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Created Date: 12-01-1980
Edition: December 1980, Issue 12
Publisher: Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne
Coverage: 1980-1987
Frequency: Published Monthly
Digitally Archived: 2016
Transcript: Three Rivers' One In Six • TROIS • December 1980 • Fort Wayne, Indiana • Issue 12 • MIDWEST CONFERENCE.... where great things are coming true! by Joyce Stevens The Midwest Lesbian/Gay Communications Network met in its second regional Conference November 1 & 2 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Network was spawned from the March on Washington last year. In fourteen hours of workshops, task forces, and general deliberations, the eighty-five partici¬pants from five of the midwest states voted offi¬cially to create a permanent organization and formed an administrative base. It also endorsed a March on the United Nations and International Conference in New York for July of 1981. As well, a decision was made to ask each of the eight states in the Midwest region (Indiana, Ohio, Wis¬consin, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri) to choose four delegates to the next National Conference, to be held April 24-26, 1981 in Los Angeles. Each delegation of four persons must have at least 50% womyn, and unless a person of color is included, one vote is forfeited. The three goals of the National Network Conference in Los Angeles are to create the goals and structure of a na¬tional organization, to discuss the new right, and to have workshops on grassroots organizing. By January 26th proposals concerning structure and function of this organization are to be sent to: Boston March Committee, 529 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, Mass., 02118. If you have sugges¬tions but do not want to write a proposal, con¬tact Joyce Stevens through GLO. Indiana will hold a statewide meeting Dec. 13th to elect delegates to the L.A. Conference. See flyer for details. The Midwest Network will use Milwaukee as the re¬gional office. Conference participants voted to consider themselves official members of the new organization. The four communicators selected at the Madison Midwest Conference earlier this year will act as fiscal overseers. Although a basic structure was formed, much remains to be done if the Midwest is to be networked to form a strong base to influence states to legislate lesbian and gay rights. TROIS will be relaying news of the Midwest Les¬bian/Gay Communication Network and the outcome(s) of the National Conference as much as possible. For more information or to be added to the Mid¬west Regional mailing list, write to Tom Denney, P.O. Box 10656, Chicago, IL., 60610 •A Publication of the Gay / Lesbian Organization (GLO) At Fort Wayne •EDITORSPACE Scary Times by Kent Neuhouser •Ronald Reagan has aligned himself with the Moral Majority, which feels that homosexuality should be a crime. "American society should not be asked to accept that homosexuality … should be held up for acceptance," Reagan says. He also flat out opposes passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. Nancy Reagan proclaims that homosexuality is a "sickness and an abnormality." Dan Quayle -- just a week before the election –¬passed out pamphlets in Indiana churches announc¬ing his stand against homosexual rights and the ERA. Dan Coats is proud to view homosexuality as an "unacceptable life-style" and the ERA as anti-family. Come 1981, that's our new line up: our U.S. Pres¬ident, our First Lady, our new Senator (very com¬patible with the Senior Senator) and our Fort Wayne District Representative for the House. Be¬ing gay, that's about as scary as the thought of Russia's nuclear "defense”. Although neither TROIS or GLO was able to endorse candidates, because of our not-for-profit status, we did inform our readers that each of the above persons was opposed to gay/lesbian rights. Grant¬ed this stance in and of itself may not make the above politicians all-around bad leaders; but such judgmentalism, close-mindedness, and preju¬dice do say something about their character. The economy was obviously the priority on most vot¬ers' minds and many -- including some TROIS supporters, I'm sure-- felt that these Republicans could improve the economy, lower taxes, and bal¬ance the budget. If these are accomplished, we'll all be gratified. But when (or if) these same of¬ficials start to take away our rights and attempt to crush our dignity as they promised to many “Christian" conservative groups, then we will have to be prepared to prove our strength. It is inevitable that Congress will be dealing with already-proposed lesbian/gay-related bills and amendments in the upcoming months, including a vote on the oppressive "Family Protection act"(see page 5). In Indiana