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The Rainbow Reader V10 I11

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  • Text: Volume 11, Issue 4 Page 1 The Rainbow Reader Goodbye to the Did It's that time of year again when we say goodbye to the mistakes made and try to let go of the regrets we've forged into our minds. This is the time we take to make resolutions for our-selves and the time we spend trying to resolve discrepancies of the past. Ultimately. this is our time to get back to our roots personally and as a whole com- Hello to the New So the New Year is upon us. and that means one thing: change! (Ugh. if there's anything worse. do tell.) As dreadful as change may be at times. there are some exciting changes on the way for The Rainbow Reader. First off. we have some new editors on-board: Josef Holmes and Jere-mia Ploor. and something even more exciting to throw in is our very own graphics designer. munity. when we stand for the truth of our brothers and sisters and unite an ever-changing and -growing GLBT community. A year's time carries more than worry and strife. and that's what this issue is trying to focus on: hope and potential. With a new staff. we hope to bring forth a new perspective. along with several changes throughout the year that will lead us into a bigger. better. and brighter future for our readers and for Up the Stairs Community Center. Our focus and mission statement will center around the betterment and unity of the GLBT community in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. We have a new mayor wishing to Michael Irwin. Although we may be getting more editorial work from him for now. once the budget picks up. we may be able to dazzle. So look forward to that. Now boys and girls. pay etten-tion. If you haven't already heard. Up the Stairs Community Center is now sponsoring a new discussion group. Drum roll Volume 10, Issue 11 help us every step of the way (see page flJ. and it's up to us. as a community. to pave that road. Let us join hands in this. and please be sure to send any opin­ions. any news. any feelings. or any questions to us at: The Rainbow Reader 514 E. Washington Blvd. Fort Wayne. IN 46802 -or- Email: -or- Drop it off (we're always happy about visitors)! In the little black box outside The Rainbow Reader door. upstairs UTSCC. please. The Cross-dressers Discussion Group!! For more information look to page 12. Let us quiver in antici ... PATION! over this upcoming year. and let us work together in making it the best one yet for the GLBT com-munity. And now for the NEW! Inside this issue: Tula Talks 2 From the Editor(s) 3 Headline News 5 lluixotic llueer 7 Slightly left of Center 8 Classifieds 12 Calendar 13 Page 2 Tula Talks-The Latest from the Grand Empress Whoa! I just read the very latest issue of The Rainbow Reader, and I must say that, if it wasn't an early April Fool's joke, it must have been written by someone very new! In our community, it is no secret that there are some people who were involved with UTSCC who were trying to destroy the center. I'd like to say to those people (and you know who you are) the continued spreading of vicious lies and rumors is doing no one any good. It is amazing to me that some very talented, brilliant peo­ple from our community were taken in by you. How can we be united when you are filling people full of lies and hate? When I stop and think of the thousands and thousands of man-hours that are put in to keep the Center going, not to mention the generous people who have given thousands and thousands of dollars to support the needs of the Center. It is heart­wrenching to think that a few people continue the negative. I don't know how many times we have to be reminded what a bold step it was when a Center was started by some of our gay brothers and sisters and their allies. With a passion for change and the rights of the GLBT community, the Center has grown from a small upstairs room to the current building in downtown Fort Wayne. Did you know that, with all the complaining about nothing to do (this goes for the kids, young adults, and the older people), UTSCC houses one of the greatest G LBT libraries? Or that Scott Mertz and his crew of volunteers have organized a collec­tion of books and archive materials that would make just about anyone happy? You know, if we channeled our thoughts and energies towards making reading a part of us, the youth of today could learn more GLBT history, where and how it all started, and all the changes G LBT folks have been through, this kind of knowledge would be so much better than all the drama. Fort Wayne must unite, quit all the drama, start embracing each other and work as one. The old song, "Everyday People", is a great reminder that we are all one. The uniqueness of being queer is no longer chic. So when this group belittles that group, then that group belittles this group, we now have drama! Remember, we are all created equal, as in souls, but also created in many sizes, shapes and colors. So, where we once thought that being gay was unique, we were wrong. Everyone is unique. With this uniqueness, we as homosexuals have, we should use our gifts and talents and share them with all of our community. Use that gray matter to think of what it makes and what it would make if we used it in a positive way. As a person who deals with a lot of gay people every day of the week, I have to bite my tongue not to tell all I hear and know. Some people go out and spread lies and rumors because they're insecure. They also like to do things so they can shift their guilt to