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Created Date: 10-01-1980
Edition: October 1980, Issue 10
Publisher: Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne
Coverage: 1980-1987
Frequency: Published Monthly
Digitally Archived: 2016
Transcript: Three Rivers' One In Six • TROIS • October 1980 • Fort Wayne, Indiana • Issue 10 • Indy Conference Full of Enthusiasm Despite Protesters Outside ... a state on the move by Jerry Jokay The September 13th Indiana Lesbian and Gay State Conference, held at the west-side Indianapolis YWCA, met as scheduled in spite of picketing by approximately one hundred followers of Indiana¬-Baptist preacher Greg Dixon. The protestors, most of whom were men (and same children), gathered in the street opposite the "Y", where they had the attention of the local media. The seventy confer¬ence participants, however, turned their atten¬tion toward the conference, thus causing few al¬terations in the planned schedule, and no altera¬tions in the public's view. The theme of the con¬ference was "From Pride to Politics," and the marchers outside served well as a grim illustra¬tion of the type of mentality we, gay and lesb¬ian people, are up against. The marchers’ actions spurred plenty of publicity for the conference. Camera crews and the report¬ers showed up, but none were allowed inside the building. Conference officials did, however, iss¬ue a statement to the press: "Lesbians, gay men, and our friends from through¬out Indiana are gathering today to discuss our political, economic, and social well-being. We are Americans , with the right to peaceably assem¬ble." Sonney Snell, Associate Pastor of the Baptist Church, issued his own statement which was print¬ed in the Indianapolis Star: "I don't call them homosexuals or gays, I just call them 'queer'! They're not gay, they're the sorriest people on the face of the earth, and I don't want these perverts teaching my children." Nellie Gustafson, Executive Director of the YWCA, welcomed the conference participants, and was re¬ceived with a warm round of applause. She told of threatening phone calls which she had received, and also of a request from Dixon, that the word "Christian" be stricken from the name of the Young Women's Christian Association. She asserted our right as Americans to convene peaceably to discuss political concerns. The conference facilitators, Larry Sanner of the Gay/Lesbian Union, and Helen Finch of the Bloom-ington Gay Alliance, both gave a brief history of Indiana's grassroots movement following the 1979 March on Washington. Keynote speaker Mary Byrne of Indianapolis spoke on the conference theme. Byrne spoke movingly of the 1970's as "our time" … it was the decade in which gays and lesbians gathered together in consciousness¬-raising groups to dispel societal mythology, and to discover, in fact, our normalcy ("We are the invisible minority.") She finished by saying , "We've gotten our anger out. Now it's time for us to get to work!" Al Lopp of Indianapolis presented the legislative report. Hot issues included the denial of entry into the country by homosexuals and the fact that (continued on p. 3) • HOOSIER PRIDE • A Publication of the Gay / Lesbian Organization (GLO) At Fort Wayne • EDITORSPACE BOLD Support by Kent Neuhouser The Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne, Inc. has been patted on the back and encouraged by many individuals, or¬ganizations, churches, and other groups, just as we each have personal non-gay friends who support our life-style. That is an important comfort. Still, it's a special friend who goes as far as putting up a picture of you and your lover arm in arm in his/her kitchen. And it's a special non-gay friend who speaks up for lesbian/gay rights in a room full of Jerry Falwell crusaders. And isn't it a special friend who can say "lesbian or ngayn or "lover" without stuttering? A special thanks to Pat Diehl, President of the Northeast Indiana Chapter of NOW, who proudly included us in her letter to the Journal-Gazette, thanking all who helped with the ERA Walk-a-thon in Aug¬ust. The reason we call it a special thanks is because we were referred to as "The Gay/Lesbian Organization" and not just some unexplained "G.L.O." The same special thanks goes to the Unitarian Church. While there for the Full Moon Concert, we were happy to see TROIS post¬ed on their bulletin board along with other