we lost the brave sup¬port of Senator Birch Bayh and Representative John Brademas from the 3rd District but we were not alone in this election's conservative out¬come. Many outspoken supporters of ours were de¬feated by right-wing extremists. With this new Congress, it will be even harder to kill antigay/lesbian measures. Passage ofpro lesbian/gay rights legislation will require a tireless and determined effort. We-- lesbians, gay men, women, blacks, Jews and many other minorities -- have a big job ahead of us to gain better acceptance, respect, and equal opportunities. The path looks steep and sometimes dark; it's full of witches that we must learn how to confront, without using their worst tactics. But we are a people convinced of our good, strong with justice, and very hungry for a world that speaks honestly about freedom and love. (next month: As the so-called "Christian" conser¬vative groups continue to convince our legisla¬tors and our community of our "perversity and in¬feriority, we'll look at how we all help to coun¬teract these myths- individually and together.) • RESPONSE TROIS welcomes letters of criticism, praise, comment and information from its readers on any subject. Since the letters printed are the opinion of the writer and not necessarily of TROIS, they must be signed and the full name will be printed with the letter unless accompanied with a statement giving permission to use only a portion of the name. TROIS reserves the right to edit or reject any letter sub¬mitted. Address letters to "RESPONSE" c/o TROIS, Box 12501, Fort Wayne, IN, 46865. In so managing this "RESPONSE" column, we hope to fulfill our purpose as a forum for public comment, opinion, and dialogue. • STAFF • EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Kent Neuhouser; FEATURE EDITOR, Barry Davis; COPY EDITOR, John Scott; CALENDAR EDITOR, Jerry Jokay; CON¬TRIBUTORS: Joyce Stevens, Conrad Satala, Terri Worman, Steve Lewis, Mary R. Voors, and Mike Reinking. If you are interested in working with TROIS, contact Kent Neuhouser at 745-4460 or write to TROIS, P.O. Box 12501, City, 46863. The next TROIS meeting is at 2631 Indiana Ave., at 8pm., on Mon., Dec. 1st. NOTE: The character in the Christmas car¬toon on the front page is re-printed from the MCC-Atlanta newsletter. GLO MEMBERS: GLO's membership drive for 1981 begins this month. GLO has come to understand that some of our '80 members were under the impression that their membership was good for one year from the date the fee was paid. We apologize for not making the membership form more explicit; your mem¬bership fee makes you a valid member for the remainder of that year only. If you were under the impression that your '80 membership was good for a longer time and feel cheated, GLO will make amends thru this month only. Complaints must be reg-istered before December 31st. • From the: BOARD OF DIRECTORS GLO's FIVE BOARD MEMBERS Conrad Satala, Administrator, Terri Worman, Administrative Assistant, Jan Vodinh, Bill Silverman, Steve Lewis, In the last six months, the following policies have been approved and set by the board of GLO: --Paid members will receive a discount on admissions to GLO functions which have fees.--Each committee shall establish budgets for the fiscal year (Jan.-Dec.), which will then be submitted to the board for approval. A voucher system will be used to distribute funds. --The board will authorize TROIS additional money to print an 8 page newsletter each month and up to 12 pages four times each year, if TROIS does not have the funds itself. --A PR staff was organized for the purpose of representing GLO in the media. This staff consists of volunteers answerable to the board. A PR staff night shall be held for the general membership. --The political action committee was combined with the PR staff to facilitate the operations of both groups.--The policy of open meetings was established for the board and committees; times, dates, and places of meetings are to be included in the newsletter.--Special mailings will be marked "TROIS Special Release" to insure the confidentiality of the mailing list. The following is a proposed amendment to Section 7 of the GLO By-Laws which currently reads: "Voting in Person. A member entitled to vote at any meeting shall vote in person only and not by proxy or by any other writing, except at the September meeting of each year. "The proposed amendment is: "Ballots for the September general election will be sent to all paid members (as of the August meeting) within 7 days of the August nominating meeting. It is the responsibility of the paid members to either send them back to arrive at P.O. Box 12501 on the day of election by 6:00 p.m., or to bring them to the general meeting by 8:00 p.m. on the day of the September election. "This