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Created Date: 11-01-1980
Edition: November 1980. Issue 11
Publisher: Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne
Coverage: 1980-1987
Frequency: Published Monthly
Digitally Archived: 2016
Transcript: Three Rivers' One In Six • TROIS • November1980 • Fort Wayne, Indiana • Issue 11• Capitol Brief ANTI-GAY Amendment Fails • The Legal Services Bill, HR 7584, has passed the U. S. Senate without the addi¬tion of an anti-gay amendment. As reported in the last issue of TROIS, the U.S. House in July passed, by a 290-113 vote, an a¬mendment discriminating against homosexuals. But the Senate passed the bill Sep¬tember25 without the introduction of such an amendment. It had earlier passed the Senate Appropriations Committee, which had deleted the amendment added by the House. The bill must still go to a conference committee between the House and Senate be¬fore it leaves the Congress, but there is a good chance that it will pass without any further anti-gay amendments. This means a victory for us, but we must be prepared for similar anti-gay legisla¬tion in the future. Thanks to all who wrote letters to Quayle voicing their dis¬pleasure of his anti-gay vote and to those who wrote to Senators Bayh and/or Lugar encouraging them to vote pro gay- should the amendment reach the Senate for a vote. • COATS vs WALDA • Keeping up with political candidate's views on gay and lesbian rights is difficult since most either try to avoid such a touchy issue or else their statements are very vague. It was reported in the Fort Wayne "Journal Gazette" 10-17-80 that Dan Coats, Republican running for 4th District representative, "opposes ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment; rejects homo¬sexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle" and opposes legislation "to make it easier for women to obtain abortions. "We are fortunate to be made aware of this before the election. John Walda, Coats' opponent, did not mention the subject of gay and lesbian rights in the story (or in any other interview to our knowledge). Wal¬da did, however, voice his opposition to the Eagle Forum (the organization to kill the ERA), the tactics of Nurses Concerned for Life, and he calls the moral majority "vicious."(Excerpt from "GayLife" ) HOMOSEXUALS: "They should be killed through governmental means. The "Christian" preacher who made this statement is going to vote this November. How about you? • A Publication of the Gay / Lesbian Organization (GLO) At Fort Wayne •EDITORSPACE • Sex Education: LONG OVERDUE"• Adultery in your heart is committed not only when you look with concupiscence (strong or ex¬cessive sexual desire) at a woman who is not your wife, but also if you look in the same manner at your wife. -Pope John Paul II 10-11-80; "Godless secular humanism and the teachings of the sex education zealots are destroying children and undermining the rights of parents - a homemaker from Tulsa, Okla., Sept. ’80; “Teenage suicides increase when sex education is taught in the schools."-Wilma Leftwich, member of the Committee for Responsible Education when speaking here in Ft. Wayne two months ago; by Kent Neuhouser I distinctly remember every bit of so-called "sex education" I had in school. It was in the fifth grade when all the boys gathered in a room to watch a movie explaining exactly where we would be growing hair, and to hear a stuttering math. teacher explain - in extremely vague terms -why we would soon be noticing" girls. In sixth grade we were shown a movie depicting a fierce bull mounting an expressionless cow ("This is what all those movies were about that I never was allowed to watch? I wondered.) In seventh grade I especially remember the slides of Syphilis-in¬fected penises and decaying testicles. Trying to fit these pieces of my "sex education" together was confusing, to say the least. “My God," I thought, "If that's what sex is all about, why would I ever want to do it?” Still, there’s no stopping those delightful little glands from producing those delightful little hormones – and the puberty struggle begins! Needless to say, I think everyone can relate to those experimental and confusing times and discovering auto- eroticism. During this time we face loads of unnecessary guilt and fear ("if I do it too much, will I really go blind?). Then the discov¬ery of an attraction to classmates of the same sex piles confusion and fear on top of more con¬fusion and fear; and we all know that the bigger the pile of such garbage, the longer it takes to decay. I am a victim of misinformation and denial of in¬formation, and to this day I continue to work to overcome ingrained myths and taboos about sex. I fantasize about what it might have been like to have been taught the joys and responsibilities of sex or the normalcy of sexual expression, just as I was taught nutrition in Health class and the Monroe Doctrine in History. I wish that I had been taught that sexual intercourse was but one form out of a whole spectrum of healthy sexuality. Not surprising, however, are the current crusades to take what sex education there is out of the schools. If you follow the local papers, you know