community news. It was at eye level, not hidden behind other papers as we have seen it posted at other places. Bold support does make a difference - that is the plateau where we can feel 100% equal. And equality and dignity are what it's all about, sister/brother! Thanks to all our brave and bold friends! • STAFF• EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Kent J. Neuhouser; FEATURE EDITOR, Barry Davis; COPY EDITOR, John Scott; CIRCULATION EDITOR, Ricke Galmeier; CALENDAR EDITOR, Jerry Jokay; CONTRIBUTORS, Janet Cox, Terri Worman, & Willie Harney. If you are interested in working with TROIS or another area. of GLO at Fort Wayne, Inc., contact Kent Neuhouser at 745-4460 or write to TROIS. • POETRY • Here's just a reminder that manuscripts and/or pieces of art work are being accepted for a cre¬ative writing booklet/magazine, and all TROIS readers are encouraged to submit their work. If you have any original work/s to be considered for publication, sent it/them to the Information Network Committee of GLO, P.O. Box 12501, Fort Wayne • IN 46863. Manuscripts must be typed and any you wish to have returned must include a self-addressed stamped envelope. A name and address must accompany any piece of work submit¬ted but authors' real names will be printed only if desired. • "TROIS" (Three Rivers’ One In Six) is a monthly publication of the "Gay/Lesbian Organization at Fort Wayne." All correspondence (suggestions, donations, manuscripts, etc. ) may be sent to P.O. Box 12501, Fort Wayne, IN, 46863. Material in this newsletter is original unless otherwise credited. Any opinion included ex¬pression of the writers only. Please credit "TROIS-Fort Wayne" when reprinting from us. "TROIS” is funded through donations and fund-raisers so that the issues may be free and therefore reach as many persons as possible. Our purpose as an information source is to receive and relay news, opinion, and activities that would contribute to the building of the gay and lesbian movement and the growth of gay and lesbian consciousness. Persons' names, organizations, and advertisers included in "TROIS" are no indication of their sexual preference. State Conference Politics And Us cont. from page 1 the largely anti-gay McDonald Amendment had pass¬ed through the House. Also, Lopp sent out a sur¬vey asking legislators about their support of, as well as non-support of, several pro and anti- gay bills. Unfortunately, not one of the questionnaires was returned. He did receive a few replies but all were rather disappointing and vague. Due to the unpleasant conditions outside, (the air reeked poisonously with bigotry and the threat of violence), the group decided not to leave the building for lunch. Instead, those who carried lunches with them set them out on a table, in-viting all to share with them. This genuine act of sensitivity and generosity was appreciated by many of the starved travelers. Following the snack-luncheon, all participants were offered a dizzying number of fascinating workshops which they could attend. Workshops scheduled included parenting, substance abuse, political strategies, women and violence, men and masculinity, how to start a small business, gays and lesbians and the law, sensuality and sexuality, and gays and media. Following the workshops, dinner was served. After dinner, everyone gathered for group discussion • No definite location was chosen for the next con¬ference; however, there is some speculation that it may be sponsored by the organization from Col¬umbus, Indiana, and held in Bloomington, IN. The conference ended with applause for the YWCA staff and a party followed at "Labarys" bar. • Full Moon in/concert • by Terri Worman GLO and its friends were treated to a concert featuring excellent musicianship and downright good music Saturday, August 23, when Full Moon performed as our guests at the Unitarian meeting house. Full Moon, a Ft. Wayne-based group of mul¬ti talented womyn and men, performed to a near -capacity house of enthusiastic followers and many newcomers to their music. In an atmosphere of soft lights and pulsating rhythms, Full Moon introduced many of their own compositions to the group, as well as music of others. Many of the members were single per¬formers at the Sisterspace Coffeehouse or from bands of their own. Through differing combina¬tions of smaller jam sessions, Full Moon has e-volved into a