amendment will be voted on at the January 1981 general meeting. • -GLO UPDATE- by Mary R. Voors, Secretary of GLO • The November general meeting of GLO was held on the fifth of the month at First Presbyterian Church, with 21 people attending. After intro¬ductions, the five GLO Committees gave their re¬ports; activities of these committees are report¬ed in other stories in this issue of TROIS. In old business, it was announced that Lynn Paul¬son had been appointed to fill the position of Treasurer. Also, it was noted that a change in by-laws concerning the September election of the Board will be announced in this issue of TROIS so that it may be voted on at the January 7th general meeting. This proposed amendment is in¬cluded in the "Board of Directors Update. "In new business, Article 1 Section 2 of GLO by¬laws was reviewed concerning membership dues, which reads: "Membership dues shall be five dol¬lars per year; new members shall pay a five dol¬lar admission fee, which shall be in lieu of dues for the year of application. Dues shall be payable on or before January 1 of each year." A unanimous vote was taken to change the wording to make it more explicit that membership dues are good for the year paid in and not for a year from the date paid. The week of November 10-15 was decided upon for a drive to increase TROIS' mailing list which was currently at 350 subscribers. Volunteers intro¬duced people to TROIS at "Studio One" and "Up the Street" bars. It was reported that both bars were very supportive of this idea. TROIS was able to increase its circulation to over 400 households and organizations. GLO's one-year celebration will take place Janu¬ary 9, 1981. The date was chosen because that is the anniversary of the meeting when the name "Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne" was chosen. The Gay/Lesbian Helpline needs our support and help. A vote was taken that the Helpline receive a free monthly ad in TROIS, subject to space limitations and editor's discretion. A report on the Lesbian/Gay Communication Network for the Midwest followed. Details of this are on the front page. The next regional conference will be held in Fort Wayne, Oct. 9,10, 11, 1981. It was agreed that GLO would assist in this endeavor. Ways and means of fund-raising were also discussed; a raffle, a "services" auction, and mov¬ies were considered. Other suggestions would be welcomed. The recent show on channel 55 about gay/lesbian life will be shown at our next general meeting. GLO's PR staff helped in making this special. A decision must be reached about the purchase of the VTR tape, which would cost GLO approximately $15.00. The meeting adjourned with "warm fuzzies" for all. Come to the next general meeting (details below) and share your ideas and find out more a¬bout GLO. GLO needs an official slogan! The slogan cur¬rently on our stationery is "Separately, we are only numbers; together, we have strength." A vote will be taken at the December general meeting to decide if this might be our official slogan. • COME AND SEE AND JUST BE YOURSELF • GLO is proud to announce a new and more convenient general meeting place: the Pub¬lic Library, 900 Webster St. , downtown Ft. Wayne. The December 3rd general meeting will be held in Meeting Room ''A" which is on the second floor. The security guard at the main entrance can direct you if you are not familiar with the Library. The Gay/Lesbian Organization meeting in the Public Library is a very positive step towards better public relations between GLO and the community! (It's at 8:00p.m.) • The 'Family Protection' Threat by Terri Worman ; On September 24, 1979 Senator Paul Laxalt (R-NV)introduced the "Family Protection Act'', S. 1808 into the U.S. Senate. The bill's declared purpose is "to strengthen the American family and promote the virtues of family life through education, tax assistance, and related measures." Supported by Christian Voice and the Moral Majority, the bill is heavily weighted in favor of states' rights as opposed to federal government controls. One of the chief thrusts of the bill is the with¬holding of federal funds from states and other groups which seem to oppose or attack the "nuclear" family, as seen by the new Christian right. Included is the prohibition of the use of Legal Services Corporation funds in any abortion, desegregation, divorce or gay rights cases. Concerning the section against gay rights, Phyllis Schlafly stated: "Homosexuality is a crime in many states, and is emotionally contro¬versial in all states. The taxpayers should not be required to subsidize such litigation by providing free government lawyers." Even though the McDonald Amendment was not brought forth to the U.S. Senate, this section, in essence, says the same thing. The bill also forbids