those people who work hard to make things happen. Get it together! Stop the drama and lies. Help bring our community back to­gether. We can make our community great! Peace, Tula Volume 1D,Issue II Advance Travel 6049 East State Blvd Fort Wayne, IN 46815 260-485·4816 1·866· 712-7047 Where professional agents give you personal service. We can help you with all your travel needs: Cruises Tours Packages Airfare Amtrak Working with the gay community for 14 years. Page 3 "Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself." -Robert Ingersoll !!Don't Forget!! February 14th is right around the comer. If you don't re­member, it's Valentine's Day. What are your plans? Are you and your sweetheart going to spend a night on the town, or are you all alone this time around? Either way, it doesn't matter! Horizons' Youth Group is holding the annual Valentine's Day Dance, and no matter your plans you can't afford to miss it. The dance will be February 14th, and it starts at 7:00PM and goes til 10:00 PM. Ad­mission is $5.00 per person or $8.00 per couple. That's cheap at twice the price. There will be food, music, and activities to enjoy. It will be held in the main hall of the Up the Stairs Commu­nity Center, and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us. It is restricted to the ages of 15-25, so if you have a sweetie that is older or younger, contact us in advance for approval. From the Editor(s): Too far back, we had an want to see our fellow issue of The Rainbow brothers and sisters Reader that didn't show come together and work our best colors. Fortu- as One; not as competi-nately and unfortu- tors in the ring. We are nately, this prompted too many to be equal, our dear Tula to re- but we can be One, con-spond. sisting of several indi­What she had to say rings true even now, for this new year and our current issue of The Rainbow Reader. We at The Rainbow Reader are striving for that unity Tula talks so fervently about. We viduals with various per­sonalities and mentali­ties. We all share the same hopes and dreams, with similar pasts haunt­ing us, yet inspiring us every day. In Tula's response, she mentioned the song, "Everyday People," and Volume ID,Issue I to that I say remember this: If it's not you, "Then it's the blue ones, who can't accept the green ones for living with the black ones, tryin' to be a skinny one. Different strokes for different folks. And so on and so on and scooby dooby dooby Ooh sha sha. We gotta live together. I am no better and neither are you. We're all the same whatever we do. You love me. You hate me. You know me, and then still can't figure out the scene I'm in. I am everyday people." Up the Stairs Community Center is looking for more people to join the volunteer team. If you think you are interested in helping. Even if it's just an hour. or two. Please contact us. Don't be shy!! Phone: (260) 422-2450 Website: -or- Stop in! We're located right downtown. near the cor­ner of Clay and Washington Blvd. The address: 514 E. Washington Blvd. Page4 Inside Speaks Out: A Frontline Defense to lndivid uality By: Jeremia Ploor "EACH GENERATION SEARCHES ONLY FOR WHAT IT THINKS IT LACKS, AND RECOG­NIZESONL YWHATIT KNOWS ALREADY."-­Theoclore Zeldin As we progress into the future, we're not only facing a new wave of technology, the growing concerns with environ­ment and health, and the challenges our maturing government is facing; we're entering a time individuality is taking precedence. The demand for respect is becoming more desirable than the urge for power, and at­taining the qualities of a true human being (compassion, free thought, and personal identity being forerun­ners) is the number one struggle in understanding and participating in the variety of life. Within our local GLBT community, we're seeing unfortunate displays of conformity, ranging from lusting to flaunting. And though there seems to be everything but indi­viduality in Fort Wayne, there is still hope. There are the common­ers who succeed in showing the eccentricity and exaggerated indi­viduality, and there are those carrying on with their daily lives not fear­ing society, feeling judged, or crumbling under awkward embar­rassment of self, be­cause they identify with themselves, whether 'gay,' 'fat,' 'dumb,' or 'ugly' (or unconvention­ally beautiful). But let's look at a larger scale. Consider our gov­ernment, a democracy, a republic. Its greatest promise is respect for everybody. Athens ex­emplified this by giving a vote to all its citizens and rotating its offices by lot, as to give a chance to all individuals to become president for a day. The flaws to this system are vast and ob­vious, but the point is this: Democracies have still not found a way to eliminate the growing disrespect created by money, education, and appearance. So what does that mean? We're going to have to do it for ourselves. The major changes throughout history have most frequently come from individuals ignoring the common ruler, disre­garding the common folk, and overlooking projected expectations and societal norms, than from any revolution or overthrowing of govern­ment. When people put an allegiance to their personal interests, spiri­tual integrity, and indi­vidualized selves, they have found the respect they craved, their de­sires fulfilled, and their pursuit of happiness fully embarked upon. Revolutions have played their part, but it has al­ways been the power of the individual creating the difference. Individuality and respect cannot be attained by the same means as power. They need me- Volume 10, Issue II diators, arbitrators, en­couragers, counselors, or