well-blended and close-knit sound, combining elements of classical, jazz, rock, and blues. Voices and instruments juxtaposed to cre¬ate a feeling of support and caring. A glance also confirmed that the musicians were having as good a time as the audience. The concert ended with shouts of "more" and much applause for this talented group. The Social Options Committee and GW wish to thank Full Moon for their generous support and exciting performance, and hope to work again with them in the future. • (ADVERTISEMENT) "GAY ATHEIST LEAGUE OF AMERICA may well be the fastest growing gay group concerned with the issue of religion in America today Advocate Jan. 10.1980 IF YOU BELIEVE organized religion is the greatest enemy of lesbians and gay men write for free copy of GALA Review to: GALA, P.O. BOX 14142, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94114 (ADVERTISEMENT) come and play volleyball • GLO’S GYM NIGHTS!! See calendar for Oct. dates • GLO Elects Board Officers Named Five persons were elected to GLO's Board of Directors at the September 3rd General Meeting and Conrad Satala was named as Administrator after the new Board met and appointed officers. 17 GLO members attended the meeting along with some non-members. Jan Vodinh, Conrad Satala, and Bill Silverman were elected to the Board for a two year term, and Terri Worman and Steven Lewis were elected for a one year term. The different term lengths were set up in order to begin a staggering system so that each election only two or three Board members will be new to the responsibilities. Board members will serve a two year term from now on. This completes the term for GLO's first Board of Directors: Ricke Gibeau, Kent Neuhouser, Susan Roads, and John Scott; Jan Vodinh was re-elected. From the nominations the new Board then met to choose Officers for the next one year term. Along with Administrator Conrad Satala, Terri Wor¬man was appointed Administrative Assistant, Mary Voors was appointed Secretary, and Ricke Gibeau was chosen as Treasurer. Conrad is a Ther¬apist at the Mental Health Center and has worked with GLO since Janu¬ary. He has addressed the public on gay/lesbian issues many times on television and through various seminars/workshops. Conrad is also part owner of the "Rainbows of Life" bookstore. This completes the term for GLO's first Officers, too. Leaving office are Kent Neuhouser {Ad¬ministrator), John Scott (Administrative Assistant), Barry Davis (Secretary), and Ed Lower (Treasurer). Also at the September meeting, an amendment was passed to GLO's By¬laws giving GLO members the right to vote at any Committee and General Meeting. (ADVERTISEMENT) •RAINBOW'S OF LIFE• Over 125,000 mail order books available in all subject areas including gay/lesbian/feminist. 10% off all pre-paid orders 422-7913 Tues. / Wed. 6-9pm; Sat. 10 am-5pm Member, American Bookseller Association • (Advertisement) V.D. CLINIC 5th Floor City-Co. Bldg. Telephone: 423-7504 • CONFERENCE "The Second National Conference on Gay & Lesbian Issues" will take place October 10 thru 12 at the Bismarck Hotel in Chicago. The schedule for the weekend looks very exciting and worthwhile. If you would like details on the National Conference, call Kent Neuhouser at 745-4460 • >>POLITICAL CONCERNS ALERT<< Capitol Brief by Terri Worman On July 22, the House of Representatives took the first step towards a victory for anti-gay forces when they passed the "McDonald Amendment" to the Legal Services Corporation appropria¬tion bill, H.R. 166. The amendment passed by a recorded vote of 290 in favor of it and 113 against (30 congresspersons did not vote). Mr. McDonald (D-GA) called for a recorded vote after a voice vote defeated the amendment. The amendment must now go up for a vote in the Senate. Simply stated, but with grave implications, the amendment reads: "No part of this appropriation shall be used by the Legal Services Cor¬poration to provide legal assistance in promoting, defending, or pro¬tecting homosexuality." This directly violates the purpose of this program --- to ensure equal access to legal services for all people. We pay as many taxes as anyone and yet this legislation denies us the very legal services we so heavily pay for through our taxes. No mention is given in the amendment to waiver the payment of taxes by homosexuals due to our sexual affection in exchange for the denial of these services! In