allocation of federal funds to any organization which advocates homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. Even more disturbing is the section on gay civil rights. The bill reads “the term 'unlawful employment practice' shall not be deemed to include any action or measure taken by an employer, labor organization, joint labor-management committee, or employment agency with respect to an indivi¬dual who is a homosexual or proclaims homosexual tendencies. No agency, bureau, commission, or other instrumentality of the Government of the United States shall seek to enforce nondiscrimination against homosexuals or who proclaim homosexual tenden¬cies." By adding this to the end of the Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, this section would block the Gay civil rights bill currently before the House and Senate, making discrimina-tion against gays legal. Another section of particular concern to the proponents of ERA comes under textbook censor¬ship. It would deny federal funds for purchase of textbooks or materials which belittle traditional women's roles in the family. The bill favors an emphasis on "a woman's place" as the kitchen and nursery. The bill would cover a wide range of issues: prayer in public schools and buildings, teacher certifications, tax assistance for the tradi¬tional married couple and nuclear family, public education and more, with control given to indi¬vidual states and community morals. For the supporters of the Family Protection Act, this bill is the answer to the question posed by Phyllis Schlafly: "Can the family withstand the current high and growing rates of divorce, illegitimate births, abortions, incurable and curable venereal diseases, couples living in sin, and the asserted dignity demanded for homosexual couples?" Though allegedly favoring separation of church and state, the right-wing religious community is conducting a massive letter-writing campaign in support of this legislation. We, too, must let our Senators know that such legislation would deny us our civil rights as persons in this United States. With the outcome of the recent elections, each letter is even more important than ever. Let your Senator know how you feel about Senate bill S. 1808 - writing a letter now is better than locking the door of the suffocating closet behind you permanently. (ADVERTISEMENT) GAY ATHEIST LEAGUE OF AMERICA may well be the fastest growing gay group concerned with the issue of religion in America today” Advocate Jan 10, 1980 IF YOU BELIEVE organized religion i" the greatest enemy of lesbians and gay men write for free copy of GALA Review to: GALA, P.O.BOX 14142, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94114 • 744-0484 GAY/LESBIAN HELP LINE Mon - Thurs 7:30 pm to 10 pm Fri & Sat 7:30 pm to 12 midnight •Rainbows of Life bookshop by Barry Davis; Three people with a dream have worked studied and planned, and now with the help of five "great" volunteers, that "dream" is a growing re¬ality. The "Rainbows of Life" bookstore is at 1522 West Main St. and is owned by Conrad Satala, Steve Lewis, and Don Wilson. Since January 1980 when the first books were ordered, "Rainbows" has of¬fered a unique service to the Ft. Wayne community. When asked their reasons for starting another bookstore in Ft. Wayne, Conrad and Steve respond¬ed,"to fill the void of books within the lesbi¬an/gay, feminist, and holistic community ," in o¬ther words, "to fill the void of what wasn't available.'' Conrad and Steve explained that one big differ¬ence in this bookstore is the fact that they of¬fer 10% off on all titles with the exception of text books; the discount also applies to special order books, with no extra charge for ordering (some bookstores may charge up to 95¢ for special ordering). Inventory-wise, "Rainbows of Life" has approxi¬mately four hundred dollars wrapped up in books, with about 100 books currently in stock. The range of books is unlimited, according to Conrad, since "Rainbows" is willing to order virtually any book that is in print within the U.S. Conrad views the bookstore as an educational re-source center where all people can come, feeling free to ask about and see whatever book or rec¬ord they want, and feeling comfortable doing that. Steve sees the bookstore as meeting other minor¬ities' needs, in addition to the gay/lesbian com¬munity such as the black or Spanish-American person. He doesn't want this bookstore to be like every other bookstore, catoring only to one group. Steve, Conrad, and Don all have fantasies about the future of "Rainbows of Life." Some of those include having poetry and literary readings in the bookstore; having non-sexist children's books and a children's hour to introduce children to new ways of learning and obtaining knowledge; carrying a line of