simply-stated, "peace weavers." The intent of these people is not to force change upon any­body, nor is it to have an answer or cure to all problems or ills. They are the people; we are the people, of the United States, of the GLBT community, whose ambition is limited to helping individuals ap­preciate each other and to work together even when they are not in complete agreement. The difficulty in the past has been that such peo­ple have often de­manded too high a price, and have ended up demanding obedi­ence. Individuality starts here, with respect for yourself and others. Make the choice. Create the difference! Serving Northeast Indiana since 1985 Care Coordination For persons living with HIV injection Housing & transportation assistance Medical & legal referrals Health insurance & drug assistance Support groups Education & Outreach For everyone Prevention and awareness education HIV counseling & testing Free condoms, dental dams & water based lubricants AIDS awareness & fundraising events e-mail: Page 5 Actor Heath Ledger Dies at 28 Published January 22, 2008 NEW YORK (CNN)- Actor Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday of a possible drug overdose in a Lower Manhattan apartment, the New York Police Department said. The Academy Award-nominated actor was 28. Ledger was found naked and unre­sponsive, facedown on the floor at the foot of his bed by a housekeeper trying to wake him for an appoint­ment with a masseuse, said police spokesman Paul Browne. "Pills were found in the vicinity of the bed," he told CNN. "This is being looked at as a possible overdose, but that is not confirmed yet." Browne later told reporters some prescription medications were found in the room, including sleeping pills. But he stressed police have made no determination of the cause of Ledger's death -- that would be done by the medical examiner. He said the pills were not "scattered about." No note was found and there was no indication of foul play, Browne said. Ledger was found at about 3 p.m., and was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency personnel about 3:30 p.m. Ledger's Death Delays Bush Anti-Drug Promo Published January 23, 2008 The death of Heath Ledger prompted the White House to post­pone President Bush's event Wednesday promoting an ad cam­paign aimed at preventing prescrip­tion drug abuse. Headliners Ledger, 28, who was nominated for an Oscar for "Brokeback Mountain," was found dead Tuesday in his New York apartment. There were sleeping pills near him, but the cause of his death remains under investiga­tion. The president was to make a statement in the Roosevelt Room on the Office ofNational Drug Control Policy's television advertisement about preventing prescription drug abuse. A federally fmanced study released in De­cember at the White House showed illicit drug use by teens continued to gradually decline overall this year, but the use of prescription painkillers remained popular among young people. White House press secretary Dana Perino said Bush's event had been scheduled for a while. "We thought it would be better to postpone the event rather than run the risk of anyone thinking that we were being opportunistic in highlighting the issue," she said. (AP) Iowa Gov. Hopes for Speedy Gay Marriage Ruling Published January 22, 2008 DES MOINES ( Iowa Gov. Chet Culver (D) says he hopes the state Supreme Court will soon deliver a ruling on same-sex mar-riage. And he said that if the court should uphold a lower court ruling that struck down Iowa's ban on gay marriage he will press the legislature to speed through a constitutional amendment. Six same-sex couples filed a lawsuit in challenging a state law that limits marriage to opposite-sex couples. Hanson then stayed the ruling to allow for an ap­peal to the Supreme Court. On Thursday several hundred people marched outside the Iowa Capitol demanding lawmakers endorse an amendment to the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage. In a separate case on Friday the Supreme Court ruled that co-adoptions by same-sex parents were legal. When the relationship ended the birth mother asked a court if the other woman had visitation rights and could be compelled to pay child support. A lower court ruled that co-adoptions by same-sex couples were illegal and threw out the case. The Supreme Court disagreed and ordered the lower court to revisit the case Volume ID,Issue 1 Studies: Same-Sex Couples Just as Devoted Published January 23, 2008 New research shows that gay and lesbian couples are just as devoted in their relationships as straight people and that while being denied marriage or civil unions doesn't affect their happiness, it does diminish their like­lihood of staying together, Reuters reported Tuesday. In two new studies published in the journal Developmental Psychology, scientists compared same-sex and heterosexual couples and assessed their happiness. The first study, re­leased by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, found that as the level of commitment increased, so did the ability to resolve con­flicts, disproving the myth that gay couples are weaker than straight ones, according to the study. "Among the committed couples, then were very few differences that we were able to identify either in terms of how satisfied these couples were, how effectively they interacted with one another or how their bodies re­sponded physiologically while they were interacting with one another," Glenn I. Roisman, one of there­searchers, told Reuters. A second study focused on whether the legal status of a