the National Gay Task Force "Action Alert" McDonald was quoted as saying, " … It is my feel¬ing that the Congress of the United states should not spend a penny of the taxpayers' dollar to support, defend, protect, or legitimize the practice or acts of homosexuality … Individuals in their personal lives may be at times solely a matter of their own concern. This is not to say, however, that the Congress … should venerate certain conduct by spending money to defend wholly unacceptable behavior." Using his own homophobia and the impact of an election year, Mr. McDonald is attempting to push through Congress an amendment which, if passed, could mean an ava¬lanche of anti-gay legislation that could lead to the denial of many of our basic rights. Representative Dan Quayle voted for the amendment (against gays). It is imperative that every¬one in this 4th District write a letter to Mr. Quayle, expressing your feelings concerning the vote. If you live in another District, write YOUR representative; the only Indiana Representative who voted against the amendment (for gays) was Congressman Brademas of the 3rd District. Be sure to hand write or type your letter and include a name and address. If you cannot use your own name, use a pseudonym and GLO's P.O. Box 12501, Ft. Wayne, IN, 46863. Explain to the Representative why you have done so (fear of losing a job, family protection, etc.) • Let him know how this will effect your life personally. Letters should be addressed: Congressperson (name of Representative), House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. 20515. For quicker deli¬very to Dan Quayle, add 1407 Longworth Bldg. to the address. It would be helpful to make three copies of your letter, sending one to your congressperson, keeping one for yourself, and sending one to the Political Concerns Committee c/o GLO. We will send them on to the Gay Rights National Lobby for their files (they NEED these letters for more effective lobbying). Our legislators must know we will not take this outrage sitting down. One letter generally counts for 600 votes - let your voice and vote be heard! ** Are You Registered to Vote? Gay votes = gay rights! ** • LESBIANS+ GAY MEN Take Part In ERA WALK-A-THON • by Terri Worman An estimated audience of 100 womyn and men gath¬ered on the grassy slopes of Freimann Square Sat¬urday, August 23rd, to lend support and shoe lea¬ther to the Equal Rights Amendment and the 1980 ERA Walk-a-than. Sponsored by the Northeast Indi¬ana Chapter of NOW, the 10 mile walk-a-thon raised $4,500 for the National ERA Strike Force to continue the fight for ratification of the ERA. At this time, only three more states are needed for ratification. The rally began at 9 am featuring womyn from di¬verse positions speaking on various aspects of equal rights for womyn (and men). The sleep from everyone’s eyes cleared as applause followed each speech and more energy was generated amongst all present. All spoke of the centuries of struggle and frustration characteristic of the fight to¬day, and many spoke 9f the misconceptions about the Equal Rights Amendment. Led by three womyn from Full Moon, the audience's spirits and voices rose as the words "I will be free when my sisters are free, we will be free" rang across Freimann Square. The enthusiastic walkers headed north on Clinton. Included in the walkers were eight GLO members, all sporting green T-Shirts with "Lesbians and Gays for the ERA” across the front. With self-¬appointed cheerleaders leading chants of “what do you want? ERA! When do you want it? NOW!" The group of about seventy continued to the Franke Park midpoint, where they were treated to soft drinks donated bv the Coca-Cola Bottling Company and RKO Bottlers (bottlers of Pepsi). The group returned to Freimann Square tired but knowing that a small step had been taken. Each may have been reflecting in some way on Francis Kilgore's comments, quoting Jill Ruckelshaus at the National Women's Political Caucus: "We are in for a very, very long haul … I am ask¬ing EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO GIVE. We will never give up … You will lose your YOUTH, your SLEEP, your ARCHES , your STRENGTH, your PATIENCE, your SENSE OF HUMOR … and occasionally, the under¬standing and support of the people that you LOVE VERY MUCH. In return, I have nothing to offer to you but ,,, your PRIDE in being a woman, all