feminist, gay/lesbian, and men's records; and offering a place where les¬bians and gays can show their hobbies and crafts. "Rainbows of Life" is open 6pm - 9pm Monday thru Friday, 9 am- 12 noon and 1 pm- 5pm on Saturday. The bookstore is also a member of the American Book Sellers Association. Their phone is 422-7913. • "Rainbows of Life" announces their first Open House December 6 (Sat.) 9-5 and Dec¬ember7 12noon - 5. Stop by and see their new selection of books, records, and other things. (ADVERTISEMENT) RAINBOW'S OF LIFE • New Concept in book buying Save 10% off most titles published (except texts & foreign books) A mail order bookstore Books available - all subjects including gay/lesbian/feminist To place your order, call 422-7913 EVENINGS 6:00-9:00 SATURDAY 9:00-5:00 Member, American Bookseller Association • Getting the blues 'cause there's nothin' to do in the winter? TROIS and GLO can really use your help! We have fun together, and we help to liberate our community and ourselves at the same time. You can help in lots of areas: from typing for TROIS, to attending our folding & mailing parties and from working with a committee, to just sharing your input. Check out the December calendar; everyone is more than welcome -¬everyone's needed! • FIND A GOOD BOOK by Steve Lewis • 1980 has seen considerable growth in the gay/les¬bian book market. While the quality of said works may be debated by homophobe and homophile alike, the world of publishing is just beginning to explore and exploit the "new" market for les¬bian/gay books. Unfortunately, there are still few gay/lesbian/feminist presses. However, the quality of the books from these presses is usual¬ly high. It is hoped by this reviewer that their books will find an audience preferably one that is friendly, intellectually curious, and seeking to grow. Without such audiences, gay/lesbian/and feminist books and presses will not be able to continue their work; nor will straight presses be encouraged to raise their consciousness. One of the least studied and. understood areas of lesbian/ gay lifestyles is "coupledom". In the next six months, two books will break the ster¬eotypical straight silence on gay/lesbian cou¬ples. Due soon is The Mendola Report (Crown, 12.95) by Mary Mendola, the first attempt to study the needs, problems, and social adaption of lesbian/gay couples. While not a "scientific work" that claims thorough objectivity, this book is based on interviews and surveys throughout the country. In March of 1981, Charles Silverstein's Man to Man: A Report on Gay Couples {price un¬certain) is due from Wm Morrow. This book deals only with male couples. In November, Addison Wesley publishes The Legal Guide for Gays and Lesbians ($10.95). Various forms, such as wills and contracts, are included, along with reference material on state laws. Just arrived is Walt Whitman: A Life (Simon and Schuster, $15.95). The first major study of America's foremost Gay male poet, A Life deals directly, honestly, unembarassingly with Whit¬man's homosexuality and ambiguity he felt toward it. The Life of Lorena Hickok: E.R.'s Friend (12.95) by Doris Faber is the exciting and long¬suppressed story of Eleanor Roosevelt's intimate emotional relationship with journalist Lorena Hickok. Also in print once more is the collected correspondence of Hickok and Roosevelt. Growing Up Free: Raising Your Child in the 1980's (McGraw-Hill, $15.95) could be the best parenting guide in years. Written by feminist Letty Cottin Pogrebin, this book gives an understanding of the complex processes that go into raising a healthy, open, and growth-oriented person. The chapter on homosexuality, entitled "Homosexuality, Hysteria, and Children: How not to be a Homophobic Parent", is superb. Mitch Walker wrote the first and probably best gay sex guide (Men Loving Men) a few years back. Now he has produced Visionary Love: A Spirit Book of Gay Mythology ($4.95). Walker proceeds to re-define the vast ambiguity of gayness and spirit¬uality. He ties the two together to form a rad¬ical work of great significance in the evolution of gay consciousness. An active voice in the feminist/lesbian communi¬ty, Sally Gearhart has produced a major statement of women's growth and potential in her novel, Wanderground ( $5. 