relationship af­fected its quality. Researchers from the University of Washington, the University of Vermont and San Diegc State University concluded that gay couples -- with and without civil un­ions -- found their relationships more fulfilling than straight married cou­ples. Same-sex couples without civil unions, though, were more likely to end their relationships. "I think it's very hard to make the case, as has been made, that these same-sex relationships are fundamen­tally different from opposite-sex rela­tionships in the presence of data like these and other data in the develop­mental literature," Roisman told Reuters. (The Advocate) Page 6 EtCetera Volume 10, Issue 11 IN THIS ISSU 14 Across 2. The song Tula mentions in her article on page 2 4. Not sensible about practical w:w matters; unrealistic, romantic, ideal (page 7) 5. UTSCC Youth Group held on Thursday Nights from 7 -9 pm 7. He said, "EACH GENERA­TION SEARCHES ONLY FOR WHAT IT THINKS IT LACKS, AND RECOGNIZES ONLY WHAT IT KNOWS AL­READY." (Page 4) 10. New Editor to The Rainbow Reader 11. "The Discussion Group." a new group the UTSCC (page 12) 12. Representative from Massa­chusetts involved in a scandal involving propositioning sex in a men's restroom 13. The Grand Empress 14. GLBT Affirming church at UTSCC on Sunday's at 7pm 15. Lesbian talk show host 16. A show to be performed at I PFW on February 1st and 2nd. (page 1 0) 17. He said there are no Homo­sexuals in Iran (page 6) 18. J.K. Rowling's Gay Headmas­ter Jclip:seCrc>sswc> Down 1. 3. 6. 8. 9. 1] The Larry Craig Scandal 2] Mahmud Ahmadinijad's infamous announcement "There are no New editor to The Rainbow Reader He said "Give to every human being every right that Homosexuals in Iran." you claim for yourself." (can be found on page 3) 3] Dumbledore's Outing The bookstore that that UTSCC was originally hosted out of. 41 Ellen's Breakdown Chairman of UTSCC's Social Action Committee UTSCC's non-profit community magazine 5] lA Times Sports Columnist Mike Penner gets sex change 6] Mary Cheney's Daughter 7] Frank Kameny Honored in Smithsonian Exhibit 8] Jerry Falwell's Death 9] Tula Retires 10] New Jersey Pushes Same-Sex Marriage Page7 Volume ID,Issue I Quixotic Queer Insomnia By: Pauline Quinn Pale-faced and hollow-eyed I mimicked the shadow sun; from my billowing sheets I watch over the darkest hours. During the day I have orders barked at me from all sides. Teachers and parents swarm me with chores and homework, and I try to swat them away with empty promises and lies. From dusk 'til dawn, I'm supposed to be working on work­sheets that follow me home. But once the dishes are done, the credits of General Hospital roll down the television, and my mom retreats to her room, the house is mine. I've claimed the night for myself, in a sense, if one can in fact own a certain time. No one can appreciate the night completely unless they watch it roll across the sky and contort the world with twisting shad­ows, only to begin fading away once the sun shows its face. I never counted all the nights I spent in tired thought, begging myself to slip into a dream. Counting never helped. I eventu­ally surrender to thoughts and random ponderings as the eve­ning progresses. At four a.m. my mind closes shop for the night, depending if I have any luck or not (usually not). Strange sounds are magnified in the darkness. Reality is blurred, and the imagination sharpens foreign images with morbid fear. Every time the street light flickers, all of the pic­tures in my room wink at me. Alone in the dark, I can revert to my childhood fear. It wasn't about the darkness, I've decided, but about not being able to tell if you really were alone or not. Trying to imagine what else could be in your room or what caused the floorboards to groan was almost as horrible as knowing that you were by yourself. The nightly fears of what-ifs and loneliness are only a small part of the nocturnal pattern. At one point or another, the infant next door will start shrieking like a pterodactyl. My brother will wake because of this, and turn on his radio to block out screams with static. Then there would be the flushing of the toilet, and my step-dad would descend from his porce­lain throne and trudge down the stairs. After a while, the sud­den strike of ivory keys signals that my cat has once more fallen from its perch. When a storm passes over the house, the windowpanes shiver and dust falls from my ceiling. Dogs would howl and growl back at the thunder, and still I will hear whispers of Bob and Tom drifting from my brother's radio. The wind rattles a gnarled cherry tree in my front yard and its branches show up as dark skeleton hands tearing at my walls. Fire trucks and ambulances run screaming down my street, with their sirens moaning to be heard for minutes on end. I fear the lightning like I fear the darkness, for with every burst of illumination I am forced to realize the truth: I really am alone. A Thanksgiving in New York ... By: Jeremia Ploor "Stand clear of the closing doors please." The train exhaled. The subway buzzed with electricity and the stampede of feet. A planned exit, a momentum, and a drift and flow; a pull toward intent, past the man playing saxophone in a breeze of two lingering notes, and as sudden as a slap of winter chill to the face ... The man at the bottom of the stairs, with a kitten resting on one knee, solicited a pain, misconstrued compassion, and some ignorant pity. I hurriedly passed, in a swarm of others, with intent and direction, leaving him with nothing more than an afterthought. That afterthought grew throughout