that the heated conflicts are just beginning in Fort Wayne. The crusaders feel that sex education is solely the responsibility of the parents. Pro¬viding sex information is no more the sole re-sponsibility of the parents than the teaching of mathematics or English. Parents are key factors in encouraging their children how to use sex cor¬rectly - and within their individual moral ethics- just as they can encourage the proper use of English. But parents usually don't have all the answers to a present-day teen’s questions. Be¬sides, they are even more severely damaged victims of sex-phobia than are my generation. For many of them, providing sexual information would be like trying· to teach their children new math, It is time we began to lighten up on the subject of sex and became more realistic in our discus¬sion on the subject, as well as the absurd laws that govern sex. We are in an age when free, "enlightened" sexual expression is almost a fad, and yet girls continue to get pregnant without know¬ing how; homosexuality - or anything outside of under-the-sheets heterosexuality - is made to look criminal; venereal disease continues to flourish because of lack of frank education, etc. We need to accept and deal with sexual needs, problems, and questions more openly. Teaching su¬ppression, abstention, or simply ignoring sexual¬ity is not only unfair, but it doesn't work in stifling sexual activity. Denying sexual feelings at seventeen is like denying the force of a tor¬nado! Being more open about our sexuality is a broaden¬ing movement at present. We must move with such changes and work with those changes to get the best out of them. As teachers ourselves, we must encourage responsibility, gentleness, love, and caring in whatever settings we find ourselves. Of course, we cannot be afraid of learning new things ourselves. Teaching oppression of any kind- or more specifically the "evils" of sex in this case - will reap a crop of moldy wheat, whose growth is permanently stunted, "TROIS" (Three Rivers' One In Six) is a monthly publication of the "Gay/Lesbian Organization of Fort Wayne." All correspondence (suggestions, donations, manuscripts, etc.) may be sent to P.O. Box12501, Fort Wayne, IN, 46863. Material in this newsletter is original unless otherwise credited. Any opinion included is an ex¬pression of the writers only. Please credit "TROIS-Fort Wayne" when reprinting from us.. "TROIS” is funded through donations and fund-raisers so that the issues may be free and therefore reach as many persons as possible. Our purpose as an information source is to receive and relay news, opinion, and activity that would contribute to the building of the gay and lesbian movement and the growth of gay and lesbian consciousness. Persons' names, organizations, and advertisers included in "TROIS" are no indication of their sexual preference. •·STAFF •EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Kent Neuhouser; FEATURE EDITOR, 'Barry Davis; COPY EDITOR, John Scott; CIRCULATION EDITOR, NEEDED!! CALENDAR EDITOR, Jerry Jokay; CONTRIBUTORS, Conrad Satala, Mary R. Voors, and Steve Lewis. If you are interested in working with TROIS or another area of GLO at Fort Wayne, Inc. contact Kent Neuhouser at 745-4460 or write to TROIS. (ADVERTISEMENT) RAINBOW'S OF LIFE New Concept in book buying Save 10% off most titles published (except texts & foreign books) A mail order bookstore Books available - all subjects including gay/lesbian/feminist To place your order, call 422-7913 EVENINGS 6:00-9:00 SATURDAY 9:00-5:00 ~ Member American Bookseller Association • RESPONSE To Kent Neuhouser: I had to write to tell you how much I appreciate TROIS • It gets better all the time ….The only constructive criticism I have is the many misspellings. GLO is certainly doing all sorts of exciting events. I've been sending our copy of TROIS each time to a different person in Indiana .In the May issue of TROIS, you mentioned an inci¬dent of physical violence toward you. That vio¬lence is one of the challenges (not problems) for an openly gay person. I knew that before I came out (actually, was pushed out of the closet.) In March 1979, a car peeled out of a side street and came for me, down the wrong side of the street. I saved my life by thinking fast enough to put my hands on the hood and clear the car ….. the car stopped where I had been; the four occupants laughed, hysterically, and then peeled down the correct side of the street ….. This took place in front of a gay restaurant and bar. The next 5 to 10 years will be worse for lesbians and gay men, before it gets better. I continue tell Brethren and Mennonites this, because l feel the historic peace churches should be doing something about the oppression and Christian hatred that are spreading. I also want to add my feeling, that if Reagan gets in control of the U.S., there will probably be a war, and possibly sane sort of "police state control" of lesbians and gay men. Inner peace, brother! Martin R. Rock Coordinator of the Brethren/Mennonite Council for Gay Concerns Box 24060, Washington, D.C. 20024 • TROIS welcomes letters of criticism, praise, comment, and information from its readers on any subject. Since the