00). Set in a society that has separated from the domination of white males, this novel shows the potential for women to de¬velop a society that is open, honest and caring. Another new lesbian novel is Choices ($6.00), a strong tender novel on lesbian love and growth. Perennial favorites , The Woman's Calendar and The Gay Engagement Calendar, are still available. These desk-size calendars sell for $5.95 and have ample room to keep records of appointments. Il-lustrated and annotated, these two calendars re¬cord our collective struggles to take back our right to our lives and to end, once and for all , the oppression of people. • OUR GOD TOO JEWISH CONVERENCE • Congregation Sha'av Zahav and gay and lesbian Jews of the San Francisco Bay Area hosted the 5th International Conference of gay and lesbian Jews at the Golden Gateway Holiday Inn, held August 29 through September 1 this year. The conference was attended by delegates from Canada, England, France, and Israel, as well as many U.S. cities. The conference began in a friendly atmosphere particularly after a proclamation of welcome was signed by Mayor Dianne Feinstein of San Francis¬co. Keynote speaker at the banquet that evening was Judge Stephen M. Lachs, the first open homo¬sexual ever appointed to the American judiciary. At the conclusion of the banquet, the 200 plus delegates climbed the hill to the synagogue of Congregation Sherith Israel - a liberal (reform) congregation of historic importance to the city of San Francisco. The religious service inaugur¬ated the use of a new non-sexist prayer book written by the members of the San Francisco gay and lesbian congregation, Sha'av Zahav. The ser¬vice had no reference to God as "He" or "Him" and was almost entirely read by women as well as transcribed into sign language for the deaf by the Rabbi's lover. Congregation Sha'av Zahav has the only openly gay Rabbi in the country. He does perform gay unions, provided the couple has lived together for approximately one year. Saturday was filled with workshops of significant impact to lesbian and gay Jews and the evening concluded with a Cabaret Concert, featuring the impressively talented group, "Pure Trash," and the hilarious Jewish comedienne, Robin Tyler. Sunday's program started with Torah (Bible) study and continued with study groups and business meetings/ Monday morning’s plenary session was filled with discussion of resolutions concerning organizational issues and support for the State of Israel. Considerable discussion concerned the refusal of the Jewish National Fund to place a plaque in the forest for which a substantial con¬tribution had been made in memory of gay and lesbian Jews. The conference decided to leave the plaque blank until the Jewish National Fund a¬grees to make the proper inscription. It was decided that the 1981 International Con¬ference would be held in Philadelphia. Wouldn't it be great to have an organization from Fort Wayne recognized as an official member of that conference? • JEWISH GROUP FOR FORT WAYNE • All men and women interested in joining a Jewish group to worship together, study to¬gether, and enjoy fellowship at "Shabbat", and at "Yom Tov" are requested to call the HELPLINE -- 744-0484. Please call -- there is so much we can do for ourselves, for each other, for our Jew¬ish community and for our secular community. • What is homosexuality? A Better Under-standing For Clergy Part 2 • (Last month's TROIS detailed a clergy workshop on homosexuality which was sponsored by GLO's Relig¬ious Concerns Committee on October 1. In this issue are reported sane of the "unresolved" ques-tions --which remained at the end of the awareness-¬raising event.) "More time. We need more time." So was the GLO-sponsored clergy workshop summarized by many of its participants, who echoed the feeling express¬ed by some of the gay panelists: that there never seems to be "enough time" to educate ourselves a¬bout the life struggles of others around us. Clergy expressed that frustration by mentioning the following issues that were merely touched on, or which never came to the surface in the intense seven-hour workshop. "Bisexuality was never even mentioned," one lamented, noting that he had had more than one occasion to counsel with persons who were troubled about their bisexuality. Past¬oral counseling techniques with lesbian/gay cli¬ents and their families was cited by a number of clergy as a pressing need. Another pastor admitt¬ed his own ambiguity about the "rightness/wrong¬ness" of gay lifestyles, asking, "What are the perimeters of the lifestyle?" In other words, am I being asked to accept something which down deep I still feel may be unacceptable? Is prom¬iscuity among gays any less wrong than the same sort of behavior among straights? Most of the clergy indicated a willingness and an eagerness to learn more. The need for better communication among the clergy themselves was noted, as well as the need to study specific models of ministry with the gay community that have pro¬ven successful. The hope that a "Parents of Gays" group could be formed was shared by many. The clergy task force of Religious Concerns committed itself to follow through on the needs articulated. The Religious Concerns Committee of GLO will next meet on Tuesday, December 16, at 8: 00 p.m. , at the