the night. Was there pain in his positioning on that last stair, head stiffly situated yet comfortably set and body adjacent to his creased neck? He rested partially on his side with a slight twist to his torso. His pain, maybe mine. This un-man, invalid, slab of dark flesh and bulky clothing caused congestion, with no compassion but for the kitten. This new begin­ning, sleeping as sound as he, only pure, only new to the corruption; rested free of burden and age, merely starting its will to survive, on just one knee of this soiled slate. Was this kitten his friend of hope and inspiration of will or compas­sionate leverage? My heart broke for the kitten not the un-man, and in that same moment my soul quaked. The frigid air, the frigid cement, my frigid soul, split dead center. I pitied the kitten, not the man. Within a moment, my pity enveloped my self... and him, the man, the being; Man-resting-soul holding hope-and-tired-will. I pitied myself, not the kitten. The kitten will survive, that is all it knows. I am cold and ache and struggle to decide, but I failed to see the options. Instead, I suffocated my will with pity and remorse. And within another moment, I saw this Man-resting-soul as me, as himself, as one being connected to me, my stampede, my feeling and being, as himself soon to wake to a new day, with another challenge to survive in another way. Thank you to the following businesses that serve as distribu­tors of The Rainbow Reader: • Unitarian Universalist Congregation • Firefly Coffeehouse • AfterDark • AIDS Task Force • Boudoir N oir Page 8 Volume ID,Issue II Slightly Left of Center by Fred Hefter First let me say that the views I will be expressing only represent those of myself and do not represent the views of The Rainbow Reader or Up the Stairs Community Center. Having had a mayoral election recently, I was very pleased that Mr. Tom Henry was elected. As you may remember, Tom was instrumental in getting sexual orientation added to the city's Civil Rights Code. He did it because he thought it was "the right thing to do" to quote Tom. I remember when he first proposed that change to Mr. Henry Lantz and I at After Dark Bar. I would hope that he would be supportive of any other changes we might want to see added. I would like to see transgender and gender identity added to the Civil Rights Code. I know the Transgender Discussion Group at the Center would also like to see that accomplished in the next 4 years. The real question is: Can it be done? To try to answer that question is difficult, but it leads to some tantalizing questions. Are the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities united enough to achieve that goal? Our dealings with Indiana Equality raises serious questions that we are. It seems to me that these communities are very splintered, though we did come together when sexual orientation was being proposed to be added to the city's Civil Rights Code. Where does the Metro Human Relations Commission stand on this issue? Can we temporarily unite behind such a proposal? I am very interested in your viewpoints. Please mail me your opinions to The Rainbow Reader. As Chairman of the Center's Social Action Committee, I will be doing some investigation into whether this might be possible. I will be contacting the Democratic members of the Council on this as well as my own Councilman in the first District. But the 4 Republican Council members also need to be contacted. Would some of you Republican GLBT members be willing to do this? If so, let me know of your interest so things can be coordinated. Thanks for your time in reading this and thinking about it. Tell Us What You Think! We at The Rainbow Reader would like to know what you, a member of our community, wants to see in future issues. Comments: Include your information if you would like to receive information relevant to your input. 514 E. Washingtlln Blvd. F!lrt Wayne IN. 46802 Ph!lne: 260-422-2450 HDtline: 260-424-1188 Website: www.utscc.!lrg Name Address Email Phone Page 9 Volume 10, Issue 1 It's Compassion; It's Change; It's Acceptance By: Adam Whitberg In 1944, the mother of the poet Y evtushenko, traveled from Siberia to Moscow. She witnessed some­thing profound. A procession of about 20,000 German prisoners of war were marching through the streets, and ahead of them, the generals strutted with contempt trying to prove their superiority. An individual from the crowd yelled a comment, and the rest of the crowd followed through proclaiming their hatred and disgust; the women waved their fists in anger, and the police struggled to hold them back. But the beauty was this: when the Russians saw how ragged the ordinary German soldiers were, hobbling on their crutches, dirty and battered, a silence fell upon them. An older women broke through the line of troops and offered a crust of bread to one of the men. Then from every side, other women followed suit, giving food, cigarettes, whatever they had with them. Yevtushenko's mother later said, "The soldiers were no longer enemies. They were people." The profundity of this simple statement is vast and far-reaching. Compassion is the underlying root here. But unfortunately, as profound as this may be, these random outbursts and occurrences of compassion have done very little, if anything, to show or aid people into listening to what their enemies have to say, or what those who are different have to share. The obstacles that humans have created to prevent themselves from feeling compas­sion have accumulated over the centuries, reinforcing a persistent reluctance to get