your DREAMS you've ever had for your daughters and nieces and granddaughters, your FUTURE and the certain KNOWLEDGE that at the end of your days you will be able to look back and say that ONCE in your life you gave EVERYTHING you had for jus-tice." • ERAmerica OUR GOD TOO • by John Scott As of September 15, nearly twenty clergywomen and clergymen in the Fort Wayne area had regis¬tered for the October 1 workshop sponsored by GLO' s Religious Concerns Committee, "Pastoral Ministry with the Gay and Lesbian Members of Your Congregation." The registrants represent a wide diversity of religious denominations. The announced purpose of the workshop is not so much to debate doctrinal issues about theology and sexuality as it is to explore the real day-¬to-day, year-to-year encounters which clergy face with gay and lesbian members of the church, as well as those persons' families. The hope of the committee is that the clergy participants will have more sensitivity and familiarity with the everyday realities of the gay/lesbian pers¬on's life, and be able to plug into a network of other clergy, professional, and lay people who can be truly helpful to gay church members and their families. Further details on the workshop can be obtained from John Scott at First Presbyterian Church (743-7421), or check last month's TROIS. (ADVERTISEMENT) RAINBOWS OF LIFE… ALTERNATIVE LIFE STYLE COUNSELING Individual - Couples - Famiiy - Children. - Coming out group by and for the Gay/ Lesbian commu¬nity. CONRAD L. SATALA, M.S.• (219) 422·7913 • BEGJNNINC PUBLIC RELATIONS by Kent Neuhouser Seeing a need for better public relations between the news media and the gay/les¬bian community, GLO's previous Board of Directors appointed three GLO members to a P.R. Staff. First on the priority list for the staff is to hold a press confer¬ence. Conrad Satala, therapist at the Mental Health Center; Terri Worman, of the Uni¬versity Gay Activists; and Lynn Paulson, a journalism student, were chosen by the Board after they volunteered their ser¬vices and discussed their goals with mem¬bers of the Board. The P.R. Staff hopes to spur a rise in membership and interest in GLO through advertising, public ser¬vice announcements, and especially through the news media. Conrad, Terri, and Lynn will act as spokespersons for the organization and give public inter¬pretation of GLO's point of view. It is hoped that our voice will sound loud and clear in the community to let Fort Wayne know that GLO exists and that homosexuals make up their community, too. Since many of us feel that we are not able to be that public, our spokespersons are a vi¬tal part of GLO. The Public Relations Staff is presently working to organize a major press confer¬ence to be held in the near future. The purpose of the conference will be to “come out" to the community - explaining our purposes and goals and to announce GL0’s new officers. • 'Logo Contest • GLO needs a logo and any GLO member can submit one. One does not need to be a Picasso to enter the logo contest. If you have an idea, submit it! A vote will be taken at the October general meeting (that's Wednesday night, October 1st) to choose a final emblem. You have until that time to enter. Entries may be submitted in advance by mailing them to TROIS, or in person at the October meeting. See you then! • GLO Religious Concerns • by John Scott The GLO Religious Concerns Committee, which has its next meeting on Tues., Oct. 14, at 8:00 p.m. at Open Door Chapel (Leith and Lafayette)is fin¬alizing plans for its second spiritual emphasis retreat, which will be November 21-23 in Cold¬water, Michigan. Registration for this event, which must be limited to eleven people, is being handled through John Scott at First Presbyterian Church (743-7421) or (home, 744-5298). The re-treat will use discussion, meditation, creative exercises, and plentiful free time to give par¬ticipants an opportunity to look at the variety of faith experiences which have been part of their history; or, at the lack of those faith experiences during difficult "dry" periods. The weekend promises to be relaxing, informative, and rejuvenating. Plan to bring a friend! Cook¬ing and care of the guest cabin will be shared by participants; expenses are anticipated to be about $18 per person. Members of GLO will be given a 10% discount. • CLASSIFIEDS • With this monthly column TROIS offers you the