home of John Scott: 205 E. Maple Grove Avenue (just east of Calhoun St. near Southgate). The committee will evaluate some of the events of the fall season (two retreats and a workshop for the clergy of the area), and look ahead to priorities for winter and spring. One program idea already suggested is a study of denominational policy statements on homosexuality. Many of these have been received by GLO, and others are still being sought. (CHURCH RESOURCE) Join in taking part with other gays, les¬bians, and friends who are struggling for understanding, acceptance, and dignity with¬-in your own religious belief: BAPTISTS: Write to B. MacNair, 198-A Santa Ave., Oakland, CA 94610; BRETHREN/MENNONITE: BRETHREN/MENNONITE COUNCIL FOR GAY CONCERNS" P.O. Box 24060, Washington, D.C. 20024; CATHOLICS: "DIGNITY" FORT WAYNE P.O. Box 11676 Fort Wayne., IN 46859, "DIGNITY" INDIANAPOLIS P.O. Box 837, Indianapolis, IN 46206; EPISCOPALIANS: "INTEGRITY" - Dept. A, 10 Mercier Ave., Dorchester, MA 02124, Indiana "INTEGRITY" chapters 701 Hawthorne Lane, Bloomington, IN 47401, P.O. Box 68290, Indianapolis, IN 46268; EVANGELICALS: Write to Dr. Ralph Blair, 30 East 60th St., New York, NY 10022; LUTHERANS:" LUTHERANS CONCERNED" - P.O. Box A-19114A, Los Angeles, CA 90019, Indiana "LUTHERANS CONCERNED" chapter: P.O. Box 1241, Indianapolis, IN 46206; NON—DENOMINATIONAL: "UNIVERSAL FELLOWSHIP OF METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY CHURCHES" (UFMCC) - 5300 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 304, Los Angeles, CA 90029; Open Door Chapel 326 E. Leith St. Ft. Wayne. IN 46806 744-0484; PRESBYTERIANS: “PRESBYTERIANS FOR GAY CONCERNS" (PGC) P.O. Box 46412-A, Los Angeles, CA 90046; 7TH-DAY ADVENTIST: SDA KINSHIP" - P.O. Box 1233-A, Los Angeles, CA 90028; If you know of any additions or changes to the above list, please contact TROIS so we can pub¬lish them next month. • NEWS & NOTES by Conrad Satala • Federal prisons must allow gay papers for inmates with a new ruling. "Gay prisoners will have ac¬cess to a community of ideas and to contacts pro¬vided by these publications," reported "Gay Com¬munity News," 11/1/80 NOTE: "Gay Community News" publishes names and addresses of gay prisoners who would like to make friends through correspondence. If you are in¬terested in seeing a current list, contact GLO and we'll send you a copy. As many report, being gay in prison can be a hellish experience. All it takes is 15 minutes and a sheet of paper to help a sister or brother through some loneliness. Evanston, Il, "in a move taken without the par¬ticipation of local lesbian and gay rights organ¬izations, has passed an ordinance forbidding dis-crimination in city hiring on the basis of sexual preference," according to "Gay Community News,"11/15/80.Portland, Oregon has approved an amendment "pro¬hibiting discrimination in housing due to sexual preference,” reported “The Advocate, “11/13/80; Anita Bryant now says she believes in "live and let live." In a recent interview she also said that "the church needs to be more loving, uncon-ditionally, and willing to see gays as human be¬ings… and try to understand." The entire in¬terview can be read in the Dec. issue of "Ladies Home Journal," in which she also admits the vali¬dity of feminism and reveals her past addiction to pills and wine." -"Journal Gazette," 11/15/80. • (ADVERTISEMENT) OUR HISTORY!! Wanted: Persons interested in sharing what it was like to be gay/lesbian in the 1940's, 5O's, and 60's. Am compiling a history of the lesbian/ gay community in Fort Wayne. All information kept confidential. Contact Steve Lewis at 422-7913 or 1522 W. Main, Ft. Wayne, 46808.• 'GLO' RAISES DOLLARS • GLO's "Out of the Closets" Garage Sale made over $75.00 for the organization. Many thanks to those who donated items to sell and to those who worked the cold Sat¬urday and Sunday. If anyone would like to retrieve their unsold items, call Kent at 745-4460. Otherwise, most items will be stored for another sale in the spring. Thanks again! • GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM tGYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GGYt.l GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM come and play volleyball! GLO’S GYM NIGHTS!! Mental health Center Gym, 909 East State Blvd. (ADVERTISEMENT) RAINBOWS OF LIFE….ALTERNATIVE LIFE STYLE COUNSELING Individual - Couples - Family - Children – Coming out groups by and for the Gay/ Lesbian commu¬nity. CONRAD L. SATALA, M.S. (219) 422·7913; • STROKE OF THE PEN• Share your poetry with TROIS readers. Send manuscripts to "Stroke of the Pen," c/o TROIS, P.O. Box 12501, Ft. Wayne, IN, 46863. • think straight be Gay • •CLASSIFIED •With this monthly column TROIS offers you the op¬portunity to print want ads, happy ads , for sale ads, for rent