to know an enemy or a stranger personally or intimately. Ask yourself what Mo-Tzu asked, "If everyone in the world practiced all-embracing love (loving every­one as they loved themselves) ... would there be thieves or robbers? Would clans contend among themselves? Would states attack each other?" Would you section yourself off from others? Would you believe yourself to be better than others? Would you fmd time to listen to someone who is lonely? To someone less fortunate than you? To someone whose appearance is in extreme contrast to yours? As important as these questions may be to all gen­ders and races, there seems to be a necessity and pertinence of this matter the GLBT community needs to con­sider. Too often I attend a Fort Wayne gay venue, and I fmd myself rejected by so many of the individuals pre­sent. My partner shares the same experiences, and I feel several other gay men and lesbian women feel the same way. It seems to me that the greatest impediments to compassion in the gay community are not only ignorance and loneliness, but fear, the need for acceptance, and the cynical, and despairing view ofhumanity so many of the individuals share. And as we walk through these venues, the same venues that have been put in place for our kind, to unite our kind, and to bring together a people to one day bring our kind out of the closet entirely in this coun­try, we don't feel accepted for who we are. How is the GLBT community supposed to get recogni­tion, particularly the recognition they desire from the nation, when they can't even express acceptance among their own kind or see their allies for what they're worth? I can't say much else that will change an opinion or a view, but a little more about compassion; compassion is a rising star, even if it is from time to time obscured in the skies. But it will only rise if people push it, and the way they can do that is by deciding whether they are content with the old style of compas­sion, which meant helping others in order to clear ones con­science (and there was no need to speak to them writing a check would do), or the new style, which means discovering others as individuals, exchanging understanding with them. For the only acceptable compassion in a world which regards all as of equal dignity is that all must feel they are con­tributing something, both sides must listen, and if the meeting is without a trace of compassion, it is incomplete, a wasted meet­ing. Mutual toleration never ended conflicts, and as people have been more preoccupied with being left alone, it might be about time to consider why toleration isn't what we need. It's compas­sion. It's change. It's acceptance! Page 10 Volume ID,Issue 11 Classified & Personal Ads 40 year old gay white male enjoys go- Wanted: A volunteer to help at UTSCC for simple VAGINA MONOLOGUES ing out and dinners, seeks gay white grounds-keeping duties. Includes trimming grass (a male who likes the same, some trips very small area) weekly and picking up debris It's back for another year. out of town and likes to take walks in around the building monthly. For more details con-the park. Age not very important but tact The Center at 260-424-1199 or 260-422-2450. It's showing February lst and 2nd must be mature. in the Walb Union Ballroom. Box 1331 Got something to sell? Looking for someone to talk to? Want to let other people know that The show starts at 7:30PM and something is going on? Put it in the classifieds! goes until9:30 PM. See you there! We are now offering free ads! No more paying to YOUR PERSONAL AD COULD place your classified ads. Personal ads will still Also back for another year is the BE HERE. require payment but now only $1 per ad or re- annual Valentine's Day Dance!!! sponse. See below for details. SE.E. WHAT FORT WAYNE'S FINEST VALENTINE'S DAY DANCE HAS TO OFFER. Do You Want You Voice Heard?? Write for The Rainbow Reader. We're always accepting SPREAD THE WORD! fresh stories. Give us a call@ 424-1199. You can also come in and visit or drop off your arti- SEE BELOW FOR THE FORM AND cle in the black box upstairs. We need written DETAILS. permission to include your name, and don't for- $5 a person; $8 a couple get to cite sources. Hope to hear from you. UTSCC: 7PM-10PM If you would like to respond to a personal advertisement, simply write your letter and seal it in an unaddressed envelope. On the lower left hand comer of the front of the envelope, put the box num-ber ofthe ad to which you are responding and send the sealed envelope, along with $1.00 for each ad to which you are responding, to us at: Rainbow Personals 514 E. Washington Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46802 The full address of the ad's owner will be placed on your envelope by us. Please remember to in-elude contact information in your letter as we will not give out any information concerning our per-sonal ads to anyone. To place a personal ad or announcement please use the form below. The cost of each ad is $1 (Personals only) per issue that they are to run and no ad will be printed until after payment is re-ceived. Classifieds and Announcements are now FREE! o Classified-FREE! o Personal oAnnouncement-FREE! ($1 per ad personals only) Send completed form and check or money order to: The Rainbow Reader 514 E. Washington Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46802 Message: Page II FREE CONFIDENTIAL & ANONYMOUS HIV TESTING UP THE STAIRS COMMUNITY CENTER Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:30pm NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY FORT WAYNE WOMENS BUREAU Wednesdays 