letters printed are the opinion of the writer and not necessarily of TROIS, they must be signed and the full name will be printed with the letter unless accompanied with a statement giving permission to use only a part of the name. TROIS reserves the right to edit or reject any letters submitted. Address letters to RESPONSE c/o TROIS, Box 12501, Fort Wayne, ln, 46863 In so managing this “RESPONSE” column, we hope to fulfill our purpose as a forum for public comment, opinion, and dialogue • GLO UPDATE-by Mary R. Voors • October's General Meeting took place on the first of the month at the Mental Health Center with 22 people present, among them several new people. The various committees gave their reports. In old business, a controversy about the last board election was discussed. The question was presented whether the election should be reheld due to a possible misuse of one absentee ballot. After it was pointed out that one vote would not have changed the outcome of the board election, the matter was dropped. Also in old business was a proposed reorganization of committees in the following manner: Committee 1- Professional services; educa¬tional committee; information network; Committee 2-TROIS Committee 3--social options, special inter-ests; Committee 4---religious concerns; Committee 5--public relations and fundraising (under the board's di¬rection); Committee 6-political concerns; The reorganization was passed unanimously. In old business, a change in the by-laws was pro¬posed to prevent a mix-up at the next general election. Ricke Gibeau resigned her position as treasurer due to major job conflicts, and nominations were opened for that position. A call was put forth for aluminum cans for recy-cling as a fund-raising project for the education committee. People are encouraged to bring their aluminum beer and pop cans to the general meet¬ings. A vote was taken on a logo for GLO. The winner is the emblem currently gracing the cover of TROIS. It is a lambda at the intersection of three riv¬ers, surrounded by three circles and was designed by Kent Neuhouser. It was emphasized that all board meetings are o¬pen; any member of GLO is welcome to attend. Board meetings are held the last Monday of every month; the place of the meeting changes monthly and is announced in TROIS 's calendar. The meeting then adjourned with "warm fuzzies" for everyone. • RAPPIN'• The Tuesday night raps for the lesbian & gay community are back! But we can't do it alone; we need your help. Come and share with us Tuesday, Nov. 11th. We will be meeting in Room 300 of First Presbyterian Church, 300 W. Wayne St., at 7:30pm. There is so much about each other we need to know. Topics for discussion will depend on your interest. •"GAY ATHEIST LEAGUE OF AMERICA may well be the fastest growing gay group concerned with the issue of religion in America today” Advocate Jan 10 1980. IF YOU BELIEVE organized religion is the greatest enemy of lesbians and gay men write for free copy of GALA Review to: GALA, P. O. BOX 14142, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94114 • They Say ''IF'' is the epitaph on the tombstone of opportunity. • THE SOCIAL SCENE by Jerry Jokay • The Social Options Committee has been operating at full tilt this fall. One of its most success¬ful ventures of the year was the Potluck Dinner and Talent Showcase, held at the countryside home of Ken Feller and Bill Silverman. A large crowd shared the dinner and then watched the talents of several local persons. The party lasted quite late, a sure sign that it was well enjoyed. On Sunday, October 5, a group of thirteen persons took part in an evening riverboat cruise, which included a delightful island picnic. Fort Wayne's Historic Riverboat cruises was quite helpful in providing the special service of depositing the GLO party guests on an island in the St. Joe Riv¬er north of town. Although the weather turned quite brisk, a nice bonfire gave so much of the needed warmth, that nobody wanted to leave, when it finally became time to do so.A t press time, details were still being negotia¬ted for Halloween night. Due to unexpected chan¬ges at the Crosier House, a new place had to be located. There has been talk of a dance in Nov¬ember ,but plans are still open. The committee's hope is that GLO members will help to find some low-cost, indoor gathering places which might be suitable for GLO events during the winter season. Also, there is sane talk of a One Year Anniversa¬ry celebration for GLO. Although GLO's incorpor¬ation was not official until recently, the people who have been the backbone of the organization as we now know it have been working together almost a year. This would be a great opportunity to pat them on the backs for their efforts. Watch your mail and listen to the grapevine for news of this and other events from Social Options. (ADVERTISEMENT) GAY / LESBIAN HELP LINE Mon - Thurs 7:30 pm to 10 pm Fri & Sat 7:30 pm to 12 midnight 744-0484; • NEWS NOTES compiled by Conrad Satala • So much of the time "straight" news deals only with the problems and/or negative aspects of Gay/Lesbian lifestyles. The following positive infor¬mation was found in the Advocate and/or Gay Community News.