ads, help wanted ads, special ser¬vice ads , etc. Your ad will reach over 400 read¬ers and will not be "lost" in the copy as most classified ads are. An ad with 100 spaces or less (that includes letters , spaces between words and punctuation) is only $1.00. Any ad over 100 spaces is $2.00; all ads must be under 250 spac¬es .Your ad must be submitted no later than the15th of the month previous to the issue in which the ad will appear. Type or print NEATLY all copy and we will print it as you have indicated. TROIS reserves the right to refuse ads that do not correspond with our policy. We will not print obscene language, ads of direct personal attack, or ads of extreme sexual connotation. We have no intention to compete with "The Advocate's" Pink Section or certain bathroom walls. WANTED: Female roomate to share 2 bd apt on Mary St. Very reasonable. For info; call Jan 422-5885. • GROWING OUT Acceptance from birth to grave Motivates monarchs to 'free' people All trying to belong through rollsAnd rolls and rolls of bullshit. 'Be a man!', 'Don't cry', 'Shape up'! By-words of societal conditioning As the mind grows more stifled And realitys' touch slips away. Conditioned & cradled to belong Everydays' hype is macho As weather and sports continue Boring us to resigned euthanasia. As living etches lifes’ suppressed strains, The body gears down to the brain Which never started to openly question Why not take time to be me? Joel 8/80 • (ADVERTISEMENT) KEEP IN TOUCH with news, events, thoughts, and celebrations of the local Gay and Lesbian Community and their friends; Subscribe to TROIS. It's FREE! Name;¬ Address; City, State, ZIP; Use this coupon to notify us of a change of address , too. If the above address is new, please write your old address below Send to "TROIS”, P.O. Box 12501, Fort Wayne, IN, 46863 • 1980 DECEMBER • 7) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; DIGNITY BUSINESS MEETING; RAINBOWS OF LIFE BOOKSTORE OPEN HOUSE CONTINUES TODAY 12:00 – 5:00; 14) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 21) DIGNITY CHRISTMAS PARTY 1:00 PM LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 28) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; GAY ALCHOLICS ANONYMOUS - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 1) TROIS MEETING 8:00 PM 2631 INDIANA AVE CALL 745-4460 FOR DETAILS; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; N.O.W. GENERAL MEETING SECOND FLOOR, YWCA VILLA ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 2000 WELLS 7:00 PM FREE CHILD CARE; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 8) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 15)OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 22) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETT STREETS; GLO OPEN BOARD MEETING POTLUCK AT 7:00 PM MEETING AT 8:00 PM 1522 WEST MAIN CALL 422-7913 FOR DETAILS; 29)OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 9)GLO EDUCATION COMMITTEE MEETING AND RAP GROUP CALL 483-1924 FOR DETAILS; 16) GLO RELIGIOUS CONCERNS COMMITTEE MEETING 8:00 PM 205 E. MAPLE GROVE CALL 744-5298 FOR DETAILS; 3) HANUKKAH BEGINS; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTEE STREETS; GLO GENERAL MEETING FORT WAYNE PUBLIC LIBRARY WAYNE &WEBSTER STREETS 8:00 PM ROOM A (UPSTAIRS) 10) HANUKKAH ENDS; DIGNITY HOME MASS 8:00 LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 17) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 24)OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:30 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS 31) NEW YEARS EVE; 4) SOCIAL OPTIONS/ SINGLES MEETING FOR INFORMATION CALL JERRY AT 637-3520; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP CALL 456-5023 FOR DETAILS; 11) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP CALL 456-5023 FOR DETAILS; 18) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP CALL 456-5023 FOR DETAILS; 25) CHRISTMAS; 12) WOMYN ONLY SISTERSPACE COFFEEHOUSE FLASH! FORT WAYNE FEMINISTS HOLIDAY PARTY, 8:00 PM YWCA ADMINISTRATION BUILDING; 6) GRAND OPENING RAINBOWS OF LIFE BOOKSTORE 1522 W. MAIN, 6:00 – 9:00 PM; 13) STATE MEETING FOR SELECTION OF DELEGATES TO NATIONAL CONFERENCE 1:00 – 5:00 PM CALL 422-7913 FOR DETAILS; GLO GYM NIGHT MENTAL HEALTH CENTER GYM 909 EAST STATE 8:30 PM 20) GLO GYM NIGHT MENTAL HEALTH CENTER GYM 909 EAST STATE 8:30; DIGNITY FILM EVENING DINNER AT 5:00, EL AZTECA MOVIE "THE MAGIC FLUTE" 7:30 DOWNTOWN LIBRARY; FOR FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING ANY OF THE EVENTS LISTED ON THIS CALENDAR, INCLUDING THOSE OF OPEN DOOR CHAPEL, CALL THE GAY HELPLINE AT 744-0484 • EVERYONE IS WELCOME AT THE OPEN DOOR EVERY NIGHT • OPEN DOOR CHAPEL. ALSO OFFERS A PRAYER SERVICE EVERY SATURDAY 6:00 PM •

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