life-style practices often assoc¬iated with lesbianism which it does not endorse. These include "pederasty (the involvement of children by adults in sexual activity), porno¬graphy, sadomasochism and public sex." NOW re¬fuses to give support to those who advocate these practices, feeling that these concerns are not "germane to the goals of lesbian and gay rights. They involve exploitation, sexual ob¬jectification, violence and invasion of priva¬cy." Other resolutions passed indicated NOW's opposi¬tion to the draft, discontinuation of resultless lobbying efforts to pass the ERA, formation of a national committee on prostitution and opposition to nuclear power. More information on NOW's resolutions or on the local chapter and its ac¬tivities can be acquired by writing to Northeast Indiana NOW, Box 384, New Haven, IN 46774. Lavender buttons designed like the heading of this story, "Lesbian Rights NOW," will be available at the GLO general meeting January 7th for 25¢. You may also send for one (or more through TROIS. Include 15¢ extra for each button for postage. • Delegates (Continued from page 1) • An Indiana proposal will be submitted to Boston by January 26. First a 1981 national project approaching the scope of the 1979 March on Washington should be attempted. Suggestions included a March on the U.N., a March on Wash¬ington D.C., and a tie-in with the IGA (Inter¬national Gay Association) Day of Solidarity. This project could have both educational and lobbying components. The main organizational goal of the project should be to enlist the support of new people from each of the seven regions of the National Lesbian/Gay Communica¬tions Network to create a stronger base for the emergence of a national coalition. Although the L.A. Convention may formalize the existing Network, ongoing grassroot ties are lacking from several parts of the country. Yet people from all parts of the U.S. marched in Washing¬ton, D.C. in I979. A new national initiative could ignite people in all regions to join in a national coalition-building effort. Indiana (the Midwest also) wants control and communication for any new national organization to work both ways-top to bottom and from the grassroots back to the top. Other ideas about the L.A. convention agenda were discussed, as well as the processes used for decision-making at such events. It was announced that the next Indiana State Conference will likely be in Terre Haute in March. Further, the Midwest Region's four com¬municators from Milwaukee, Ft. Wayne, and St. Louis will meet in Chicago on Dec. 20. The Midwest Region mailing and Treasury address is NGL Network, Box I2I8I, Milwaukee, WI 532I2. The . lively discussion and the votes were duly recorded for posterity. The meeting ended with everyone appearing well satisfied. • 1981 JANUARY • FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON ALL EVENTS, CALL THE HELPLINE AT 744-0484,NIGHTS, THE EDUCATION COMMITTEE WANTS YOUR ALUMINUM CANS! ALL CANS MAY BE DEPOSITED AT EITHER OF TWO LOCATIONS, NORTH AND SOUTH, FOR INFORMATION ON THE LOCATIONS, CALI. 483-1924 (NORTH) OR 456-3020 (SOUTH), WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE WRAP ALL CANS IN PLASTIC BAGS• 4 OPEN DOCII CHAPE 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE 5 N.O.W. GENERAL MEETING SECOND FI./

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