- Massachusetts’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Lesbian mother …ending a four year custody bat¬tle by giving her children back to her. The court stated "that being a Lesbian is not sufficient grounds for her (the mother) to be judged unfit to care for her own children."- Ed Asner (Lou Grant) condemns the Navy for trying to sever its ties with the women accused of homosexual activity.- Manhattan judges "have ruled that sexual orien¬tation cannot be a cause for exclusion from jury duty.- A lesbian in Northern California has won a battle to become a deputy sheriff.- Philadelphia police commissioner has announced that the city's police department would welcome applications from openly Gay men and women.- At a United Nations Commissions on Human Rights meeting, the Netherlands openly opposed the "in¬stitutional practice of discrimation (sic discrimination) against homosexuals by the U.S."- The US has made a minor change in its immigra¬tion policy concerning Gays/Lesbians. If the arriving foreigner answers the question of "Are you a Homosexual" with either a no or refuses to answer, then, he or she will be admitted. (ADVERTISEMENT) RAINBOWS OF LIFE ALTERNATIVE LIFE STYLE COUNSELING Individual – Couples - Family -Children - Coming out groups by and for the Gay/ Lesbian commu¬nity CONRAD L. SATALA, M.S. (219) 422-7913 • OUR GOD TOO What is homosexuality? A Better Understanding For Clergy Part 1 • "I've never had to think about the issue of homo¬sexuality before, not even in seminary. I feel good about today's exposure. This is exciting!" This statement of one of the twenty-two area clergy, as well as four non-clergy participants, in the first clergy workshop on the gay community within and outside the churches, expressed the feeling of many who attended. The six-hour semi¬nar, arranged by the Clergy Task Force which works under the umbrella of the Religious Con¬cerns Committee of GLO, was facilitated by Carol Durham, psychiatric counselor and faculty member at IU/PU, Conrad Satala, therapist at the Mental Health Center and Administrator of GLO, and Terri Worman, IU/PU student and President of the Uni¬versity Gay Activists. Several members of the Religious Concerns Committee and Clergy Task Force assisted in the day's discussion and pre¬sentations. After the introductory amenities the workshop was launched by an exercise led by Satala, who asked participants to call out names associated with homosexuals/-ity. The input produced a full va¬riety of reactions from "effeminate" and "butch" to "faggot" and "gay". One of the day's goals was to work through the emotional power of these and other labels, thus freeing the individual liste¬ner to relate to other persons without the pre¬judices that such labels and stereotypes often inspire. Next the workshop used two "fishbowl" experiences in which gays, lesbians, and clergy volunteered to participate in small discussions of their own feelings and concerns while being observed by the larger group, which sat in a cir¬cle surrounding the small group. This technique allows a large group to receive the benefits of the depth which a small group discussion often reaches, as it promotes active listening and ob¬servation of the feeling levels of the inner-cir¬cle participants. Both the gay/lesbian and clergy participants in the seminar discovered a wealth of shared concerns and common experiences during the fishbowl sessions. Among the responses elicited by the fishbowl ex¬periments were these: the phenomenon of feeling somehow "different" at a young age; an awareness of being very sensitive; the belief and reality that "being gay is only one small part of me; "stages of having to "come out" to one's self, then perhaps to other gays/lesbians, to trustwor¬thy straight friends, and even to one's own fam¬ily distinguishing between one's sensuality and sexuality; making peace with God in a church where gays are treated as and spoken of as evil; coming to grips with negative social stereotypes often associated with gays, such as child moles¬tation, promiscuity, etc.; the courage needed for anyone, gay or straight, to develop an image ofself-esteem and social value in a world which de-values many of the most admirable human charac¬teristics. After a lunch in the university cafeteria the group reconvened into three workshops; each par¬ticipant rotated to all three in the course of the afternoon. Topics explored were: "The Pastor on the Pedestal; How Does He/She Get Off It?";"Resources for the Pastor Working with Gay Mem¬bers of the Church in Fort Wayne;" and "How Gay/Lesbian Members Can Be Incorporated into All Church Program Areas." Interest remained high throughout the various workshops, with many cler¬gy expressing an interest in learning more about the workings of the gay community and the "suc¬cess stories" of some congregations in getting handles on helpful ways to involve gay/lesbian members meaningfully in church life. The day con¬cluded with a thought-provoking film, "What About McBride?", which deals with teenage homophobia, and both verbal and written evaluations of the day. Participants in the workshop were from the following denominations: United Methodists; Roman