11:00am-1:30pm 3521 Lake Ave., Suite 1 AIDS TASK FORCE Mondays @ 3pm 525 Oxford St. MATTHEW 25 CLINIC Fridays @8:30am 413 E. Jefferson Blvd SPONSERED BY: FORT WAYNE/ ALLEN COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT 260-449-7504 Open Door Chapel is a loving, accepting ~-place to worship God as W\ we strive for righteous­ness and peace within our lives and community. Worship: Sunday at 7 pm Study: 2nd & 4th Weds 7:30 pm at Up The Stairs Community Center 514 E Washington Ave, Ft Wayne. Contact: 422-1199 or RELIGIOUS SER­VICES Volume ID,Issue 1 Unitv Church of Christ Open Door Chapel Sundays @ 10:30am 3232 Crescent Ave. 482-2477 Unitarian Universalist Congregation Sundays@ lOam 5310 Old Mill Rd. 744-1867 Plymouth Congregational Church Sundays@ 8:15am 501 W. Berry St. 423-9424 Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren Sundays @9am 2810 Beacon St. 482-8595 New World Church Sundays@ llam Bible Study: Wed. 7-8pm 4720 Speedway Dr. 471-1911 (free lunch every Sunday after services @ J. T. 's Restaurant on Oxford St.) Brigade of Light Sundays @ llam Sundays @ 7pm 514 E. Washington Blvd. (UTSCC) 424-1199 Fort Wayne Friends Quak­ers Sundays@ 10:15am 501 W. Berry St. Room 201 482-1836 IF YOU KNOW OF A CHURCH NOT LISTED HERE THAT IS GLBT AFFIRMING, PLEASE LETUSKNOW! FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THESE AND OTHER LOCATIONS CALL: 260-424-1199 AVAILABILITY AND TIMES MAY VARY Plymouth Congregational Church of Fort y~ CHURCH OF CHRIST Sundav Services 8:15 am: Worship & Communion 9:30 am: Adult Education 10:45 am: family Worship (includes children's Church School) Open and Affirming Congregation 501 W. Berry Stroet (at Fairfield Ave.) Email Phone (260) 423-9424 on tfte Web at www. Page12 Volume ID,Issue 11 Up the Stairs Community Center 514 E. Washington Blvd. Archives and Resources Librarv Serving the GLBT community and their allies by acquiring, preserving, and providing ac­cess to materials that embody the culture and history of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and Fort Wayne, IN 46802 (260) 422-2450 Come support your community! (all organizations listed below are located at or supported by Up the Stairs Community Center) transgender persons. We focus on items of local or regional interest when possible. Our collection contains the knowledge to dispel homophobia, encourage exploration of diver­sity, and promote personal discovery. Cross-Dressers Discussion Group A new group for people to come together and discuss cross-dressing in a safe, open-minded environment. It will be lead by Fred Hefter and the upstairs bathroom will be open to individuals who wish to change their outfits. Third Sunday of every month 7:30pm-9pm The Rainbow Reader A monthly publication for the GLBT community and their allies, offering a positive educational resource of information and commentary to improve the quality of our lives. Visit us at Communitv AIDS Action Team CC.A.A.T.l Providing HIV and AIDS education through forums held at various locations throughout the community. Programs include "Safe Sex" parties held in homes, providing HIV/AIDS information and safe sex techniques, and "HIV and AIDS in the Workplace". Contact us at (260) 420-5265 Open weeknights 8-10 See calendar for weekends Horizons Youth Group A safe place for GLBTQA youth to be themselves. We socially explore topics about issues that effect our community as a whole. Although Horizons is not a support group, we do encourage the youth to express themselves in a positive manner. Every Thursday 7-9 Transqender Discussion Group A social and support group for transgender and trans-curious men and women. Our goals are to create an accepting, encouraging environment for transgender persons and foster an environment where they can meet to talk and affirm the existence of trans-identity. Every 1st and 3rd Sunday 6:30-8 Bisexual Discussion Group A social support group for bisexual and bi-curious men and women. Our goals are to create an accepting, encouraging environment for bisexuals, regardless of their gender and foster an environment where bisexuals can meet to talk and affirm the existence of the bi-identity. Every 1st Saturday 7:30-9 GLBT Hotline The GLBT Hotline serves 3 purposes. First, it is an information and referral service, 2nd a crisis intervention service and finally it receives complaints of harassment and hate crimes. The Hotline is available during most library hours. See calendars for more details. Call 260-424-1199 Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat 1 2 Open Door Drop-In 8pm-12am Bisexual Discus- Chapel sion Group Library and GLBT Hotline is open 7pm-10pm Mon.-Sat. and 7:30pm-9pm Every Sun.@ 7pm-9pm on Sun. 7pm Alcoholics Anony- mous 7:30pm oa 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 c:::J c:::J Trans gender Dis- Alcoholics Anony- HIVI AIDS testing Horizon's Youth Drop-In 8pm-12am Alcoholics C""'-J cussion Group mous 7:30pm 6:30pm-8:30pm Group 7pm-9pm Anonymous 6:30pm-8pm 7:30pm 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Alcoholics Anony- HIV I AIDS testing Valentine's Day Drop-In 8pm-12am Alcoholics mous 7:30pm 6:30pm-8:30pm Dance 7pm Anonymous 7:30pm 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 >- [.... Transgender Dis- Alcoholics Anony- Drop-In 8pm-12am Alcoholics cc cussion Group mous 7:30pm HIV I AIDS testing Horizon's Youth Anonymous ::::J [.... 