op¬portunity to print want ads,· happy ads, for sale ads, for rent ads, help wanted ads, special ser¬vice ads, etc. Your ad will reach over 400 read¬ers and will not be "lost" in the copy as most classified ads are. An ad with 100 spaces or less (that includes letters, spaces between words, and punctuation) is only $1.00. Any ad over 100 spaces is $2.00; all ads must be under 250 spac¬es. Your ad must be submitted no later than the 15th of the month previous to the issue in which the ad will appear. Type or print NEATLY all copy and we will print it as you have indicated. TROIS reserves the right to refuse ads that do not correspond with our policy. We will not print obscene language, ads of direct personal attack, or ads of extreme sexual connotation. We have no intention to compete with "The Advocate's" Pink Section or certain bathroom walls. WANTED: RESPONSIBLE PARTY to share home - preferably male. Call 743-0278; ask for Joe. • 1980 OCTOBER • UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, ALL ACTIVITIES ARE OPEN TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS. ANYONE INTERESTED IN NOW MEMBERSHIP SHOULD CONTACT OFN OF THE FOUR OFFICERS LISTED IN THE NOW NEWSLETTERS. 5) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM ROOM 300 PIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; DIGNITY BUSINESS MEETING; 12) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); GAY ALCOHOLIICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM – ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 19) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM - ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 26) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 7:00 PM CHURCH SERVICE LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); GAY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 8:00 PM ROOM 300 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 6) GLO INFORMATION NETWORK COMMITTEE MEETING 8:00 PM (CALL 745-4460 ) FOR DETAILS; 13) COLUMBUS DAY; 14) GLO RELIGIOUS CONCERNS COMMITTEE MEETING OPEN DOOR CHAPEL 8:00 PM LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS; 1) GLO GENERAL MEETING 8:00 PM FORT WAYNE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER MJLTI-PURPOSE ROOM 909 EAST STATE; GLO RELIGIOUS CONCERNS SUB-COMMITTEE CLERGY WORKSHOP; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP; 8) GLO SOCIAL OPTIONS COMMITTEE MEETING FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL JERRY AT 637-3520 WE APPRECIATE INPUT FROM YOU, THE COMMUNITY WHICH WE SERVE; OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP 7:30 PM TO 9:00 PM (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 15) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP 7:30 PM TO 9:00 PM (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 22) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP 7:30 PM TO 9:00 PM (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 29) OPEN DOOR CHAPEL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS GROUP 7:30 PM TO 9:00 PM ( CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 2) GLO SINGLES GROUP, 7:30 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 456-5023 OR 745-4460; 16) GLO SINGLES GROUP, 7:30 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 456-5023 OR 745-4460; 3) OPEN DOOR NITE AT THE OPEN DOOR LEITH & LAFAYETTE SHEETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); NOW NATIONAL CONFERENCE THROUGH SUNDAY DELIGATES WILL RETURN WITH RESOLUTIONS; 10) OPEN DOOR NITE AT THE OPEN DOOR LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 17) OPEN DOOR NITE AT THE OPEN DOOR LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 24) UNITED NATIONS DAY; OPEN DOOR NITE AT THE OPEN DOOR LEITH & LAFAYETTE STREETS (CALL 744-0484 FOR DETAILS); 31) GLO/OPEN DOOR/DIGNITY HALLOWEEN PARTY (SEE FLYER); 4) DIGNITY WESTERN DANCE 8:00 PM CROSIER SHED HOUSE; FULL MOON OUTDOOR CONCERT TACUMWAH BALLPARK, FREEMAN & TAYLOR 2:00 PM $3.00 UNDER 12 $1.50; 11) GLO'S GYM NIGHT COME JOIN US FOR VOLLEYBALL! FORT WAYNE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER GYM 8:00 PM 909 EAST STATE; 18) SWEETEST DAY; 25) GLO'S GYM NIGHT COME JOIN US FOR VOLLEYBALL! FORT WAYNE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER GYM 8:00 PM 909 EAST STATE; BE SURE TO SEE --FULL MOON--OCT0BER 4;

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