Catholics; United Church of Christ; Lutheran Church in America; United Presbyterians; American Baptists; Unitarians; Orthodox; and Episcopali¬ans. (next month: the clergy comment on the state of gays in their churches) • Put Your Plans in Perspective • Are the bullies getting you down? Daily rou¬tines, pressures at work and home, uncertain¬ties about the purposes that underlie all the activities that drive you to the edge? You may need to join us on the Religious Con¬cerns Committee's FALL RETREAT at Coldwater, Michigan. In a quaint cabin setting you’ll enjoy time to share stories, listen, ask questions, explore private and group meditation, and walk in a lovely woods. The date? Friday, November 21, through Sunday the 23rd. Weekend expenses will run $18 per person (or$16.20 for GLO members), which covers food and housing. Transportation will be in car ¬pools. You bring your own bedding, plus games, snacks, and beverages to share with the group, which will be limited to eleven. Registrations? More info? Call John Scott, 743-7421 or 744-5298, or other members of Religious Concerns. "REFLECTING ON OUR FAITH EXPERIENCESOR OUR LACK OF THEM" : a fall retreat November 21-23, 1980 Coldwater, Michigan. CLASSIFIED ~ With this monthly column TROIS offers you the op¬portunity to print want ads, happy ads, for sale ads, for rent ads, help wanted ads , special service ads, etc. Your ad will reach over 400 readers and will not be "lost" in the copy as mos tclassified ads are. An ad with 100 spaces or les s(that includes letters, spaces between words and punctuation) is only $1.00. Any ad over 100 spaces is $2.00; all ads must be under 250 spac¬es. Your ad must be submitted no later than the 15th of the month previous to the issue in which the ad will appear. Type or print NEATLY all copy and we will print it as you have indicated. TROIS reserves the right to refuse ads that do not correspond with our policy. We will not print obscene language, ads of direct personal attack, or ads of extreme sexual connotation. We have no intention to compete with "The Advocate's" Pink Section or certain bathroom walls. • Wanted: A person to share house (private bed¬room) in Fort Wayne. Call 456-2008 for ¬more information. FOR SALE GLO Garage Sale leftovers: 3 easy Chairs, record player, reel-to-reel tape player, metal shelves. paperbacks, other misc., call 745-4460 If interested. (ADVERTISEMENT) Fort Wayne Dignity P.O. BOX 11676 FORT WAYNE, INDIANA 46859 Dignity/Ft. Wayne is a Catholic sponsored organization promoting the spiritual and social life of gays and lesbians. Meetings are held on 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month at 5:00 p.m. at Lewis and Calhoun St. For more information please call: 484-5634 • 1980 NOVEMBER • 2) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; DIGNITY BUSINESS MEETING; 9) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS; ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 9:00 PM - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 16) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 23) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS)/ 30; 3) GLO INFORMATION NETWORK COMMITTE MEETING 8:00 PM (CALL74-4460 FOR DETAILS); NOW GENERAL MEETING 7:00 PM ERA WALK-A-THON AWARDS TO BE PRESENTED YWCA ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 2000 WELLS STREET ASK IN ADVANCE FOR FREE CHILD CARE; 24)GLO OPEN BOARD MEETING FOR INFORMATION, CALL 422-7913; 4) ELECTION DAY; 11) VETERANS DAY; 5) GLO GENERAL MEETING (See previous special mailing for details); OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP 7:30 PM TO 9:00 PM (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 12) GLO SOCIAL OPTIONS COMMITTEE MEETING FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL JERRY AT 637-3520; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP 7:30 TO 9:00 PM (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 26) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP 7:30 TO 9:00 PM (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 6) GLO SINGLES GROUP, 7:30 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 456-5023 OR 745-4460; 20) GLO SINGLES GROUP 7:30 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 456-5023 OR745-4460; 27) THANKSGIVING; 21) GLO RELIGIOUS CONCERNS COMMITTEE RETREAT THROUGH SUNDAY; DIGNITY RETREAT ADRIAN, MINCHIGAN THROUGH SUNDAY; 1) PRAYER MEETING 6:00 PM OPEN DOOR CHAPEL LEITH AND LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 8) GLO GYM NIGHT MENTAL HEALTH CENTER G 909 E, STATE 8:30 PM; LESBIAN C-R MEETING FOR INFORMATION CONCERNING LOCATION & TRANSPORTATION CALL 749-9350; PRAYER MEETING 6:00 PM OPEN DOOR CHAPEL LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 15) PRAYER MEETING 6:00 PM OPEN DOOR CHAPEL LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 22) GLO GYM NIGHT MENTAL HEALTH CENTER 909 E. STATE 8:30 PM; PRAYER MEETING 6:00 PM OPEN DOOR CHAPEL LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 29) GLO GYM NIGHT MENTAL HEALTH CENTER 909 E. STATE 8:30 PM; PRAYER MEETING 6:00 PM OPEN DOOR CHAPEL LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS;

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