6:30pm-8pm 6:30pm-8:30pm Group 7pm-9pm 7:30pm ...0 CJ Cross-Dressers L..l- Discussion Group 7:30pm-9pm 24 25 26 27 28 29 Alcoholics Anony- Horizon's Youth Drop-In 8pm-12am mous 7:30pm HIV I AIDS testing 6:30pm-8:30pm Group 7pm-9pm Pagel4 Volume ID,Issue II UTSCC now accepts donations and subscriptions to The Rainbow Reader through PayPal TM ! Simply log on to and click on the "donate" button on the home­page. You will be taken to PayPal's TM secure site. Fill in the required informa­tion and you're all set! You do not need to have a PayPal™ account to use this feature. Plus, your trans­action is on a secure site. Use your credit or debit card. No more writing checks, using stamps or envelopes, or making that trip to the post office! The Rainbow Reader Subscription Form 03 1ssues $15 When you subscribe, you will receive the next issue and also help sup-port the only non-profit GLBT publication in NE Indiana! 06 issues $25 Name Method of Payment D Check Address D Visa Security Code (Visa Only) __ D MasterCard Email (Optional) Credit Card # Exp. Date 1 I hereby authorize Up The Stairs Community Center to debit the above credit card for the purpose listed. I also agree to pay said charges ac-cording to the cardholder agreement of the issuing financial institution Signature for my credit card. Send your completed form and payment to: Up The Stairs Community Center r~~~~~~;·~~~~~~~.;·~~-~~~~:·~~~·:;;;t·;~·~;~~·~~~~~;~~: ........................ ~ 514 E. Washington Blvd. :. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 0 ••• •••• ~ Fort Wayne, Indiana Attention Business Owners: Advertise in Fort Wayne's ONLY non-profit GLBT publication. Cost effective. focused advertising reaching the GLBT community in Fort Wayne and the surrounding communities. Starting at 300 copies per publication! Page15 Donation Form o Mortgage o Utilities o Printing o UTSCC Builaing Fund o Any where it's needed o Insurance o Telephone Services o Taxes Pledges are also welcome: o monthly o quarterly o semi-annual o annual donation in the amount of $ _ _ Method of donation: D Check D Visa o One time donation of$ All donations are tax deductible! Name Address Security Code (Visa Only) _____ _ Email (Optional) D MasterCard Phone (Optional) Credit Card # Signature Exp. date Volume IO,Issue I I hereby authorize Up The Stairs Community Center to debit the above credit card for the purpose listed. I also agree to pay said charges according to the card­holder agreement of the issuing financial institution for my credit card. Send your completed form and donation to: 514 E. Washington Blvd. Fort Wayne IN. 46802 Mortgage NIPS CO AEP Herrero Printing (Rainbow Reader) Verizon (Center) Insurance ADT Security Water/Sewer TOTAL Phone: 260-422-2450 Hotline: 260-424-1188 Website: $580.00 $403.13 $114.02 $25.00 $125.00 $104.50 $50.00 $29.13 $1430.78 The Rainbow Reader Mission Statement "The Rainbow Reader is a monthly newspaper for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community and their allies, offering a positive educational resource of information to help improve the quality of our lives in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area." Check US OUtl] -~ We're going digital. UTSCC and The Rainbow ! Reader have recently been working on the website, and we have been adding new pages I . to reach even more people! Check us out on , Yahoo Groups and Search Ho­rizons or UTSCC and keep current on center happenings. The History of UTSCC Up the Stairs Community Center has been a key element to Fort Wayne's GLBT community for over two dec­ades. Since it's inception, UTSCC's mission has been to acknowledge that Fort Wayne has a GLBT commu­nity, and to give that community a home. In 1882, a small group of peo­ple began discussing the need for a meeting place and safe haven for the lesbian and gay community. At that time. a gay and lesbian-owned book­store called Rainbows of life Book-store was located downtown on the corner of Jefferson and was here that UTSCC was born. and gained 501(c)(3) status which allows all donations to the center to be tax deductable. Originally, the center operated primarily as a home for other organizations. Horizon's Youth Group, the Community AIDS Action Team (C.A.Al), the Rainbow Reader. the Library and Resource Center. and Friday Night Drop-In are all UTSCC programs that have become mainstays of the local GLBT community. UTSCC is a member of the National Associa­tion of lesbian and Gay Commu­nity Centers. In June of 1886, UTSCC acquired the house at 3426 Broadway. UTSCC was In February 2002. UTSCC moved able to be open for more groups and into it's lar~er, current locatio~ at meetings. The library and Resource 514 E. Washmgton Blvd. UTSCC 1s a Center could have a room of it's v1tal member of the local GLBT own. It was at this location that Up community and appreciates the the Stairs Community Center be- love and support of everyone who came incorporated under the name has helped it get this far. Fort Wayne Educational Center Inc. The Rainbow Reader Policy Statement Advertisers in this publication are either GLBT-owned or GLBT-friendly. The mention by name or picture in this publication of any individual should not be construed to be an indication of that individual's sexual orientation or identity and the Rainbow Reader will not disclose such without the explicit permission of that person. Opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not represent the opinion of the Rainbow Reader and its staff or that of the Fort Wayne Community Educational Center. All submissions and con­tent herein are the property of the Rainbow Reader and the FWCEC and may not be reproduced without written permission. © 2007 Fort Wayne Community Educational Center

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