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Created Date: 01-01-1980
Edition: January 1980, Issue 1
Publisher: Task Force On Homosexuality
Coverage: 1980-1987
Frequency: Published Monthly
Digitally Archived: 2016
Transcript: Three Rivers' One In Six • TROIS • January 1980 • Fort Wayne, Indiana • Issue 1 • TROIS Hopes To Unite Area Gays We have come to a point of beginnings -- a new year, a new decade, a new endeavor. This is the first issue of "TROIS," a newsletter for and by the Gay community and Non-Gay friends of Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. "TROIS" is a product of The Information Network Committee which evolved from The Task Force on Homosexuality initiated by First Presbyterian Church, 300 West Wayne Street. Thanks to the efforts of The Task Force, there is now a beginning of community involvement for the needs of the Gay population of our city. The name of this publication, "TROIS," is an acronym for Three Rivers One In Six; Three Rivers identifies it with Fort Wayne and One In Six refers to the statistic that one out of every six persons is Gay. Also, the word "trois" is the French word for "three" (pronounced trwa) which alludes to homosexuals being referred to as "the third sex." The founders and staff of "TROIS" are members of the Information Network Committee of The Task Force. The Group's purpose is to unite Fort Wayne's Gay community's actions and thoughts, and thus to contribute to the building of the Gay movement and the growth of Gay liberation and consciousness. This newsletter is only the first of many projects that this committee plans to initiate, and it is hoped that this newsletter will become the voice of the Gay population of our community. To fulfill the committee's goals, they need your help; they need your input, your suggestions, your help financially and physically, and most of all your interest and support. The committee's chairperson, Kent Neuhauser, is also the Editor of "TROIS". He can be reached at 745-4460 if you have input for the newsletter, if you are interested in working with the staff or if you can help out financially. This introductory issue of "TROIS" contains the activities of the six other committees formed from the Task Force. All interested individuals are welcome to get involved with the planning sessions and any activity published in "TROIS". Our future as Gay people depends upon our planning and involvement now. We are all such varied individuals in the way we think, in our values, and in our beliefs, yet still we are sisters and brothers of the Gay community and, more importantly, the entire community. We are everywhere---in Fort Wayne's businesses, in Fort Wayne's churches, in Fort Wayne's schools, in every neighborhood. We are in Fort Wayne's history, its present, and will be a part of its future. We need each other for support, strength, and understanding in overcoming the injustices and conflicts we all face. Our final liberation is behind the mountain of bigotry, hatred, and misunderstandings and that's an impossible mountain to conquer alone! • Task Force Committees Organize • First Presbyterian's Task Force on homosexuality started as a result of persons interested in gay people being ordained into the ministry, especially those of the Presbyterian persuasion. Out of this Task Force has evolved many ideas, but even more, an increasing number of people with an excitement and a dedication to see that the gay community of Fort Wayne be united, along with the education of gays and non-gays. These people have formed seven committees in which certain ideas have been discussed in reference to reaching out to the gay community: • Special Interest Activities • The Special Interest Activities Committee, chaired by Barry Davis, was formed for the purpose of enriching individual lives in the gay community by forming such activities as support 'rap' groups, hobby & craft groups, readers' theatre, a Gay community choir, and/or other activities as may be warranted in the future. This Committee intends to sponsor fund-raising activities such as bake sales, car washes, raffles, craft sales, etc., to provide the funds for this committee and to supplement the funds of other committees as needed. The first fund-raising project will be a bake sale Wednesday, Jan. 16th, at the West State Rogers Market, beginning at 10 a.m. Bake sale goods should be taken to 2631 Indiana Ave. by 9 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15th. Anyone wishing to help should call 745-4460. On Jan. 28th at 8 p.m. a support 'rap' group meeting will be held at 2631 Indiana Ave. to initiate the formation of subsequent groups. • STAFF • EDITOR, Kent Neuhouser; NEWS EDITOR, Bill Silverman; FEATURE EDITOR, Barry Davis; COPY EDITOR, David Muehlenbruch; LAYOUT EDITOR, Ed Lower; CONTRIBUTORS: Willie Harney and Harvey Cocks. • POSITIVE GAY IDENTITY • Fort Wayne Dignity will be sponsoring a two-part workshop entitled "Positive Gay Identity" on Sunday, Jan. 20th and Sunday, Feb. 17th, from 5-7 p.m. at McDougal Chapel. The Workshops, led by Conrad Satala, will be an "experiential interchange" between Conrad and the group in regards to where our identities have come from and how to begin feeling good about ourselves as Gay individuals. McDougal Chapel is located at the corner of Lewis and Calhoun Streets and everyone is welcome. • “TROIS (Three Rivers’ On In Six) is a monthly publication of the Task Force on Homosexuality, 300 W. Wayne St. All correspondence (suggestions, donations, manuscripts, etc.) may be sent to Box 9157, Ft. Wayne, IN, 46809. Material in this newsletter is original unless otherwise credited. Any opinion included is expression of the writers only Please credit “TROIS-Fort Wayne when reprinting from us. “TROIS” is presently funded by donations and fund-raisers and therefore the issues are free; our purpose being to contribute to the building of the Gay movement and the growth of Gay Consciousness. Persons’ names, organizations and advertisers included in TROIS” are on indication of their sexual preference. • Education • The Education Committee is helping to unite the community through a pilot series of workshops; the first of which concerns similarities between male homosexuals and lesbians along with educating gay males and lesbians about each other, i.e. trust groups (couples) vs. cruising the streets vs. the bar scene. Through these workshops the committee hopes to raise the level of consciousness and strength of gays. The next meeting to plan for the workshop will be held Tuesday, Jan. 22nd, at 8 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church, 300 West Wayne Street at Webster. Any interested gays and non-gays may attend. Some future suggested workshops include "Awareness of your total being," (including all facets as a human being and a gay human being,) "How to be part of the human community," and "Bisexuality," etc. • Social Options • It is the task of this committee to consider and present suggestions for increasing the social opportunities available to the gay community of Fort Wayne since there are few alternatives to the bars. Some of the suggested alternatives have been dinners, dances, non-religious retreats, theatre parties, and the eventual establishment of some form of coffee house or member club. This committee shares with all the other committees in the knowledge that there is much that can be provided to the gay population of Fort Wayne, and the realization that present resources are limited. Your suggestions are invited and your participation is most welcome. Lyle King is chairperson. The first activity of the Social Options Committee will be a pot luck dinner on Jan. 19th at 7 p.m. 826 Nelson St. • Religious Events • The Religious Events Committee hopes to offer Gays and friends religiously oriented activities. A meeting is in the planning for many area clergy supportive of Gays to meet. Also they are planning a retreat for late in February which will focus on spiritual insights and self-awareness. For further information about these activities or if you are interested in working with the committee, contact Chairperson John Scott at First Presbyterian Church (743-7421) or at home (744-5298). • Professional Services • The Professional Services Committee will continue to determine what professional services are already available to Gay people, and which are not. Methods of getting Gay people in touch with the services they need will be planned, and the possible establishment of a non-profit gay counseling center will be considered. Anyone wishing to help on this committee contact Chairperson Conrad Satala at 422-7913. • Governing Board • This committee has, in reality, put itself temporarily out of business. The present governing board--if that term is to be retained--consists of a Committee composed of the chairpersons of all committees and such other delegates as necessary to permit the sharing of information between all committees. At present, there is no governing power vested in any person or body. It is hoped that the Task Force will grow to the point where a community services organization can be founded to coordinate and expand upon the work that is just beginning. As we near that goal, this committee will again become active. • JANUARY 1980 • (CALENDAR) 6) METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY CHURCH 2802 SOUTH LAFAYETTE STREET WORSHIP SERVICE 6:45PM; 13) 2:00PM INFORMATION NETWORK COMMITTEE MEETING 2631 INDIANA AVENUE ** C.R. GROUP FOR GAY MEN 5:00PM CONTACT: STEVE LEWIS 422-7913 ** MCC WORSHIP SERVICE 6:45PM; 20) DIGNITY WORKSHOP PART 1 “POSITIVE GAY IDENTITY” 5:00 - 7:00 McDOUGAL CHAPEL ** MCC WORSHIP SERVICE 6:45PM; 27) C.R. GROUP FOR GAY MEN 5:00PM CONTACT: STEVE LEWIS 422-7913; 15) DELIVER BAKE SALE GOODS TO: 2631 INDIANA AVENUE 5:00 -10:00PM; 22) EDUCATION COMMITTEE 8:00PM WORKSHOP & PLANNING SESSION FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; 29) 8:00PM SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP SUPPORT GROUP PLANNING 2631 INDIANA AVENUE; 9) TASK FORCE ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING MENTAL HEALTH CENTER 8:00PM 16) SPECIAL INTEREST COMMITTEE BAKESALE AT ROGERS MARKET WEST STATE ST. 10:00AM; 31) DEADLINE To REGISTER “MEN IN TRANSITION” MENTAL HEALTH CENTER; 4) MCC OPEN DOOR NITE. 7-12M; 11) MCC OPEN DOOR NITE 7-12M; 18) MCC OPEN DOOR NITE 7 -12M; 25) SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE MEETING 8:00PM 2631 INDIANA AVENUE; MCC OPEN DOOR NITE 7 - 12M; 19) SOCIAL OPTIONS COMMITTEE POT LUCK DINNER 7:00PM 826 NELSON STREET • MEN IN TRANSITION• “MEN IN TRANSITION,” A FIVE WEEK SEMINAR BEGINNING FEBRUARY SEVENTH, WILL BE LOOKING AT WHAT IT MEANS TO BE MALE IN TODAYS WORLD. REGISTRATION AND FURTHER INFORMAION ABOUT THE SERIES MAY BE OBTAINED AT THE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER, 909 EAST STATE BLVD., BEFORE FEBRUARY FIRST.

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